5 Best Sony XBR55X900E 4K TV Review and Offer On Black Friday 2021

Getting 4K HDR right is an arduous task. TV manufacturers have often relied on complicated solutions that produce worse image quality, rather than resolve the dilemma of high peak brightness.

A major flaw of LEDs is their inability to produce good quality displays with high refresh rates, which creates juddering images. You no longer have that problem.

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Sony offers a form of local-dimming technology called FALD across the X900E series which includes its entire selection of screen sizes, from 75 inches to 49 inches. The XBR55X900E model, which we have here as a 55-inch TV, will come at $1,700. However, the series is also available in 49-, 65- and 75- inch sizes if you’d like something larger.

There are many different ways that one can enjoy a TV, but modern technology provides nearly limitless options.
Conclusion: Her favorite features include the large 55-inch screen and smart operating system since they make it easy for her to control what she is watching without any hassle.


Sony has an excellent reputation for design among its TV lineup.

The 900E has a premium matt black bezel that’s offset with aluminum trim and floor-level legs for easy furniture assembly. The TV itself is moderately slim, with a principal backlight and the need of a hefty power supply.

The TV has 4 HDMI inputs (1 back facing, the other 3 are side mounted), all of which are HDCP 2.2 compliant. This means you have plenty of room for a 4K Blu-ray player, consoles and set top boxes. There is also one AV input, 3 USBs (among those is one fast blue 3. Networking is standard.

The remote ships with the same rubber-keyed remotes that are found on Sony s 2016 models. This can make things frustrating to use, since the buttons have little raised portions and collect fluff. There is an IR blaster in the box, so you can control other devices with the Sony remote.

Screen sizes available: 49, 55, 65 and 75 inches | 4K: Yes | HDR: Yes (HDR10, firmware upgrade for HLG planned) | Panel technology: Full array backlighting with local dimming | Smart TV: Yes, Android TV || Curved TVs can cause headaches. Save yourself some pain by choosing

Smart TV: Android TV

The screen is controlled by the Android TV OS, a familiar sight on Sony TVs.

Android TV is nicely organized, with the tutorials and ads at the top and app categories, games, inputs, and settings below. The interface is cluttered, and it can be more of a hindrance than help.

The XBR55X900E offers a diverse amount of applications for your TV, streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon. Watch 4K content with HDR in any app that supports it!

Android TV is fast to start up and navigable.

HD/SDR performance

Though Sony does not give specifics, the X900E 4k TV is an excellent choice for a rainy day. It delivers crystal clear images with well-lit displays.

Picture presets immediately available for you on this Sony TV include Standard, Vivid, Custom, Cinema Pro, Cinema Home and Sports. Beyond the usual Brightness and Color settings are Auto local dimming and X-tended Dynamic Range (EDR), made possible by an Advanced Contrast Enhancer. Despite the goofy-sounding names, Sony XBR55X900E 4K TVs are worth tinkering with.

Sony’s XR 1000Hz motion handling the TV should reduce blur and allow you to watch sports. Furthermore, there is an option to turn it Off (but this will only be available for movies) in order to avoid that ‘soap opera effect’. The Standard setting does a good job of preserving detail without introducing artifacts. It is a good all-purpose choice, no matter what type of content.

However, the best-known option might be the Custom setting, with Smoothness set to 3 and Clear set to Min. This retains high definition and clarity while creating negligible artifacts. It is good for sports viewing. It’s worth noting that the Clear mode is best for people who prefer to use their set in a mildly dark environment. The downside of using this setting, however, is an inaccurate luminance level when viewing HDR content. One other thing to note about the Clear mode would be that it shows a lot of picture artifacts.

Sony’s latest XBR55X900E 4K TV uses a picture processor called the X1 HDR imaging engine, which borrows features from Sony’s highest-spec TVs. When you buy a 4K HDR TV, the Light Sensor is locked on by default. Other settings remain adjustable, including Brightness and X-Tended Dynamic Range.

