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The Sony X690E (KD-70X690E) has a large screen. With an impressive pixel density, the larger 4K screen is comfortable and watchable to our viewing preference. The cost of high-quality displays has decreased as the resolution increases, making these giant screens less expensive than ever before. Bigger TVs are better, provided that you have the room to put them in.

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Though the size and design of this TV are amazing, there was not enough to make up for some deficiencies.


Sony KD60X690E 4K TV
The 70-inch Sony looks excellent, with a sleek design and black bezels around the display. The glossy black finish on the chassis is complimented by a set finish on the backside. All of the materials are made from black plastic, which is functional but not luxurious.

The X690E is more than 70 inches in size, which means it’s the largest TV we’ve brought into our lab. It offers even more viewable space than Vizio Smartcast M-Series M65-E0 and Samsung MU7000 65 inch TVs.

Notwithstanding these are challenges, it does bring some benefits of its own. Measuring 61.7 x 35.5 x 3.7 inches, the 70-inch X690E can’t go just anywhere since it’s not a particularly small TV and you will need to have clearance space when using end tables or entertainment stands with this one even if wall

A black plastic stand made from strong material has been included with this model, which is reinforced with a U-shaped footprint measuring 25 inches wide and 12 inches deep. The width of the TV will still require a good amount of clearance on both sides in order to support its 62-inch width.

When picking out a TV, make sure you have room for comfortable viewing. As such large TVs often overwhelm smaller apartments and living rooms; even in the event that you are sitting in the front row of an auditorium. As per your guide to TV screen size, the perfect viewing distance for a 70-inch display is 6 feet.\

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Ports and Connections

The TV features HDMI and USB-C connections on the left side of the set.

The helpful inputs include 8-10 inches in from the edge of the monitor and has a couple HDMI ports (with ARC), an RF connector for an antenna, and 3 USB ports.

If you need to have a TV and computer screens in your car, the Sony KD60x690e offers an amazing RGB panel for your trunk along with bright, clear colors. The rear-facing ports include a third HDMI slot which features remarkable resolution, composite video connections and Ethernet network capabilities for easy connectivity.


The X690E’s good-enough display quality doesn’t quite meet the expectations you may have for a crystal-clear, cinema-like display. Colors are obvious and mildly bright, but they’re also oversaturated and ever so slightly skewed. And the colors are not as vibrant because it might be, because of the slightly lower gamut.

Seen in the trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story, I found that Lando Calrissian s yellow shirt and a villain s blood-red cape highlighted new colors.

Sony TVs employ a high level of performance checks that create realistic skin tones for the actors in films, like Arrival.

The KD60X690E has only 3 main display modes: Standard, Vivid and Custom. There are additional preset modes as well; for example Cinema and Game, but these are found in a separate menu under Scene Select.

The X690E has excellent color accuracy in Standard mode, but the quality of picture is better when it’s switched to Cinema. Even though this mode can produce a decent Delta-E, the two Vizio TVs I re compared it to also had very low Delta E (1.4 and 2.1).

For color gamut, that measurement of a TV’s ability to reproduce the wide spectrum of colors across an image, the X690E performed well.

Viewing angles are fairly wide for small screens. However, they tighten in a 45 degree span on the screen because of color shifting.

Low-light environments are sufficient, but lack an inky blackness that would make it difficult to see shadowy scenes. In the Deadpool movie for example, a shadowy alleyway could be seen despite being dimly lit; punches and blows from individual characters were easy to make out on their costumes. On the other hand, most LEDs display black levels that are worse than OLEDs as they provide a white-ish representation of blacks with less subtle gradations. The backlight has some shadows in the corners of the panel. But as it stands, this is a minor issue, and I was actually expecting them to be worse.

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sony kd60x690e 4k tv

Seen in the video, Deadmau5’s Seeya has good sound clarity from 20 percent to 70 percent volume. Bass levels are quite impressive and clear at low volumes, but distortion is noted through vocals when at higher volumes.

Power to 85% or go below 70%

Smart TV Features

Some settings aren’t clearly located in the bright and vivid display.
You may be excited when your eyes see Cinema, Game or Sports modes after adjusting some display settings beneath a confusing name called Scene Select. But there are other points of confusion and irritation in those menus.

To turn on HDR, we had to go into the settings for each and every HDMI port and allow an HDR input from an external device. Unless you check this first, it is possible to get information only about streaming sources, regardless of whether they are your personal or a Sony maker like PlayStation 4 pro. That should be the set’s key selling point.

The Sony KD-60X690E 4K Smart TV has the Opera Internet TV platform. This is an improvement on other versions of Android when compared to a custom skin and name. Despite a tile-icon layout, the option of additional apps is challenging.

Accessing different sources for videos on the TV can be tedious as there are only a few app options to choose from, including Amazon Video, Crackle, Hulu, Netflix and YouTube. The options are substantially worse, and quick you will find yourself trying to review programs that consist entirely of public-domain films, foreign-language content and amateur comedy shows better suited for YouTube. Mainstream viewing options of networks and studios you know are almost completely absent.

Opera does not offer any games software of its own, but it is supported on some iOS devices. Among apps highlighted in the app selector are Rock Swapper and Pentominoes which are clones of Bejeweled and Tetris respectively.

Remote Control

When it comes to design, Sony has always been a meandering path. Our favorite of the company’s reasonably priced TVs is the X900E series with its refined buttons and smartphone-like remote. However, it doesn’t necessarily stand out from the crowd. Though the rectangular shape is not particularly easy to carry, what is worse is that it has an unfavorable layout.

The remote is crammed with 49 buttons, which includes a number pad and channel and volume controls. Six navigational buttons are also on the face of the device. I can’t figure out what is causing this, but it seems unusual that the only remote from Sony which I haven t found anywhere in my possession has these buttons labeled: Home, Options, Wide (for wide-screen aspect ratio), Display, Sleep and Return.

Navigation through Netflix and YouTube can be difficult with the Sleep button in close proximity to the Return button. That’s a bad design, and it’s strange to see that Sony has problems with such simple components of their experience.

Bottom Line

If you re looking for a mid-range model to pair with your Sony 4K TV, then the X690E is an option. $1,299 may seem expensive for a TV that measures over 5.5 feet corner to corner.

Despite its great performance and impressive appearance, this Sony TV is suffering from some poor design decisions. The 65-inch Samsung MU7000 or Sony’s own XBR-65X900E are equally as attractive with a similarly affordable price if you don’t want to deal with menus and sluggish performance.