Top 5 Shure SE846 Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deal 2021

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Shure SE846 headphones are serviceable, but lack the luxury.

Even if you’re willing to overlook this, there’s still the challenge of finding suitably talented sources and amplification.


Top-quality, high portability are rare qualities to find despite a generous budget. Sony NWZ-ZX1s the very best lightweight music source we ve run into but it is not sufficient to make these headphones worth buying.

The majority of our listening during this test was performed using high-quality files from our MacBook, packed with Pure Music media software.

Amplification switches between Hugo and the Naim DAC-V1

Unlike larger headphones, the SE846s work to optimize ear coupling to deliver a more personal experience. With four balanced armature drivers and a three-way configuration also including twin bass drivers, these headphones sound like nothing else you’ve tried before.

These bass units are loaded by a clever tuning system that Shure says extends the low-end response.

Shure’s microphone also allows fine-tuning by providing three color-coded interchangeable filters.

If you need to change presets, all it takes is a one minute swap. The result is subtle – We use the standard preset, which produces a neutral tonal balance. But we also like the bass option with its warm and smooth presentation.

We didn’t try the treble-boosting filter, which proves unforgiving with less-than-perfect recordings and makes listening tiring.

In-ear headphones live or die by how well they fit. If the seal between the headphone and ear canal is not proper, sound will be thin.

The SE846s comes with a variety of buds, but it is essential to take the time to select the right set. We found that after we got a good seal on these earphones, they were comfortable and fit nicely in our ears.

The cable is stiff at the headphone end to provide extra security, which works nicely.

The SHURE SE846s are not glamorous, but the most comfortable in-ear headphones we have used.

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Even though there are a few issues that you may experience with these Shures, the sound quality is still great. You would need to spend more money on speakers before you find as much detail.

These phones provide a natural reproduction of audible detail and do so in an understated way, highlighting the finer details without artificially magnifying them.

Notes are played with a soft touch instead of hitting the instrument hard.

The Shure SE846 is a sound isolating earphone that has these qualities: it renders its harmonic complexity effectively and displays the dynamics of the piano.

It has a believable sense of solidity and scale, as well enough power when it is necessary.

The SE846s are not an overstated sound. They focus on a true form of music replay.

Reviewers were stoked with Shure’s SE846 and the heavy, hard-driving rhythm that it follows while creating low frequencies.

The bass tuning on these in-ears is perfect and provides a lovely boost at the low end. Scott-Heron’s gruff vocals are delivered with precision and passion.

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Shure has built a sturdy headphone that will last for years, wth sound good enough to justify the price.