5 Best Shure SE425 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Normally we ll discuss the construction, materials, finish and other features of a headphones initially. This time im going to jump right into describing what it sounds like: fun, absorbing, classy, polished and captivating. Get this SHURE SE425 in black friday sale.

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Best Deals For Shure SE425 On Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales)


So what do they have to say about how they got there? It all has to do with the small things. And we really mean that literally and figuratively: get some good music going, and it’s like you don’t even know you’re wearing Shures anymore — they’ve disappeared from consciousness. We ll admit this is an immersive production. The quantity of finesse the thing has available for this cost: you ll hear things you never thought were there, even on recordings you know inside out.

Play Icebreaker’s version of Brian Eno’s Apollo (the soundtrack to the Great Moon-landing documentary For All Mankind) and the ebb-and-flow of the ambient tunes is mesmerizing

The SE425s prove able to handle tight rhythms and punchy rock.

The attack of Nuno Bettencourt s guitar pick is especially evident, but we just like the fact that they never tip into brashness. It could be easy to overcook with the top-end in the name of excitement, but Shure has kept sufficient a lid onto it to create space and fun without so that it feels just like

The midrange performance is solid with detailed frequency response that emphasizes the vocals without sacrificing other aspects of music.

The Shure 425s don t compare in terms of bass to other famous brands like the Sony XBA-2iPs or Klipsch Image X7is, but they still have a respectable amount. The isolation strengthens low-frequency response as well these headphones do eliminate almost all external noise from the world where everything is locked within your head.

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Build and design

The in-ear monitors, while looking strange at first sight to some people, have been appreciated by professionals for both their sound quality and durability.

They can be somewhat inconvenient to set up (particularly if you choose the foam tips which, while offering superb isolation, need time to adjust themselves) but the results will prove worthwhile.

The SE425s come with detachable enclosures, which means if the cable breaks you can replace just that section and not the whole group. The end of the cables are also rotatable so they will never get twisted up and tangled.

The SE425 typically includes a connector for your headphones and remote, but these models are not bluetooth enabled.


So, what else will there be left to say? Not really a lot, really. We think the Shure SE425s are excellent. While they could not wow your peers on the catwalk and yes they could do with a smidge more punch in the bass that is just nitpicking for what are really some of the very best headphones .

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