5 Best TomTom Go 520 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

The TomTom Go 520 is the best of general for its price range with high-end smarts but lacking in functionality.

It is a smart purchase because it provides slick mapping, is easy to update and create. On the other hand, most phones provide Google Maps so there’s not much difference from this sat nav.
Require more detail or step-by-step: It turns on easily and provides quick routing but has a short battery life. Now that Black Friday is over, we’re offering awesome Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving deals.

Navigating around the map with high accuracy
Planning and tracking trips
Best of device features, pros, cons and installation guide
Price ans where to buy

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One of the most convenient features is that you no longer have to check your phone for navigation instruction and it offers a sleek design with improved sound. TomTom Maps are continually in the best available.

The Go 520 is not the perfect navigation device, as its battery life leaves a lot to be desired, rendering it useless if you leave cellular data off. However, that downside cannot be ignored when comparing how compelling features like 3D maps and pedestrian guidance are.

Who’s it for and really should I buy it?

The TomTom Go 520 is for those that want a sat nav with many features but are not overly concerned about it being capable of independent usage from your smartphone.

The TomTom Go 520 shares many of the same features as its full-fat sibling, the TomTom Go 5200, but it lacks SIM functionality. This omission means the cost drops considerably but also means you miss out on a few unique extras – like real-time traffic reports.

The use of a smartphone makes these features accessible.

This latest navigation system from TomTom is available in two versions, one for people who want a good-looking sat nav in their automobile and another specifically designed for smartphones.

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Features and performance

TomTom Go 520 can do it all and more. The TomTom Go 520 retains the premium look of the higher-end Go 5200 range, removing the fiddly mount present on cheaper priced models with a magnetically secure quick release holding device for easy installation.

Setup was simple. We recommend you hook up it to your house Wi-Fi straight away, that way the maps on these devices are completely updated beforehand. The bonus is you don’t need to go anywhere near a computer: it’s done all in-device, just check out Updates & New Items in the settings pane.

Make sure you leave plenty of time and have a sufficient data plan to download these updates.

Traveling overseas is challenging regardless of your age, but parents traveling with kids face an even greater challenge.
Using the sat nav will be possible for whoever has touched a TomTom recently. There hasn’t really been an update to the UI of note for some time, but there’s no reason behind one.

The TomTom Go 520 simplifies your navigation experience with its main functions readily available on the screen. The mapping software is clear and easy to read with the relevant information easily accessible in a strip at the right of the screen.

This is a really innovative feature. I’m not sure if it’s capacitive (480 272), but the responsiveness feels smooth. It functions much better than resistive touch screens, especially with zooming in and out of maps. You can also tap on numbers more easily this way.

The beauty of TomTom’s user interface is in its simplicity. Almost every icon, or “hotspot” is a click point that comes with contextual information for your traveling needs.

Navigating the car can be a little tricky without following the on-screen blue arrow to your destination, but it’s nice to have that freedom as well.

No pesky software to download, TomTom go 520 has an easy start up. There is no need for a phone holder, just connect via Bluetooth.

The 30GB hard drive cannot store enough music and videos for a whole family, which is why you can access streaming services like Netflix, Pandora, or Spotify and combine them with the phone. Place these apps on your center screen so people can use it wherever they are in the car.

For one, the TomTom Go 520 features an interactive voice assistant. You can click a button on-screen to control your virtual assistant as you would on your phone–a small but useful feature in our experience.

If you are not happy using your voice, there is also TomTom s own voice control functionality summoned by saying Hello TomTom. It didn t work quite well and we had to say the address 3-4 times before it eventually understood what we wanted.

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Final verdict

The TomTom GO 520 is well-designed and easy to use. With voice functionality, intelligent rerouting, and some of the greatest maps around– it s an excellent navigation experience.

The lack of connectivity is one negative, but it’s easily fixed if your phone has a clear connection.

The battery only lasts up to one hour on a single charge, but it charges quickly so you should never have an issue in the middle of driving.