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The cloud is a necessity for me. It lets me have access to my data anywhere, anytime. I can share the files with other people – an added bonus when I’m working with someone on a project. Check out the awesome deals!

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I have become so dependent on the overall flexibility that I am ready to pay a subscription fee, despite the fact that I don’t trust the service agency to keep my information totally secure. I never put anything sensitive in the cloud – such as for example my tax or other financial data. It is best for me to store my data but not rely on the cloud. So I usually keep backups on devices that I have complete control over.

WD My Cloud gives the best of both worlds. It connects to my home network and is as secure as I could make it, but I can also get access to it from the internet-from a PC, smartphone, or tablet. With a password-protected user account, you can share access to your My Cloud with family members or friends. And it’s possible to transfer files across your media libraries between the cloud storage services I utilize and your personal network.

Robert Cardin, WD director of engineering, provides insight into the benefits of installing a personal-cloud device for your home through My Cloud. Hmm. My Cloud sounds nearly identical to its older sibling, doesn t it? ever since My Cloud replaced the My Book line, we may see a new desktop and mobile software from WD using old drives. What will be different is that on the new product there will be a USB 3.0 port allowing for direct file transfers with an external device like an electronic camera Use a stand-alone USB hard disk drive as storage expansion.

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My Cloud can serve as a backup device that will store all of your files and data. Western Digital’s wd my cloud lets you backup all computers in your home as much as you want, with no limit on how many client license are free.

## Ideas for more text If you like, these backups can be mirrored on a public cloud service.

WD released an app for the Android and iOS operating system, which will help fix any problems that fragmentation can bring. Want to save space on your phone and tablet while ensuring that you’ll never have trouble finding your content? With Western Digital’s My Cloud app, you can put all of the pictures and videos from your camera or smartphone onto a remote storage server.

Installing the WD MyCloud is virtually a plug-and-play experience: It even detected and configured my double NAT d network without my intervention. After the Lab tested My Cloud, it found that file transfers were very fast. It read a 10GB collection of files at 29.9 MBps and wrote back at 21.4MBPS. The drive also performed equally well when working with individual files (reading them at 79.4 MBps and writing back to the drive again 62.1

The WD My Cloud offers an excellent file-transfer performance. Beyond backup services, the My Cloud comes with an onboard DLNA server and iTunes support, so that it can stream media to various entertainment systems at home (including smart TVs, network-capable AV receivers, and media-streaming boxes). Unlike Microsoft’s discontinued Windows Home Server 2011, the WD My Cloud cannot stream media to a customer online.

The WD My Cloud is quite affordable, with the 2TB used for in price point of $150 and a 3TB model for $180. That’s not to say you shouldn’t still double up on your NAS backup just in case a drive does fail, though.

WD largely solves this issue with a feature named safepoints. Safepoints are snapshots of the drive which can be placed on another storage device in your own network or on a mountable WD hard-drive that is plugged into the My Cloud’s USB port. If your hard drive fails, you can recover your entire data-including backups of your desktop and Mac devices-from the safepoint on a backup drive. Once you have created a safepoint, My Cloud will be set to automatically create new drives at specified intervals.

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WD is working to release two- and four-drive models, which will be good if they can be configured as RAID 1 where data is mirrored automatically. This adds another layer of redundant security that helps ensure your computer information isn’t lost in the case of an emergency. The only problem with these options is this: even though you may have

The My Cloud Dashboard provides a quick overview of the status of your NAS. However, this level of visibility is rare from other manufacturer(s). For instance, the new Drobo Transporter 2.0 claims to be able to backup with another Transporter 2.0 in cloud storage…but they haven’t sent us one yet for

And then you factor in everything that the My Cloud does, the criticism becomes irrelevant. If you want to store your files everywhere, and don’t need to use a third-party service {to