5 Best Sony XBR49X900E 4K TV Offers On Amazon Cyber Monday & Black Friday 2021

Getting 4K HDR right is no easy task. TV manufacturers have tried a number of technologies and ways to address the issue of high peak brightness, often at the detriment of image quality.

Local dimming is an attribute of the best LED backlit TV screen technology. While analysts and professionals alike agree that FALD LEDs produce better results with HDR than edge-lit LED screens, they tended to be too large for viewing in a typical living room scenario.

In working on this story, our goal was to tell it so that you You no longer need to make trades when it comes to screen size, quality and smart features.

Sony’s X900E series has FALD technology, available on every size screen. The large 75-inch model and the petite 49-incher both come with this technological innovation built in. We will be taking a look at the 55-inch X900E model, but the series is available in three sizes: 49-, 65-, and 75-inches.

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Sony’s TV line-up continues to impress with its good design.

The X900E includes a thin matt black bezel offset with aluminum trim, as the pedestal stand provides crafty cable management. This central support strikes a refreshing option to screen-wide feet which seldom fit on non-Ikea furniture. The backlight is situated behind the panel, so it does not require a substantial power supply.

The set has four HDMI inputs, which can be used for 4K Blu-rays and other connections. There’s also an element AV input and three USBs for items such as a sound system or gaming consoles. The best new Sony 4K TV comes with an Ethernet and WiFi.

The TV includes a conventional remote control which leaves much to be desired. That said, the Sony KDL-49W829 has a lot to offer you in terms of features.

Screen sizes available: 49, 55, 65 and 75 inches
4K: Yes
HDR: Yes (HDR10, firmware upgrade for HLG planned)
Panel technology: Full array backlighting with local dimming
Smart TV: Yes, Android TV
Curved: No
Dimensions: 122.8

Smart TV: Android TV

The Sony XBR49X900E 4K TV features Android TV for connectivity and a familiar interface.

Android TV is organized into tiers, with rows of apps like tutorials and advertising at the top. It‘s a cluttered interface that is generally more obstacle than gateway.

Headline apps contain Netflix and Amazon.

All that said, it’s not terribly hard to get started on Android TV and navigate.

HD/SDR performance

The Sony xbr49x900e 4k TV delivers an impressive image quality. Straight out of the box, its brightness and color are appealing; it achieves this with many direct LED zones. We don’t know how many are in total, but it’s not about the quantity of bulbs behind the glass that matters—the more uniform they are,

The Picture presets include Standard, Vivid, Custom, Cinema Pro, Cinema Home, Sports Mode and Animation. The Advanced settings include Auto local dimming and X-tended Dynamic Range. It’s worth fiddling with these settings to see what you think.

The 4K panel has native 100Hz refresh rate, which really helps motion. Sony’s Motionflow processor can come in Standard, Clear, True Cinema and Custom implementations The Standard setting does a decent job of holding detail without inflicting artifacts. TVs are often marketed as “good” or “bad”, but that is not necessarily the case.

The Custom setting is the best option as it keeps clarity but has minimal artifacts. It is good for sports. The clear setting is best for details because it’s extremely clear with no noticeable artifacts. It also has a nice luminance, but the Smooth setting includes lots of artifacts and should be avoided.

The picture processor in the X900e was designed to take a variety of new features found in Sony’s Z9D and A1 OLED televisions, like Super Bit Mapping 4K HDR and Object Based HDR Remastering. When a 4K HDR model is acquired, the Light Sensor setting is locked. Adjustments to other settings- such as Brightness and X-Tended Dynamic Range – can still be made however.

Super bitmapping allows for the removal of color banding in sky gradations or animation on lower-resolution content. More importantly, HDR Remastering can upscale Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) contrast and color by treating onscreen objects individually. This allows the technique to be more precise and create an extremely lifelike image.

It does mean that HDR remastering is on by default in all modes except one. This could be considered concerning, if it was a heavy-handed and noticeable implementation. But once again I can assure you, it’s not: the effect is undetectable as well! Sure, you can the upscaled visual element of spectral highlight and go oooh – however everything looks supremely natural.

Sony X-Reality Pro technology is typically beneficial, but it may also produce undesirable artifacts. If you don’t mind the tradeoff, keep one preset without these artifacts (preset custom will be the obvious choice). Sony high-resolution displays are made with an uncompromising X-Reality Pro engine, so you can experience the best in 4K resolution.

You can manually adjust the X-Reality Pro resolution. The point will where artifacts become noticeable is really around 30 on the set’s sliding numerical scale, so you may just leave the setting as this and use processing power to your advantage.

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4K/HDR performance

The X900E, Sony’s newest 4K HDR TV offers the contrast of an LED screen with 5 times more light range.

Sony’s newest 4K television set, the XBR49X900E has double the contrast ratio of its predecessor.

The screen isn’t the brightest, but it’s still able to provide some decent highlights. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (UHD Blu-ray) is alive with zappy neon accents and generally looks excellent. Images on the Sony X900E 4K TV are breathtakingly beautiful, or so it seems when our hero goes toe-to-toe with a Goblin.

With its FALD (full array local dimming) backlight, dark-tone uniformity is solid so you don’t see splotches of white compromising deep black scenes. The neighborhood dimming algorithm is apparent when white text is on black–you can see it turn off and on in the letterbox bars above and below movies.
Rew These TVs are installed in a balanced and safe manner.

1080p test footage of a fireworks display explodes with appropriate brilliance. The set tone maps to 1000 nits, brightness ramped to the max. Compared to that end, first-generation HDR LED sets often struggled within their quest to provide peak highlights, triggering distracting backlighting effects along the way. Thanks to the entire array approach it uses, which clashes with this darkness in an effective way.

So far as color is concerned, the Triluminos panel does a good job conveying deep reds. While UHD Blu-ray is a solid partner for the X900E, OTT streaming looks just as impressive. The scenery during the opening scene of episode 5 of The Grand Tour in North Africa is absolutely breathtaking. Sunlight glints off a Mazda MX-5’s bonnet with warmth, as you can tell that the fine weave in Hammond’s denim shirt is absolutely exquisite


You may expect the audio quality of today’s thin-screen TVs without obvious speakers to be generally rather poor. But, surprisingly, the X900E features relatively good stereo separation and acceptable full-bodied sound thanks to two 10 watt amps. Sony angled the drivers forward instead of just down so that they create a less muffled soundstage which

We liked

Sony XBR49X900E 4K TV

The X900E is an HDR screen for those of you who don’t need to be experts in technology. The direct LED backlight and local dimming offers a delightful screen uniformity, including high contrast and shadowy blacks. The sony xbr49x900e 4k tv is not as good as OLED, but it also not in the same league price wise. Details and motion resolution are class leading.

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We disliked

The display suffers from some blooming in bright content on dark backgrounds; this can be resolved with a more concentrated effort of LEDs (but doing so would increase the price). The remote control is cheaply made.

Final verdict

Sony’s X900E offers a solid 4K image with high-quality HDR and SDR remastering, making it a great option for those looking for something different. We found its consistency both in footage across films and the panel itself to be particularly impressive, as well as the smooth direct backlighting in spite of some brightness issues.

With a high but not unreasonable price, any small complaints we have are minor. The Sony XBR49X900E is great for an entry level 4K TV