5 Best Sony Projector Deals On Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

Back in the first 2000s, when commercial cinemas were starting to transition from film to digital, Sony saw an opportunity for a little bit of the pie and developed their 4K SXRD projection technology. Since that time, the organization has amassed greater than 40% market share in the industry cinema space worldwide. In 2011, this technology started out to trickle in to homes for the first time and has been on a general downward trend with regards to price since then.

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Ive seen a lot of 4K projectors lately at this price point – the VPL-VW695ES, coming in at $9,999, is one such product – and ive reached two conclusions: not all are created equal. The compensation many feel forced to make tradeoffs with video processing has been scaled back thanks to

Sony currently offers three 4K native projectors each with its own set of benefits. The 600 series projector is now available at $9,999, a $5,000 price reduction from last season. Sony has discontinued the VW300 series, but is now selling a new $5,000 model (VW295). As such, the best Sony 4K Projector is either the VPL-VW295ES or the VPL-VW695ES. The VW295 costs $3,396 and offers a 100% contrast ratio with 300 lumens of brightness while the VW695 has 350,000:1 contrast as well as 500 lumens of brightness at double The VW695 features powerful upgrades to specifications that make it an ideal choice for HDMI2.0 and HDR devices, demanding both high brightness and high contrast.

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These improvements to the Sony XBR-65X900E, including a decrease in input lag and software upgrades that bring about improved performance for Reality Creation and Motion Flow, will appeal to TV fans looking for an immersive viewing experience. A new addition to this series is the introduction of 18Gbps HDMI 2.0b ports. Prior models were limited to 13.5Gbps, meaning only one of the three was a full 2.0b compliant port. As a result, at 4K60p, the previous versions had issues supporting some content entirely on Ultra HD Blu-ray and HDR video game play.

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The VW695 measures 9.5 inches by 8.1 inches by 18.25 inches and weighs 31 pounds; in comparison with a few of Sony’s previous, much bigger, native 4K projectors I came across the VW695 significantly more easy to handle when unboxing and mounting in the utility room behind my home entertainment system. The remote is backlit and it’s convenient to have immediate access to all the options usually found through setup, but are of course available at any time.