5 Best Sony KD70X690E 4K TV Deals On Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

Sony’s KD-70X690E (X690E) offers a large screen and an impressive picture. At 4K resolution, the X690E has a high pixel density that makes it easy to watch from across the room. Plus, at 7 feet wide and weighing more than 135 pounds, this TV won’t be very difficult to install. Which size is better for an immersive viewing experience.

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Sony’s new KD70X690E is a TV that not only performs beautifully, but looks great with its slim bezels and classy design. The plastic construction means the whole thing is serviceable but it isn’t particularly premium.

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Nonetheless, it does bring some challenges of its. Measuring 61.7 x 35.5 x 3.7 inches, the 70-inch X690E can’t go just anywhere. Wall mounting can be an option if you have a 400 x 400-millimeter VESA mount but if you wish to place it on an entertainment unit or table

The included stand is constructed of a strong black plastic with a matte finish and includes a U-shaped footprint. The stand measures 25″ x 12″. That’s enough to house any standard entertainment unit, but you will need at least 20 inches of clearance on both sides in order to support the width.

Purchasing a 70-inch TV can overwhelm small apartments and living rooms. Considering that the best-matched television size for your viewing distance is 70 inches, the perfect viewing distance should be six feet .

Ports and Connections

The TV’s connectivity will be found on the left-hand side of the set.

The TV comes with an HDMI port, three USB ports.

The remote control of the KD-70x690E allows you to use a feature called “SceneSelect” that lets users change the lighting environment, screen filter, and color temperature for better viewing. Scenes include Game/Sport Viewing, Movie Watching, Relaxing and Reading.


The Sony KD70X690E’s good-enough display quality fails to meet the expectations of what you’re looking for from cinema screen displays. While colors are vivid, they still remain oversaturated and distorted. The colors don t look as intense but have a wider range, due to the fact that they are not quite as saturated.

When I watched the trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story, I was impressed with all the colors flashing on the screen– from Lando Calrissian’s yellow shirt to a villain’s blood-red cape and sci-fi jets.

It performed well on most of the image and color tests, including skin tones in movies like Arrival.

Unlike most sony kd70x690e 4k tv, the X690E only has three setting options: Standard, Vivid and Custom. Additional display modes that you might expect for example Cinema mode and Game mode can be found under another menu in the settings called Scene Select (underneath).

Most TVs have poor color accuracy in Standard mode but offer far better accuracy in Cinema mode. The X690E, however, had the best performance for all modes or display types with a Delta-E score of 8.2 (nearer to zero is way more accurate). This is because of the TVs mode; Vizio M65-E0 had a Delta-E of 10.4 under similar settings, and Sony XBR-X900E registered 8.7. However, these two sets also had superior numbers in several display modes (1.4 and 2.1).

The Samsung Kd70x690e’s color gamut is a good, but not great 99.2 percent of the Rec 709 color space. This is high enough for an “acceptable” rating according to tests, even though it falls just shy of many competitors who are scoring higher.

Viewing angles are fairly wide, with minor color shifting occuring at roughly 45 degrees off-center. However, smaller screens like the 55-inch Samsung MU6300 have a significant amount of color shift regardless if you don t change your viewing angle. But it doesn t happen with the 70-inch Sony.

Low-light scenes were sufficiently dark but not so black that shadows obscured the images. A shadowy alleyway in Deadpool, for instance was dark enough that bricks on a wall and small details of costumes were still visible. For all its benefits, OLED displays are plagued by a lack of richness in shadow details due to what is known as ‘burn-in’. Although they’re minor, I really wasn’t expecting them to be worse.


The X690E’s music quality was good thanks to some 10-watt speakers. The whole volume was strong, easily filling our testing lab whether we were watching NBC’s THE PURCHASE PRICE Is Right or the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War.

When we listened to Deadmau5’s Seeya, the clarity was good at most volumes. At lower volumes, bass was adequate. The treble and vocals were clear without distortion when listening in this range.

As we pushed the volume up, everything started to sound distorted. There was no bass anymore and vocals sounded tinny and far away. We had to be careful not to push it past 85% because it would start reverberating, making an awful noise that resembled a buzzer going off.

Smart TV Features

In order to find the various picture modes on the TV, including Cinema, Game and Sports modes; users must dig through a series of menu options. One confusing thing about these menus is that they are pop-up menus.

The HDR feature cannot be turned on or off universally. To manually turn the HDR function on and off, you will have to go in to the settings for each of your HDMI ports and authorize it specifically. Unless you give this permission first, with no exceptions – regardless if it is your HDR enabled Sony made PlayStation 4 Pro – then you won’ Sony KD-70X690E 4K TV

Sony kd70x690e 4k TV Even if the tile-based layout is usable, you need to first go to the Opera TV iphone app in order to get additional features.

The apps preinstalled on the TV are not impressive. As it includes well-known software like Amazon Video, Crackle, Hulu and Netflix to name a few, you will be hard pressed to find any other app you might expect The quality of video streaming drops off sharply, and you soon find yourself sifting through content that consists only of public-domain films, foreign-language content, and videos better suited for YouTube. You’ll find mainstream entertainment networks and studios mostly missing from the platform, but it does have some exclusive content.

Opera boasts some games content, but most of it is lackluster. Bejeweled and Tetris-style clones are among the few highlights in its selection.

Remote Control

While it doesn’t have the Android TV interface we loved on the Sony XBR65X900E, the KD70X690E has a similarly convenient remote. Unfortunately, Sony’s clunky remote design could use an upgrade. The rectangular shape isn’t necessarily comfortable to carry, but the bigger sin is that the layout is confusing.

There are 49 buttons on the remote, many of which are operating channels and volume. The directional pad has 6 navigational input buttons in its surrounding area. Sony remotes have a different layout than most manufactures, and the layout is confusing.

One downside to this TV is that the Netflix and YouTube buttons are close together, so it’s easy to hit one without using scrolling. Sony should have a 4k plan for their TVs because it s really strange to see them with so many issues.

Bottom Line

This large Sony 4K TV is an OK midrange choice. It has a pretty good display and not-so-exciting feature selection, but its completely usable. The large 70-inch display may be the source of a lot of this set’s cost, and $1,299 is not half as costly as other 4K TVs at six feet wide.

Despite having a silver screen and decent performance, this Sony TV is plagued by the humbling combination of a poorly designed remote and poor menu layout, making it difficult to use some of the features that might have drawn you to the display in the first place. The 65-inch Samsung MU7000 and Sony XBR-65X900E both offers a superior performance with attractive price tags.