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After finishing The Evil Within 2 I felt exhausted, like I had survived an ordeal. Thinking back on my 20 hours with it, I did. The Evil Within 2 is a challenging yet rewarding experience for players looking to push themselves in a game that can be both tense and brutal at times but also exciting and exhilarating when the going gets tough. The Evil Within 2 on PS4 might not do a great job delivering dialogue, tone, and sustenance of horror. It is still a compelling survival horror game that doesn’t know how to stop giving the protagonist intimidating scenarios.

The protagonist of the game, Sebastian Castellanos, is back to rescue his thought dead daughter from STEM – an alternate version of The Matrix called The Evil Within. The game would have been better if it had a wider range of memorable characters instead of just serviceable archetypes. There is an awkward dialogue that manages to be both boring and amusing at the same time. It almost feels like a missed opportunity to let them have some fun in this bizarre setting.

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Once again, machines have the power to take their environment and turn it into a weapon. Burn paintings to make barbed wire disappear! A cat offers upgrades in green gel! The shooting range in the mirror world is run by a nurse. The sense of imminent change means that even though it sounds ridiculous, things are always changing for better or worse.

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That is still The Evil Within, and its own world remains delightfully malleable and weird.

The Evil Within 2’s story follows a unique path, as the first half of it is tonally different than the latter. Sebastian begins his journey concerned with a deranged murderer inside STEM, that is a meandering mystery punctuated by an uninteresting boss fight (an easy attack to evade made one battle especially boring) that caused me skip out on Its first half, on the other hand, goes at a breakneck pace and focuses on the breadth of its reach. It may be thinner than in past iterations but it s still very enjoyable to play through. I would never accuse it to be inconsistent either. The game does a great job of using lighting tactics to create a sense of claustrophobia and inevitability. Walking down corridors with your flashlight is tense as you are met by odd shaped shadows that could very well be monsters or secret treasure. I often jumped in fright when I shouldn’t have, even once.

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I jumped for no reason more often than once.

The town, Union or “Anytown, USA” is a sprawling post-apocalyptic mess of diners and picket fences that ends at the gaping Silent Hillesque chasm. The protagonist’s spouse was lost to the atmosphere. Though all areas can’t be accessed or climbed up to, there is plenty a nooks and crannies that house unique enemy encounters with side quests and loot.

When I realized that a lost agent was being surrounded by enemies, I quickly acted to save him. In return for my help, he offered me two missions and gave me the additional rewards. One time I was looking into what I thought was a safe diner before its appearance changed with the click of a jukebox track and I was suddenly being chased by a screaming ghoul. The game promised that discoveries like this could be around any corner, but when it came to looting for gear it became very apparent that careful exploration is worth the investment Items that increase Sebastian’s health, athleticism, recovery and combat prowess are scarce but also essential to stay alive. That meant I was frequently putting my character in dangerous situations looking for enough items to build a new gun. The Evil Within 2 ps4 xbox one switch

In “The Evil Within,” Sebastian manages to escape the city on the brink of collapse, just in time.

If you’re caught by a mob, particularly in early stages before you’ve upgraded your arsenal, the game won’t be easy because they are formidable and frightening. JUST LIKE THE Evil Within before it, enemies in The Evil Within 2 are plentiful, relentless and disgusting when attacking. Though many of the same enemies from The Evil Within return in this sequel, there are new terrors to face. New monsters like ones who vomit acid on your face for a one-hit kill if you get too close (as I did so often) pose an even greater challenge than before. Several combinations of two monsters create different bosses that can be There are moments when enemies chase you, and if they lose contact, they’ll search for a while. You must stay on the move to avoid being caught by them. You cannot always rely on sneak kills if you are not within close range of your target. After stalking a Harbringer with a flamethrower for 5 minutes, I became aware of my mistake before his face suddenly turned around and the flame hit me in the face. They were always unpredictable, which made each face a taut one.

One of the benefits to The Evil Within 2 is that it offers you the chance to make stealth your best weapon. Though shooting enemies from a distance may be the more accessible option, stealth is still an available tactic.

You don’t will have to fight. Like its predecessor, The Evil Within 2 permits a stealthy approach.

The Evil Within 2’s old-school survival horror style creates exhilaration from being spotted and having to act quickly, using whatever resources you have on hand. I was often forced to try out the less typical weapons in my armory; including the crossbow and its variety of distinctive bolts. I found enjoyment as a freeze bolt stopped a rampaging lunatic in his tracks before he got cut down by my shotgun. Though there were times that the game did not have enough ammo on hand to dispatch my foe definitively, I still had to quickly shoot off an enemy’s head when faced with a lack of bullets. For me, the game’s enemies wasn’t particularly challenging because it was scarce of ammo at heart and I found that frustrating. I think this game is more difficult than what they’re marketed as due to there not being a way for you to know when an enemy has been killed. This makes bosses seem unfairly hard because even if you shoot them in the The accuracy of each shot, as well as how many shots you can afford to fire, is key in The Evil Within 2.

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The Evil Within 2, while not without flaws, offers a much broader survival-horror world to explore and conquer than the original. With an atypical plot and weak protagonist, your time with it begins on shaky ground but the tense atmosphere and plentiful monsters are enough to keep you engaged by virtue of their sheer peculiarity.