5 Best Vizio P65 TV Special Deal Black On Friday and Cyber Monday 2021

The $1,199 Vizio P-Series 65-Inch P65-F1 4K HDR Smart TV is part of Vizio’s performance line and it’s a step up from the midrange M-Series.

Vizio has maintained its tradition of creating affordable TVs with great sound, a refined experience, and an excellent price point.

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New Best Deals for Vizio P65 TV

You can find all the best deals on TV segments – from as low as $399.99, up to 1000-plus dollar pricing!


The P65-F1 is a 65″ LED TV with an elegant design on the front, along with two thin metal legs at both ends.

They’re delicate and pretty, but they’re also strong enough to keep the TV from wobbling. That’s because of the thin black frame around the edge-to-edge glass display.

Vizio P65-F1 is a powerful TV with an ultra slim design and clean, frameless profile. It is almost 2 inches thick without the stand but includes a curved edge that looks sleek under any surroundings.

The P65-F1 also accepts a standard 400 x 400 millimeter VESA mount to be hung on the wall.


Vizio may be touting a return to the basics with its TVs. Gone are HDMI ports and cable boxes, replaced by an RF connector that allows you to use a HD antenna for free over-the-air content tuning.

For many cord-cutters, activating this feature should be a welcome addition.

The TV comes with five HDMI ports, one of which also supports ARC for video. It offers support for component and composite connections, digital music (SPDIF), and an individual USB port as well. A Gigabit Ethernet port offers wired connectivity, while 802.11ac Wi-Fi connects you wirelessly to the internet.


The displays on the P65-F1 are great because it has a 120Hz refresh rate and VA panel, which provides better contrast and brightness than an IPS panel would. Vizio is known for its surprising bang-for-buck screens, but the company has continued to improve with more vivid colors and support for multiple HDR formats.

The film, Blade Runner 2049, opens with scenes of a darkened farmhouse. The interior is heavily backlit which eliminates all the unwanted light that would normally be cast on unlit portions of the house. In this instance, it had been better than both the Samsung 65-inch Q6F QLED TV and the TCL 6 Series 65-inch Roku TV (65R617).

The Vizio P65-F1 LCD TV includes a full-array backlight with local dimming. This technology significantly reduces unnecessary haloing. We’ve only seen LED TVs better than the Vizio P65-F1 in LG 55″ C7 OLED (OLED55C7P), which offers per pixel illumination for perfect blacks

Color quality can be very good. In scenes from Spider-Man Homecoming, the highly saturated reds and blues of Spidey’s suit looked very good (if slightly overbearing), and glowing factors like purple energy beams and a glowing jet covered in lights looked rich and bright because of its superior HDR support.

The Vizio P65-F1 did have a narrower color gamut than most competitors, reproducing 99.58% of the sRGB spectrum. That’s less than what we saw from even the very best competitors – just like the Sony Bravia X900F (99.96%) and the LG C7 OLED (99. All three are close enough to the same level for regular viewers to not notice a clear difference.

When it comes to color fidelity, the Vizio P65-F1 didn’t outperform every other TV we’ve tested. To measure this TV’s accuracy, I used a X-rite colourimeter and CalMAN testing software and discovered that the LG C7 OLED (2.3) had a Delta-E rating of 2.02 ( Specifically, it had some trouble with shades of blue and red, which looked too vivid compared to greens.

From our screens of solid colors, the viewing angles were actually quite good without any significant color shifting until we reached a 45 degree angle or more. The backlighting was also consistent, with only minor shadows in the corners of the panel

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The P65-F1 includes two built-in 10-watt speakers, which offer enough volume to fill the room and offer excellent sound quality. The tones of the piano were clear, the cymbals and drums were distinct from one another, and the bass line was strong.

The P65-F1 includes a couple of built-in 10-watt speakers, that provide room filling volume and solid sound quality.

I was impressed by the clarity of music played from this TV, but disappointed with lack of bass. Watching movies and shows on this Vizio TV revealed less bass, which was noticeable in the soundtrack as well.

Smart Features

Vizio’s SmartCast operating system includes built-in Google Chromecast, and offers a simple interface with just one row of content tips on the home screen. The individual rows of preinstalled apps offer 3 consistent areas for icons: Movies & TV Shows, Apps & Games, and Music. Whereas some competition have bundles of rows and tiles you will need to scroll through in order to access all entertainment options, with Vizio’s SmartCast platform, there are only

Vizio SmartCast TVs rely heavily on built-in Google Chromecast for some applications and streaming. Previously, this meant you had to give up your phone or tablet in order to find the software and services you wanted. This process was great for users wanting access to apps like Chromecast. The only downside is that you’d be unable to use anything without a second device.

The new Vizio P65-F1 TV comes with 18 preinstalled apps including Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube etcetera. Unfortunately, these preinstalled applications will be the only types available without a second device. While the new approach is substantially better, SmartCast TVs don’t offer the broad range of apps designed for local installation that other smart TV platforms provide.

One notable omission from the TV’s features is voice control. Roku TV, an inexpensive streaming device, has voice features and includes a microphone. HDMI-compatible Vizio TVs do not have this feature. If you do not enjoy Google Home or Alexa for your home assistant, this might not be a problem.

But the Vizio P65-F1 supports select voice interaction – like using a vizio tv that includes an external speaker with your amazon echo dot or google home products. To use the TV, you must first have a separate setup to pair it with.

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Remote Control

Vizio has a mixed success in remote controls. A couple of years ago, the company tried to use only tablets and smartphones instead of remotes, but many customers wanted a typical remote. Vizio returned to the market with a slimmed-down remote that seemed like it could be mastered in one sitting.

I do not necessarily care for the overall design of the Vizio smart remote, as I prefer more subtle buttons and easier to read directional pads. Although the top of the large, square pad is essentially undifferentiated from all of those other remotes, it is difficult to tell what you are pressing because there aren’t any distinguishing features that make it easy to differentiate one option from the next.

Bottom Line

Following customer feedback on their models in the past, Vizio directly addressed complaints with this high-end P65 model. With an astonishing 16 HDMI ports and full-array local dimming backlight, I think this is a great choice for your home theater! We consider the Vizio P65-F1 to be among the very best TVs we have reviewed.

The Vizio P-Series is nearly identical to more expensive competitors in both design and features. It’s worth noting that it does not have a voice assistant, but still has native support for some apps.