5 Best Skullcandy Crusher Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

If you don’t like bass, there are other headphones with which to choose that better suit your preferences.

If you enjoy bass, we recommend these headphones. At the minimum, you’ll find that they’re pretty fun.

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Best Deals For Skullcandy Crusher On Amazon Black Friday Sales


Though these are nothing special, Skullcandy Crusher Wireless headphones do have a few interesting design features. Otherwise black with a matte finish and no shiny details, the skulls on each earcup make for an eye-catching touch. There’s a reason that this style of headphone is called “minimalist.” Not everyone will appreciate the austere simplicity of these headphones, even if it there are some definite advantages to their simple aesthetic.

If you prefer something more vibrant but don’t want anything too gaudy, they are also available in a crisp white with contrasting tan ear pads.

From afar, they may look just fine. But up close, they’re going to feel cheaper than they appear.

Cheap Skullcandy headphones are made of flimsy, fake materials. A slight issue with both metals is that they attract scrapes quite quickly, making them look grungy fast. I’m unsure whether this will be a positive or negative when it comes to the white metallic colorway.

The headphones left greasy fingerprints all around my face and with oils from my skin. They brush against your head while wearing them, which rubbed off the makeup and grease.

To solve this problem, the Crushers come with a high-quality carry bag. The material is thick, waterproof and lined inside with a soft fuzzy lining to keep scratches from occurring in the bag. If Skullcandy will make accompanying gloves, that would be great.

Despite the size, these headphones can be tidied away quite well which makes portability a breeze.

I found that even if the materials used don’t look premium, these headphones are both comfortable and lightweight when worn. Usually after 1 hour of wearing headphones I find it starts to feel pressure on my ears and temples; but with these, I didn’t notice any discomfort at all within a few minutes – even though they sit firmly against

These wireless headphones have control buttons so that you need not reach for your phone to reconsider your songs (located on the back of each ear).

Skullcandy, makers of high-fidelity headphones and speaker systems for the entertainment industry, took a different approach with their Crushers earbuds.
Skullcandy focuses more on sound quality than keeping you entertained while exercising, but this is not at all to say that these are poor buds for running or walking home from work. There

The Skullcandy Crusher has a lot of responsibility, with three buttons on the side and sometimes it can be frustrating. For example: to skip a song you need to press and hold ‘plus or minus’ for 3 seconds which makes this desire to be instant much longer

That is frustrating because similarly priced headphones such as those released by Marshall and UrbanEars can do more than one function with a single button or touchpad.

Aesthetically speaking, the control buttons on the ear cups are neat and organized. But as they’re flat to avoid being caught or in between things, you have to run your finger along with them until you find the appropriate one: a process that can slow down how quickly you can change your music.

There’s a slider on the left ear holding volume controls, which relates to bass and may have inspired the Crusher name.

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Performance and features

The standout feature on this product is its adjustable bass with haptic feedback. Skullcandy states it creates for bass you can feel and that’s not really a lie.

When trying to find an indication that sounds great, start by positioning the bass slider. This is trial and error, but it shouldn’t be more than a few tries before you get what you are looking for.
Just put on your headphones and turn up the bass level; this should be pretty close if not perfect after one try and hardly any effort

The sound is frankly ridiculous when you do rather than in a great way, you ll experience the vibration and hear more bass than other things. It s like wearing a subwoofer which, though fun at times, can bring about occasions where on occasion the sound becomes somewhat messy; drums will dominate the track, vocals will distort, and the lower frequency

Even the largest bass fans will still probably be pleased with the slider dialed up barely halfway, telling us that the take off point from this slider is just too high.

We tried out various settings for bass, sometimes turning it off altogether and found that not only did the headphones sound louder, but they had a richer sound without sacrificing other frequencies. The sound quality is not going to be excellent but for a headphone of this cost range it would be unreasonable to expect that level of depth. The listener will more than likely still find the sound quality satisfying.

Turning the bass up slightly (but only halfway) pushed low frequency sounds forward to a noticeable degree, and drum beats and bass had a lot more texture and punch that they might have otherwise. On the Weeknd’s The Hills, for instance, the song really benefited from hook push of the bass slider since it gave the chorus more punch without Too much, however, and the song became intolerable.

Keeping the slider down low instead of completely off also puts into knowledge of watching films and playing games. Orchestral soundtracks in films with action (Pirates of the Caribbean, for example) were enjoyable to hear with these headphones, and the hum from haptic feedback during explosive moments was immersive.

We really enjoyed using the Crushers for video games and movies, but they may not be our first choice of headphones to listen to music everyday.

We assume there must be some sort of hollow space in the ear cups of the headphones to provide the vibration that area needs to have any impact. If you pause a song during a bouncy run or tap the cups together with your fingers, you hear and feel it. The sound is similar to an electric bass drum kick, but it will likely be a concern for others.

These headphones are not noise-canceling, so you will hear some sound leakage. The amount of isolation they provide is preferable to on-ear or over-ear designs and about what you would expect for the design. You will not have a severe level of embarrassment because no one can hear your music from these headphones and a moderate level of irritation

The Crusher Wireless headphones are straightforward to pair to your device immediately they’re linked the Bluetooth connection remains strong. The sound quality via Bluetooth is acceptable and steady and you will move within an appropriate distance from one’s own device in a wide space these devices may be wireless, but never missing out on powerful basses. Walls and doors can act as a barrier that causes any pair of Bluetooth headphones to lose signal

These headphones offer great voice call quality, and we could be heard and overheard outside.

This model also features an auxiliary cable that plugs into a 3.5 mm headphone jack for those times when you don t have ample battery. Sound quality is fantastic through this cable, and the generous length can be beneficial as well! Coupled with inline controls, this feature is pretty great For a few annoying reasons, the connecting cable has an orange and blue casing which is different from the look of any other headphones or smartphones. It looks like a replacement part.

These headphone’s battery life is great, lasting a good 40 hours on a single charge. When we used them at an average volume level with haptic bass turned on the headphones only need to be recharged after 40 hours of use. We imagine leaning on the haptic features will lessen battery life, but we can’t really say.

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We Liked

Skullcandy’s Crusher wireless headphones offer a comfortable fit, along with an outstanding battery life. They may be bass-heavy but are at least balanced enough for you to find some use from them. These headphones are made for those who want to spend hours at a time listening to music and watching movies.

We Disliked

The Crusher headphones are comfortable and secure, but the outer appearance does not suggest quality. The buttons may have been positioned in a more intuitive manner, though they work well! Bass slider can result in muffled sound

Final Verdict

The Skullcandy Crusher Wireless headphones are available for under $150–and while they don’t sound exceptional, there can be worse-sounding headphones at the same price.

While it s not clear, these are the priciest headphones in this article. We just wish they had a cleaner plastic housing for easier handling.

Wireless headphones are comfortable, sound good and have a fantastic battery life. Adding the haptic bass feedback in these headphones adds enjoyable punch to low frequency sounds, but Skullcandy has been overzealous with their addition which may have created something more nuanced.

Unfortunately, the only downside with this product is that it tends to make sounds a little bass-heavy. If you’re …