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So you need to buy a ping pong table? It’s not an easy decision. There are many choices available. Different brands, different quality, and different prices. What should be the best table? And what is many rubbish? Is a cheap table good enough for you? Or are you willing to spend a small fortune on ping pong equipment?

This is the blog post where I share advice on how to easily recognize a high-quality table from a low-quality one, what brands are best, how much you should spend and where you can buy.
I hope this assists! I give tips on ping pong table setup for indoors, outdoors and schools.

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Let’s start with the most important information.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. What to Look for in a Table Tennis Table?
3. Advantages and Disadvantages Comparing Ipong vs Butterfly Arena 3s

How exactly to spot a high-quality table tennis table

The easiest way to recognize the quality of a ping pong table may be the thickness of its top. The thickness will normally range between 12mm and 25mm, but higher is better. Thinner = worse quality.

You should avoid buying ping pong tables with a top too thin. Balls bounce at a more erratic pace, and the table is easy to damage.

I recommend a 19mm table thickness. The table is comfortable, with a medium bounce and will last for quite some time if taken care of.

Tables with a thicker top (22-25mm) are the best but also, similar to other aspects of making table tennis tables, they can be quite pricey. Though the thickness of the 27mm is no better than a plain 22mm, it has a smoother surface.

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Which will be the best brands?

There are many ping pong table manufacturers, and the quality has been good among them over the years. I ve played and coached with tables from these brands: Butterfly, Andro, Joola, Cornilleau, Donic,, Sponeta and Stiga.

Just how much does a ping pong table cost?

You should avoid buying inexpensive ping pong tables, as they tend to be thin and of poor quality.

The best ping-pong table costs about $200-$300. Consider spending a little extra money for one that has more bounce and will last years.

table tennis tables come in a range of qualities, from low cost to high quality.

Where is it possible to buy a ping pong table?

Making a purchase at the table tennis shop for ping pong tables, gear and accessories is easy with just one click of your mouse. Check out shops in UK, Europe, Australia, Asia and USA to find the store closest to you. Get 2-3 tables for bargaining power!

There are discounted prices on both the UK and US Amazon sites. It is worth considering either staging or a used item because it’s likely easier to find the perfect table for your needs

Lowering your budget will introduce cheaper deals with a second-hand used table. Others find themselves in the position of getting rid of their ping pong tables (some hardly used) for a fraction of the purchase price they paid. Be sure to review auction sites like eBay or any local websites and newspapers.

Tips for home, clubs and schools

Now let’s examine the different types of ping pong tables available on the market.

Ping pong tables for your house

Two key reasons for buying table tennis tables: family play or training. Let’s explore both.

Family fun

If you’re looking for a ping pong table as entertainment, the budget doesn’t have to match an expensive top-of-the-line model. The difference in quality between cheap and expensive models is minimal, so one level or the other will work well. Therefore, I would just choose the more affordable option.

Remember that I say cheaper rather than cheapest. You should avoid the truly cheap tables, such as a 12mm 100 table. They are flimsy and the ball doesn’t bounce perfectly. A 16mm or 19mm table will be more durable and easier to play on.

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Ping pong tables for clubs

The cost of ping pong tables is an important thing to consider, but their durability is also something which should be considered. The high-quality tables last for the longest time, meaning you’ll save money.

Table tennis players want to play on well-maintained tables. To keep players returning to your club, be sure that you have a table with excellent quality features. It’s frustrating when you practice for the first time at a club and find yourself playing on a table where the ball bounces oddly

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Ping pong tables for schools

I typically see ping pong tables in schools get a lot of abuse! Kids often bump them, slam on them, kick them, stand on them and more. It’s hard for budget-friendly tables to withstand this level of abnormally so they can quickly become irreparable. One of the key variables in good ping pong table quality is construction.

Ideally you should purchase a table in the size of 22 to 25mm. It’s not necessary that it be brand new, as long as it is of decent quality and has a solid top.

Final thought…

If you plan on purchasing a table, make sure to care for it. If you follow some common guidelines and keep it clean, stored in an appropriate location with caution for the folding and unfolding of the table, then your investment will last a long time. If you do all of this, then it’s possible {you will be|the two of you will be|one of the some is that your