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Localized lethal ventilation is often shown to work at killing viruses like Coronavirus. Federal government officials advise by using a steam cleaner combined with the heat of another person s touch.

Steam cleaners are a more eco-friendly way to clean. They use only water from your own tap, which is free and will prevent any harsh chemicals from being needed.

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What should I search for when investing in a steam cleaner?

There are three types of steam cleaner that may fit your needs so it’s important to know what you want from yours before choosing

Steam mops

These types of mops are lightweight and small, simple to set up and prepared to use in just a matter of seconds. They work similarly to a normal mop but with an increase in cleaning power. They have a water tank mounted on the handle, and should heat up in about 20 seconds. Most steam mops have a swivel head, making them advantageous for limited spaces and reaching underneath your furniture. Although they’re great on sealed floors, some can also refresh carpets when used with the separate attachment. Almost all of the mops on our list can be used as handheld units.

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Cylinder steam cleaners

Cylinder models are generally heavier but have wheels to go them around the house. They generally have the same functions as steam mops, but with a far more powerful steam output and higher capacity water tanks that require refilling less often. They often have multiple attachments that you hook up to the hose. These models can clean various areas, including furniture. There are some models that work on both carpet and furniture, but others will only work on one or the other type of surface. Look for a model with variable steam when possible for more versatility.

Two-in-one steam cleaners

The best steam mops are versatile, with the capability to clean tile surfaces in the bathroom and countertops in the kitchen. Handheld steamers can do the same basic tasks as a cylinder steamer, but with a smaller water tank and lower power. They are ideal for quick jobs, like cleaning debris from your oven or goo between tiles.

Key features to consider

Furthermore, there are several extra features you might wish to consider.

Water tank capacity

The water tank size has an effect on the frequency you need to fill it up. The bigger the tank, the longer it takes for it to heat up and be prepared for use while smaller tanks are ready more quickly but last less time. Cylinder models hold more fluid than steam mops do with some of them supporting 2 litres of water or Make sure that the tank is easy to detach and fill at a tap.

Time to heat up full tank

How quickly a steam cleaner produces steam after being filled with cold or room temperature water can vary greatly between models. It may take less than 20 seconds for a steam mop and two minutes for a cylinder.

Variable steam

Almost all the models in this list have variable steam settings, whether it is a control dial or buttons for different predetermined settings. But don’t be discouraged if that one model only has one setting. If you’re not using your cleaner for heavy-duty jobs that require lower temperatures, it will still do its job just as well.

What steam cleaner accessories do I want?

Nearly all steam cleaners come with attachments that can be mounted to them for different jobs. Most standard steam mops don’t include these, but extras are often limited by one or two additional cleaning pads. However, with cylinder models and two-in in ones, you ll get famous brands scrubbing brushes, scrapers and grout cleaners for super-thorugh cleaning. Plus attachments for specific surfaces: upholstery tools, ironing attachments for curtains and squeegees for windows and glass.

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How exactly we test steam cleaners

At the Nice Housekeeping Institute, we clean ceramic tiles, vinyl floors, ovens and gas hobs with each sleek steam cleaner we test. For tougher stains like on windows or carpeted areas, you might need to scrub a little more. The best steam cleaners are able to do each of these tasks effortlessly.

Our goal is to find the best steam mops, so we test them on different kinds of flooring.
We look at how long it takes for food stains and dirty deposits to be eliminated, if the surface is shiny after cleaning.
We also try to see around areas where there are awkward angles—and make sure that it looks good

With cylinder and two-in-one models, we test the attachments. We remove dried food from the stovetop, clean tiles and grouting, brighten windows and glass shower doors. We utilize scrubbing brushes, a squeegee for windows, and an attachment for carpets to completely clean muddy footprints. The following factors are also considered: how simple the controls are to use, how quickly it produces steam, and if the attachments are easy to replace. We evaluate appearance too-checking for variable steam.