Super bitmapping is employed to make the sky gradations on images, or animation in low-bitrate videos, appear smoother. HDR remastering goes a step further and enhances Standard Dynamic Range content by treating each object within a frame individually. Compared to the latest and greatest OLED TVs, this TV is much more precise, which creates a really lifelike image.

The Sony XBR55X900E s HDR remastering is not user adjustable like many other TVs, leaving the decision up to a preset setting. That isn’t ideal if the default settings are heavy-handed and noticeable. Fortunately, this isn t the case because there might be concern about it being detectable–but it really is hard to notice Sure, you can indicate a spectral highlight and go “oooh upscale,” nonetheless it all looks supremely natural.

One potential downside of the X-Reality Pro processor is that it may add unwanted artifacts to the image when on low settings. Due to the benefits of this processor, however, it’s worth keeping at least one preset with clarity (custom) Without X-Reality Pro, high frequency 4K resolution is delivered unfettered by the panel. If it’s in the foundation, it’ll make it to the screen.

To date, artifacts have only been noticeable in the set at levels around 30. As a result, leaving the setting of X-Reality Pro at this level would likely provide you with some processing power benefits without any negative consequences.

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4K/HDR performance

The X900E comes with a range of features that improves the contrast by five times, giving it an edge to stand out.

By way of comparison, Sony’s step-up X930E 4K TV is 10x brighter than the vanilla LED in its flagship ZD9.

The 4K TV has a significantly lower luminance than other screens, but its “peak brightness” is still effective. The movie looks superb with lots of bright highlights to break up the darker scenes in this dark comedy. The new Goblin-ized Harry confronts Spiderman at Oscorp Power and the image on the TV continues to sparkle with vibrance.

Sony’s XBR55X900E 4K TV has a FALD backlight, which translates to good tone uniformity and no interruption with dark scenes. Sony uses an algorithm that nuances the lights when viewing white text on black backgrounds The wider halo or bloom is not noticeable and can be looked at as satisfactory issue of the technology used.

The footage of an HDR firework display has enough luminosity to make the images seem realistic. The contrast ramp is set at 1000 nits, with brightness turned up to maximum capacity so as not to hide detail in highlights. First-generation HDR LED sets often have trouble creating high-luminosity levels that accurately represent what we see while in person Without a doubt, the standout feature of the X900E is its Auto Local Dimming feature. The local dimming results in dark scenes that are suitably black.

Sony’s Triluminos panel also does a fairly good job of conveying an impressive deep red, this is not something you can expect from the Sony’s mid-range LED. While 4k Blu-ray discs are a better choice for video-watching on the X900E TV, OTT streaming content in Ultra HD looks just as stunning The growing season one North African try in The Grand Tour (episode 5) looks stunning. Sunlight glints off a Mazda MX-5 s bonnet with warming authenticity, as the finely woven shirt from Hammond appears magnificent.

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Expected to produce poor audio quality on flat screens with fixed speakers? The X900E surprises with its fuller, better-separated stereo soundstage thanks to targeted speaker positioning by Sony.

We liked

From image clarity to its HDR enhancement, the Sony X900E is a brilliant TV.

The X900E can be a great HDR TV for ordinary people. The direct-lit LED backlight with local dimming offers a uniform screen image and reduced glare. Dark scenes in movies are well defined, as contrast is high on this set. The Sony XBR55X900E has excellent detail and motion resolution for the price.

We disliked

There are some blooming highlights around peak screens on black backgrounds, that could be solved by adding more LED backlights. The remote control feels cheap in the hand.

Final verdict

The 55 inch Sony X900E has exceptional 4K image clarity, powerful SDR-to-HDR remastering and a smooth direct LED backlight that delivers wide color gamut panel with eye popping vibrancy for easy viewing.

With all the above set at a high-but-fair price, any niggles we have are negligible. The X900E come