5 Best Washer Dryer Memorial Day Deals On Black Friday 2021

Finding the perfect washer or dryer for your home can be difficult. Memorial Day washing machine sales often include matching a washer and dryer, but sometimes it s either/or with the two mega-stores. However, you won’t need to trouble yourself with the shades and finishes unless you have a bad aversion. Aesthetics aside, both of these machines come with nifty features which will be very helpful for your laundry needs!

I ve compiled a list of the best washers and dryers for sale. I put together this list based on size, performance, price, etc., so there s an option for everyone. If you re looking for Memorial day sales that are compact or stackable, or if you want more versatility with your intelligent functions- we have it!

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Best Washer Dryer Memorial Day Sale


The LG wm3488hw compact all-in-one, is a great choice for small spaces; it has the capacity of a standard washer and dryer but only takes up 24 inches. The LGwm3488hw may be perfect for you if you re looking to combine your laundry chore into one activity.


The LG all-in-one unit is an electric ventless dryer and front load washer combo. It doesn’t require external vents like conventional dryers. It is compact and can be fitted in a 24-inch width, catering to the needs of apartments and condos.


The 2.3 cubic foot capacity is perfect for small families, and the upfront electronic control panel has an easy to read led display with a smooth turning selector knob to select your cycle.

Washing Cycles

One dryer setting runs 4 cycles with 4 temperatures. The washer offers 14 settings, 5 speeds and 5 temperature choices for each load.

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LG washing machines and dryers have safety features that make them better than other brands. So you can dry your clothes without external venting while still locking the door for safety.

Final Words

LG is known for producing top-quality, high-capacity products. The LG WM3488HW Compact All in One washing machine washer and dryer combo is a perfect example of the quality that you can expect with each purchase.

Samsung FlexWash Washer

The best washer and dryer set for a larger family is the Samsung flex wash and dryer. This set of laundry appliances has an impressive six cubic foot washing capacity and a reasonable seven and a half cubic foot drying capacity.

They’re both efficient, come with wireless connectivity capabilities, and feature a dual loading design.


If you’re looking for a washer with plenty of space, the front load or top load models are your best options. Both drums have their own strengths to work well in smaller and larger loads.

When you have extra-large loads, the dryer gives you ultimate drying flexibility by combining a conventional large capacity dryer. The built-in wi-fi and competent care app let you control your machines remotely specifications.

Horuse Power & Washing Cycle

The washer is 27 by 34 by 46.9 inches with 1300 rpm, five rinse cycles, five rinse temperatures, 12 wash cycles, five wash speeds and five wash temperatures. Simultaneously, the dryer is the same size but just shorter on the depth and comes with 12 drying cycles and five drying temperatures.

Final Verdict

suppose you are looking for one of the Best washer and dryer sets with versatile washing and drying capabilities. In that case, our well-known Samsung Flex Wash and Dry pair complies with your expectations. They come equipped with a great design and smart technology features, such as their extra-large capacity which makes them efficient!


The LG washer gives you a 4.5 cubic foot capacity, allowing you to wash even larger items including king-size bedding and sheets in the same load. The turbo steam technology reduces wrinkles and odours with 10 minutes of use and can revitalize your favorite clothes in only 10 minutes too! This is a high-performance machine that doesn’t look sloppy. It has a sleek and sexy design with black stainless steel finish, and it also provides ergonomic touch on the door control panel.


The key features are built-in wi-fi and innovative enabled access key with LG washer and dryer.


The washer is 34.06 by 41.19 by 29.63 inches and comes with 1 300 rpm, two rinse cycles, one rinse temperature, 14 wash cycles, five wash speeds and five wash temperatures. While the dryer shares the same width, it s just marginally deeper and shorter and features 14 drying modes and five drying

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Final Verdicts

The best washer and dryer sets come with a wide variety of options to fit different household needs. The LG WM3998HBA is a reliable washing machine and dryer set.

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