Best Sims 4 Xbox Game You Can Buy On Cyber Monday in 2021

The Sims 4 has been available on PC since 2014 ( read our Sims 4 PC review ), but it’s a different experience when played with a controller. The original Ma xis developers are joined by Blind Squirrel Games to develop this version of the game for Xbox, claiming View button/touchpad can toggle between two different control modes: the menus that border on the Sim world, and all in-world actions with a cursor. It took me a while to get used to navigating the menus but pressing the left thumbstick for instant control reference always helped. I would have appreciated an option to change cursor speed, though.

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The largest issue I’ve had with the console versions maybe the bugs.

The biggest issue I’ve had with the console version may be bugs. Sometimes my Sim s skill bar hung overhead and would t disappear completely until I loaded right into a new area or reloaded my game. The menus in the sims 4 will often stick on screen, or there’s a way to close them. Sometimes it doesn’t work out which menu I’m using I also lost an in-game day of work when my game refused to save lots. The Sims 4 did seem to run a bit better on PS4 (though I did so play it more often), but I still encountered a menu bug that prevented me from closing it without completely restarting it. That happened to me in my first hour

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Even though The Sims 4 does a lot of things well, it has some general performance issues. Audio and animations may not always be in sync when fast-forwarding, and loading into lots or into build mode can take an extra-long time. While playing in particular spots with a ton of furniture, the game might start to drop frames. Even if the game is closed too soon it can potentially cause some glitches. Instead of experiencing this issue only on the console, there were also lots more in comparison to when I played the Sims 4 on computers.

As with the PC version, some of these features are only available for purchase. Toddlers add an extra layer of difficulty when you take them traveling abroad. They are very reliant and require close micromanagement while on your trip, but identifying what makes toddlers happy early on is vital. Curing a toddler’s rage is stressful to other Sims, but looking after the tot and sometimes playing as them presents a great challenge. Create a Sim also includes more inclusive gender customization with options like choosing whether your Sim will get pregnant or if indeed they wear masculine or feminine clothing (although Sims 4 could generally use more clothing, accessory, and hair choices The game also has various issues like visiting a museum and then only being able to walk into the bar nearby instead of having seamless walking. SimCity may still be missing a few features, such as cars.


Like most things in life, The Sims 4 has its ups and downs. One of the greatest advantages that this new version presents is the multitasking system that makes your Sims act much more realistically in response to their emotions. The Sims 4’s new, emotion-filled storyline produces better reactions between characters. For instance, an irritated neighbor will be more easily pacified with socializing if you’re working on your “charm” trait. The Sims is a game about as much chaos as it’s about leading your Sims through life.

Clara, my first Sim on The Sims 4 Xbox is climbing the ladder from dishwasher to caterer. She’s yet to enter a relationship, and time is pressing for her, as she will transition from Young Adult into an adult.
Yet despite these challenges, I love the theory that she’s more committed to building her career and throwing effective Anne needs to find her way in the world, so she has realistic and achievable desires and goals. Anne’s personality is imaginative, because of her Master Chef aspiration mixed with it. It’s not too hard for Anne to reach those goals, either: they’re just fun! Just thinking about him trying to make a fresh dish without tripping on an I hope to keep helping Clara build her life so I will see more endearing occasions like this.

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The most crucial part of any The Sims experience is roofed: cheats.

I’m disappointed that the console counterpart to Sims 4 will probably not have seasonal or stat boost events like those currently offered in the PC version of the game. These events, possible through an NPC called Jasmine Holiday who visits your town with challenges, can award special items or grant a certain stat boost when completed. The problem may be that items are locked to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of The Sims 4, even if you put in cheats to unlock them.

Despite questions about whether or not all cheats work, it is possible to use the known keys to make your Sims healthy, wealthy, and thriving. If you cheat in the game, you won’t be able to earn achievements or trophies. But what a small price that is for building your dream house.

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The Sims 4 on console originally lacked the free updates that came with its PC counterpart, but in an early 2019 update of The Sims 4 for consoles, they were finally added. This was a good decision and should not have been needed had the developers taken more time to see what players wanted from the game before release. The Sims 4 for Xbox One is fun – but unreliable – experience.

A fatal flaw in the game’s save system means that many players, myself included, have been unable to complete any of their meaningful tasks for an arbitrary amount of time thanks to simple bugs like being trapped on loading screens and having too much space taken up by empty Even though it is disappointing that the console version misses out on various community features from the pc