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Investing in a violin can be challenging because they are an expensive investment. However, violins come in every shape and size, with different qualities for beginners or those at the intermediate level of experience. Get additional discounts on this black friday or thanksgiving by clicking the promo tab

Bests Violin

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As a beginner violin player, it’s important to read student reviews of violins.

Here, we’ve created a guide to help you find the best violin for your skill level and needs.

Here are fifteen of the best violins for every level and violin reviews.

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And to help you fully in picking the best violin, we’ve scoured the web and asked a number of professionals from all fields.


The Stentor violin is probably the most popular brand on the market, and it’s as high-quality of an instrument you’ll find.

This is a Chinese violin brand that’s proud to provide handcrafted violins that aren’t out of reach for people who need to be careful with their budget.

Violinists and instructors sometimes recommend Stentor as one of the top violin brands.


If you still need help deciding on a violin, try this brand. Mendini is an affordable pre-professional violin renowned for making instruments best suited for beginners and those in middle school.

The instruments seem to be factory made, and offer level quality for the price.

Mendini violins were created out of our desire to provide top notch stringed instruments for musicians and performers.

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We would not omit Cecilio inside our list of beginner violins to start out with, because they are among the finest violin brands that continue making good budget violins on the market.

Cecilio violins have won the affection of most violinists. They are manufactured by hand, and represent the best value in bows.


Fiddlerman produces the best violins in the market, surpassing its competitors.

Fiddlerman has an experienced team of violinists, curators and testers working to create the best violins. Pierre Holstein, himself an orchestra player with 40 years of experience is at the heart of it.

Franz Hoffmann

Franz Hoffmann violins are built with reliably excellent tone, dependability and superior craftsmanship. They will make you stand out from other beginners in the orchestra. The quality of their violins is superior and guaranteed for the best instruments in this cost range.

As a top-quality violin dealer, SHAR Music promotes Franz Hoffmann violins to beginner and intermediate musicians.

Violin Shaped Objects is a company committed to providing only the best violin for beginners.

Carlo Lamberti

If you are ready to pay a little more for your violin and looking for the best violin brands, advanced student model Carlo Lamberti by SHAR music is an excellent stepping-stone from beginner to intermediate.

All violin teachers are in agreement that Carlo Lamberti violins are some of the best violins available for intermediate and advanced students, and we think this is a fair statement.

Kennedy Violins

Kennedy Violins, founded by Mr. Joel Kennedy as a response to his observation that many new violin students make use of Violin Shaped Objects (VSOs). He felt these VSOs actually hinder learning rather than being a vehicle for understanding violin playing.

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D Z Strad

D Z Strad is a renowned violin maker and music store that offers an impressive selection of classic and modern violins.


This is among the top violin brands because of its great quality and budget-friendly price.

Cremona violins are created in Asia. They are among the first violin brands to be imported into the USA from China.

Best Violin: Cremona
Cremona is a company that was founded in 1989 and is renown to make top quality violins. It’s not the most affordable product for beginners, but if you’re looking for a high-quality intermediate violin with an excellent sound, it won’t disappoint.

Scott Cao

If you are looking for a violin with a maker’s name attached, consider investing in a Scott Cao violin.

Master maker, Scott Shu-Kun Cao has crafted top-quality instruments and that musicians love all over the world. He is rightly considered among the finest modern violin makers on the globe.

When buying a student violin, you can relax any purchase under his name will be of the highest quality.


As one of the world’s luxury violin makers, Yamaha has cemented its reputation as a household name.

Yamaha’s corporate philosophy is focused on inspiring cultural worldwide music.


There are many violin brands on the market, and their prices will often vary depending on what you need. Progress violins are suited to children and beginners, with a price that is appropriate for those just starting out.

They’re priced just right for beginners and represent the best end of beginner instruments.

Primavera violins are perfect for schools and music instructors because they come in a variety of sizes that may suit different sized students.


A big issue with this violin is that it falls on the expensive side when budgets are tight.

Created by various luthiers all over the world, they sell several types of violins that are selected and integrated under one brand.

Knilling violins are crafted in Germany, the Czech Republic, and Romania with high-quality woods. Knilling violins are known for their excellent quality and tone.


Windsor violins are a violin manufacturer that provide reasonable quality instruments to people who have a limited budget. They offer their violins mainly for the beginner and student market.

This boutique, music store sells an assortment of violins from a variety of brands and models.

All Days Music (ADM)

All Days Music, referred to as ADM, is a specialist drum supplier with factories in other countries that deliver beginner-quality instruments for a minimal price.

Currently, they only have one type of violin starter set and it could be the cheapest priced beginner tuition.