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You may be wondering what the difference is between this and other Shure mics on the market. The SM7B, in particular, debuted during Michael Jackson s Thriller music video, so you know they have its own incredible performance perspective. But no matter how many speakers we hear an announcer’s voice through each day on our radios or TVs (), Why is the Shure SM7B a favorite for producers in and outside of the studio?

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What is the Shure SM7B like?

You can choose between Flat, Boost, Darken or Remove the EQ from the microphone and see a graphical illustration of the results.

Upon removing the Shure SM7B from its packaging, the mutable frequency response illustration on the trunk was immediately noticeable. With two toggles, you can select three different modes. For example, there is a bass rolloff, flat and an occurrence boost mode. With the yoke mounting mechanism it is easy to attach and remove this microphone from your mic stand. These adjustments are easy to control and will be strong enough to hold the microphone in place while still being gentle.

The pre-installed pop filter eliminates plosives and fricatives, which means you can speak freely without worrying about how close to the microphone your mouth is.

OUTPUT: The pre-installed pop filter effectively eliminates plosives and fricatives, which means you can speak freely without worrying about how close to the microphone your Shure’s A7WS detachable windscreen helps reduce plosives and make the bassier tone better.

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This microphone has an internal pop shield that works well and is not dependent on external filters.

With the right extra features in place, like the shure sm7b’s air suspension shock apparatus, mechanical noise will be reduced and will not make its way into recordings. It is also serviced to cancel sounds emitted from computer monitors. While these sounds are ignored by our brains, they often register with sensitive microphones and may add delay in post-production that you will need to circumvent before it occurs.

Shure SM7B provides you with versatility before even hitting record.

This mode is ideally suited for those who prefer natural audio tracks with a wide frequency range, and the disadvantage of it not being suited to powerful bass-heavy instruments or unusually low voices in recordings can be overcome by using an external microphone. Sound attenuation is used for bass rolloff on most microphones. Low frequencies are gently attenuated and can help to reduce the likelihood of static distortion caused by proximity effect. The mid-range emphasis setting (between the bass rolloff and neutral settings) provides a slight boost to mids and treble, making it good for recording high pitched instruments such as violin or guitar. The Shure sm7b is a dynamic microphone with a cardioid pickup pattern.
This tool increases the speech-to-noise ratio of your microphone and clips in tight to minimize extraneous sounds, while picking up high frequencies well.

A cardioid pickup pattern can be used for recording sound from the top and side of the machine.

the Shure SM7B is a great mic for vocals with a cardioid polar pattern. The Shure SM7B is designed to reduce the clip and distortion of loud inputs.

The Shure SM7B is a better choice for recording presentations, sermons, or voice-overs. Its focus on capturing only from the front of an object with one pickup pattern makes it great to use up close while eliminating sounds off to the sides. A second perk of the heart-shaped polar pattern is its forgiving nature. Users do not need to be so precise about placement, so you can focus more on the performance than logistics

The SM7B microphone

The Shure SM7B doesn t need phantom power, but you might want to consider it if you are concerned about how low your mixer is turned up.

Audio cables are an important part of any wireless microphone setup. You will need a mic stand if podcasting or streaming from your desktop, as well as XLR cables for plugging the SM7B in to your equipment. Unlike my original belief that the Shure SM7B would require phantom power, it turns out that the mic does not. That said, I wouldn’t be adverse to trying my luck with a CL-1 Cloudlifter once I eventually use this microphone for studio recording. Sound quality The Shure SM7B reigned as king of studio recording In the demo below, the flat frequency response is selected and my voice sounds accurate. This music snippet was recorded from my makeshift kitchen island desk with the dryer running right next to it. Suffice to state, this was recorded in an unsterile room; however, the untouched audio tracks file remains untainted by the noise which was undoubtedly present during recording.

Shure SM7B

The Shure SM7B is one of the best audio players.

The bass rolloff and boost modes are difficult to differentiate by ear, but the two modes provide different frequency responses when graphed. Mids and treble are mildly amplified with Boost mode, while Bass is much more aggressive in this mode. In this bass rolloff demo, you can hear in the “voice” sharp when compared to the flat voice.

Shure SM7B bass rolloff demo

Audio Player

Boosting the frequency response of a Shure SM7B with an occurrence

The Shure SM7B is a favorite among audio producers and engineers alike.

The reason why my voice sounds uncommon is because my fundamental frequency (150-175Hz) is already lower than most people’s. Since the shure sm7b only attenuates until 650Hz, it does not alter the volume of my vocal fundamental and overtones as much as it does for higher pitched frequencies. Errors in my voice are much more noticeable to people who know me well.

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Should you choose the Shure SM7B? Absolutely. Shure is a legacy audio company, which has built and defended its reputation through generations of durable, reliable products with high quality designs. The Shure SM7B is an established microphone that has already been used by Presidents, POP icons and newscasters.