5 Best Shure SRH1540 Deals On Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

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Our Verdict

Shure has produced a series of high-quality headphones that ensure monitoring sounds awesome. Updates on Black Friday deals can be found here.

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Enjoy excellent clarity and detail, enhanced low end frequencies, and comfort.


Price. The bass often overpowers the lows and high-mids for these headphones, making it feel like you’re betraying your long-time pro sound. Realizing that they are double the price of my old favorites made me pause before wearing them, but we had a job to do.


They are light-weight, making them easy to wear for a long time.

The SRH1540 headphones are surprisingly light given the grade of materials used, making them perfect for extended use. The ear pads are firm yet comfortable over the ears with zero pressure.

The package includes a couple of replacement pads when the inevitable hair grease and head sweat onslaught overpowers the super-modern materials in Shure’s earpads.
Our ol faithful earpads now seem to be flaccid and threadbare compared.

The zippered case also houses two sets of cables. They are dual-exit, meaning they feed both drivers separately with the cable split well below the chin. This writer has only had the cable-to-one driver system for studio headphones and struggled a little when taking them off either catching them beneath the chin or pulling glasses off etc. The headphones themselves are lightweight, which is most likely the best way to keep the weight balanced.

The plug ends are a snap-in style we haven’t seen before (MMCX, gold plated of course) that are unlikely to come loose when you tug on the cable.

Though they are a closed-back design (the driver and ears are isolated from external sound), their isolation isn’t the best we’ve seen, which is an unavoidable tradeoff for lightness. As these headphones aren’t performance monitors, it’s really not that big of a downside.

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The sound quality is amazing, which makes our professional earphones sound a bit murky and blurry.

The 1540s frequency range is below 5Hz, and despite being two octaves below our nominal hearing limit it really feels so; it’s like wearing a sub on your own head. The sound quality is excellent and makes our pro pair sound somewhat muddy and veiled. Actually, we noticed that the Shure SRH1540s were less powerful than before when we took them off and listened to only a stereo mix.

After listening to many popular budget models on the market, we found that this set of speakers offers the best performance at a price point below other excellent models.

Clarity in terms of sound staging is the most outstanding thing about these loudspeakers. With two drivers separated by my eyes, I was surprised to hear that stereo imaging was clear and noticeable. The speaker’s design really allows a deep and wide sound-stage for easier mix placement. So, poor tracking and mixing can get disrupted. The crystal clarity sounds artificial, but this is not meant to be negative.

We also want to mention that the low-end low mids sound a tad muffled due to our own personal hearing acuity and preference

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Premium in every ways

The word “premium” implies a level of quality that is often absent in an economy model, and the Shure Srh1540s fits this definition well. This high-end price may disqualify many potential customers, but professionals who rely on high-quality headphones would find these worth their money.

We were not really sure how good our sound quality was until we heard it on the Shure 1540s and they opened up a world of audio options.