5 Best Sony XB10 Speaker: Complete Review Black friday & Cyber Monday 2021

Though a grenade-size SRS-XB10 may be the smallest and most basic of brand new speakers in Sony s line of Extra Bass Bluetooth speakers, it carries with it some solid qualities. You can also buy it Here

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The Sony Sports Bluetooth speaker is available in multiple colors and we were sent a black version to review. The initial unique factor about the XB10 is that it has good battery life for a little speaker and gives relatively rich sound for its size.

To get the most out of your Sony XB10 speaker, you will need to

– Configure and sync with different Bluetooth devices.
– Change the EQ settings to match various music styles.
– Switch between speech and music modes for watching TV or movies.

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The speaker includes a few extra features worth noting: The detachable strap, which can be used to hold the speaker from a hook in your shower or from a tree branch, converts right into an upside-down ‘I on its side in horizontal mode. You may also use two speakers and allow them to be used as a stereo speaker for your PC, for example (you will get more directional sound with the speaker on its side).

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In addition to CD support, the step-up models in this line also offer special lights. The SRS-XB20, SRS-XB30, and SRS-XB40 have clublike lights with a strobe flash and speaker light. These models are primarily used for playing music out loud but they do not offer a

Sound-wise, for this type of little mono speaker, there are few models that sound better on a whole. The problem is that it tends to distort at higher volumes and with certain bass frequencies (such as the Shaun Frank remix of The Chainsmokers Closer track). As someone who listens almost exclusively to music, I would choose the Beats Pill+ as it offers a much more rich and resonant sound.

I don’t like that the speaker is rubberized because it attracts dust. On the other hand, the bottom has a grip that ensures that when you increase volume, it won’t slide around.

Miniature speakers exist for this model, but the Sony XB10 falls in the middle of affordable generic Chinese mono speakers.

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The more expensive UE Wonderboom and JBL Flip 4 do merely play louder, nevertheless, they are bulkier. Ultimately, this speaker gets the same allure as Sony’s earlier cube-shaped SRS-X11, which I liked and began at $70 however now costs significantly less than $50 because it’s being eliminated, that is:

The strap swings over, converting into an upright symbol when you push it on its side.

SRS-XB10 key specs: