5 Best Vortex Binoculars Deals On Black Friday 2021

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Diamondback now with HD glass

These Vortex binoculars from Diamondback have been the best buy in relatively affordable binoculars. We have reviewed binoculars for Bird Watcher’s Digest for over twenty years and we can attest to these Orion Scenix 10×50 Binoculars as being one of the nicest models on our list. Reviewers consistently agree that the Diamondback is the best value in its price category.

Vortex has announced that the Diamondback binoculars will be receiving an update in 2019, which includes a change to their glass lenses from hard-coated “extra low diffraction” (HD) optical quality. We wanted to take a look and compare this new HD version with the previous version of the Diamondback we ve been using for years

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We won’t keep you in suspense:

Yes, the brand new HD is better.

We compared two 8 42 Diamondback binoculars in our most recent review. We checked through the specifications of each set of binoculars, and found that some things had changed.

We also assessed the ergonomics of the focus knob, center hinges, eyecups, and diopter adjustment.

We looked at the Vortex binocular accessories and even more importantly the new GlassPak design that comes with a harness-case and is roofed in the new HD Diamondback.

Some tips about what we found


You may think the most important thing about a binocular is how well it focuses. But it’s really how well it enables you to see with the glasses that count! So we tested that, too. With a typical optical resolution chart as a mark, we located an 8 42 Diamondback and a fresh 8 42 HD Diamondbacks hand- To compare just how much detail we are able to see with each binocular, we set them up on a stand and walked away from it.

The HD version of the binoculars led to a clearer image, with greater brightness, contrast, and resolution. Looking through the new ones allows us to see details that weren’t visible in our previous pair.

The Diamondback looks quite similar to the Diamondback, but is enhanced in some ways. For example, it has a 393-foot field of view at 1000 yards and its close focus is 7 feet.


The old Diamondback and the new Diamondback HD have the same size, shape, and weight. They also have a similar armoring that’s easy to handle.

There is a slight difference, for instance.

Turning the knob to focus on objects is more easy as well as regular with the brand new Vortex Diamondback HD. We recommend this product.

The central hinge is improved on the HD model; it had been passable before, but we preferred an easier movement that allows for either close-up or farther apart viewing. The diopter adjustment and eyepiece operation remain unchanged in the new version of these binoculars. They were good before, and they are still good now.

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The old Diamondback and the new Diamondback HD are designed to be the same size, shape, and weight. They both have a similar feel in your hand due to their armoring.

The only ways to tell them apart by appearance are that the new HD version has letters “HD” after the word DIAMONDBACK and before VORTEX, as well as that the old version says DIAMONDBACK on one barrel while the HD Vortex version say VORTEX.


To our surprise, the cost of vortex binoculars hasn’t risen sharply. Despite this being a high quality, expensive brand it remains at the same price point it had been previously.

The GlassPak

The new glassPak harness case is an excellent innovation that prevents weight on the neck from carrying anything.

The new HD Diamondback 42 mm and 50 mm binoculars come with the GlassPak harness case.