Top 7 Best Studio Desk on Cyber Monday Deals 2021

When it comes to generating music, the average person’s hardware needs can vary drastically. For many people who only use a keyboard and headphones, a coffee table could do the trick; however producers with hardware need something more specialized.

In many cases, a studio desk is an expansive structure with additional levels and places for gear. Because of this simple requirement, there are dozens of options readily available at retailers such as or Instead of spending days browsing stores to find the perfect one for you, I bought twelve different studio desks to test out my

Here are five studio desks that I recommend for music production.

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What to SEARCH FOR in a Studio Desk?

When looking for a studio desk you should consider your personal preferences, affordability, size, and other factors. For me personally these five traits are the main aspects: adjustable height, hardware compatibility, durable construction, angled monitor stands/extra top shelf height, and multiple desk levels. Here are five factors to keep in mind when choosing a desk.

Adjustable Height

Not all desks are adjustable, but those that are can be incredibly useful for production. In most cases of thumb, you have to be in a position to keep your elbows at a 90-degree angle without feeling the strain on your hands. Studio producers often work with multiple instruments. Therefore, it is important that the desk they are using has an optimal playing angle for each instrument to avoid hand cramps and uncomfortable use.

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Be sure that the desk suits your hardware

One of the most common mistakes when shopping for a studio desk is not taking into account how big your production equipment is. Before you buy a desk, measure and record dimensions to compare. When purchasing a desk, you should make sure it will accommodate your keyboard controller as well as other equipment you need to use.

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The opportunity to angle your monitors

If you’re a producer, having a well placed monitor is vital to get the best sound. If your desk isn’t accommodating, then it can be difficult to find an acceptable position for monitors. The speakers should form a triangle. The distance from your ear to the speakers should be the same as the distance between them.

Multiple Level Surface

The verticality of multiple level surfaces is useful for not just computing, but stacking other items as well. A 60 by 30 inch flat desk surface can hold a computer and keyboard with space to spare, perfect for piling on an extra work project or putting down books while you study. But, a desk with multiple levels could support some monitors and controllers, along with another monitor for faster mixing. The advantages of a multi-tiered surface are related to earlier points about setting up your workspace to match your hardware. A keyboard is a common and bulky MIDI instrument that producers use. Slide-out shelves for them help save space, time, and frustration when setting up different equipment.

Durable Construction

The materials found in the construction of a desk can help identify its quality. Search for desks made from metals such as steel, birch, and oak. While birch is preferable since it resists humidity and warping in humid conditions.

End of Discussion

A studio desk purchase will be an all natural process once you really know what you are interested in. The first two steps to take before deciding include measuring your present production hardware and how much you wish to spend. This article gives insight into the best desks with an attractive aesthetic to match your own taste, and the features that you need for creativity.