5 Best Shure SE535 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Shure SE535 in-ear headphones are accurate, provide a wide range of frequencies and sound great. But these puppies will cost you at least $449-$499. Get the best Black Friday deals and sales on your favorite (insert product name).

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Get Huge Discount on Shure SE535 in Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales + Deals)

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When Shure sent me their SE535LTD+BT1 earphones ($499 at Amazon), they also included an RMCE-BT2 Bluetooth 5.0 upgrade module, which adds support for Qualcomm s aptX and aptX HD codecs.

These headphones benefit from a higher bit rate than the standard aptX version, but only if your source device supports this codec. You ll find this kind of support in many high-quality digital audio player models, but it s much less common in smartphones. (Qualcomm maintains a list here.)

Unboxing, specs, and design

How Shure were able to trademark that phrase is a little bit of a mystery, as it’s just too common for an adjective. In order to provide a secure fit, Shure includes three different sizes of silicone and foam ear tips that are designed to conform with various shapes of the ear. These types of sleeves are what make these in-ear headphones stand out among other models.
However: In cases like this, the feat is accomplished by using different sizes of silicone and foam

The SE535 is highly modular, as it features MMCX (Micro-Miniature Coaxial Connectors). You can detach the earphones from their cables to swap the included Bluetooth 4.1 module for a 3.5mm cable with an inline remote should you not want to listen to your music compressed. This RMCE-BT2 Bluetooth 5.0 module is a must have for this headset – it includes an auxiliary cable and provides the use of other manufacturers cables in case your preferred cable breaks.

As mentioned, Shure offers a variety of ear tips which should allow you to locate a comfortable fit whatever size ear canals you have. The kit also contains a clam-shell travel case, a 3.5mm-to-1/4-inch audio tracks adapter, and a dual-mono 3.5mm (male) to It is difficult to find.

While I had no issues with the other points, and I am by no means an electronics expert, there is one thing that bothers me: poor instructions. As someone who doesn t often complain about things like this when reviewing gadgets, it s clear I have a point here.

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The SE535 use three balanced armature drivers per earbud. Two are coupled for lower frequencies, while one is devoted to higher ranges. The result is an excellent sound with a nice mix that reaches up to 19.5 kHz in frequency response.

Having said that, how well they sound is heavily influenced by whether or not they can fit snugly in your ear canal. The tight space of your canals are part of the acoustic equation, hence the abundance of different-sized tips. The Shure SE535, for example, is a full-sized model and make take some time to get used to if you’re not used to them. Regardless of your level of experience, these headphones require sufficient care. One way that you can decrease ambient sound levels is by buying the right tips for your ears.

Product X They’re also less prone to falling out.

In-ear headphones mimic the sonic qualities of large cans and in some ways outperform them. The SE535 sounds great to me, but one thing I noticed is that the highs were somewhat mellow in comparison to my expectations; however, this might not be an issue for those with younger ears.

I have said, frequency response is accurate as the sound waves are relatively even in height. Shure’s SE535 Sound Isolating In-Ear Headphones are sound isolating, meaning they block outside noise and emphasizing the music by providing a tight seal within your ear. The EQ options allow you to adjust different aspects of the sound so you can find what works for you.

Virtually any in-ear product will screen out a whole lot of outside sound. According to the fit you can buy, Shure claims that their SE535 model reduces background noise by 37dB. In-ear headphones are great, but they come with an unwelcome sensation as if your head is underwater.

Noise cancellation is an active process, whereas noise reduction is passive and works by muffling high-frequency sounds. The SE535 usually do not come with active noise cancellation, so they would not be a good idea to wear while walking around outside.

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They’re great, when you can afford them

At $100 or even $150, the Shure SE535 may be a contender for your earphone needs. But at over $450 they are rather pricey to me. You should try out other solutions with cheaper price points first, and in my opinion there are many great models on the market such as AKG, Sony, Sennheiser

At a certain point, pairs of headphones with similar features start to cost less and are good enough for many people. The Shure SE535 you may want to stop features such as MMCX connectivity, or upgrading to a Bluetooth 5 module. However, you might also find that spending less does not entail quality compromises in audio tracks. If the incredibly high price doesn’t scare you, then you won’t need to worry that you’re paying too much for Shure’s SE535 series. But before purchasing these headphones, make sure {add}