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Earbuds are a favorite among travelers because of their portability and impressive sound performance. What’s never to love?

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Well, it s an unfortunate truth that a lot of people still rely on the cheap, shoddy and tinny-sounding earbuds which come as part of every smartphone. The solution is fairly easy though; just ditch them for something better.

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If you are looking to trade in your earphone throw-aways for something of higher quality, the Shure SE215 may fit well. These are not earbuds, but headphones instead – more specifically they are earphones.

I’ve looked at several reviews like the one on and they all say that the SE215 earphones have great sound quality, comfort, a noise isolating fit and superb durability which I want to take advantage of

Earbuds are normally shaped to wedge into the outer portion of the ear canal, not deep enough for rich sound performance. In addition, many earphones have excellent noise isolation because they fit fully inside the ears.

Unlike earbuds, the SE215 comes with modular components that branch right out of the earpieces. These small plastic parts take up the shape of a large cavity just beyond the ears. The headphone will rest comfortably in your outer ear, while the speaker is just outside. This design approach may not be too out of left field considering the device’s appearance resembles that of hearing-assistance devices.

The earphones come with detachable cables, which might make them easier to repair.

One of the biggest points that stuck with me while unpacking my review units from Shure, Inc. was how well-balanced they felt. The cables on its SE215 earphones have an upward orientation to combat gravity’s pull in active (i.e., sport) use as it would likely otherwise tug at them at every step, a

One of the few downsides to the high-quality sound is that it doesn’t come with in-line controls. You have to take your phone out of the pocket or bag you’re carrying, and reach for your earbuds to skip a song or change the volume.

This could be a really good thing because incorporated with the purchase is a slick zip-up case and many replaceable earpieces in the event that your default size doesn’t fit.
The tiniest types worked best for me personally.


The SE215 headphones (with their on-ear design) offer more sound than your average earbuds and may even be worth a try if you have no experience with in-ear monitors. The Shure SE215s could be easier to use for someone that is used to standard earbuds.

The earbuds come with two size silicon eartips (small and large) as well as a set of Comply T-400 foam tips.

First Encounters with the Shure SE215 might feel a little bit like corralling a wild horse. It did for me personally briefly, but I eventually caught my stride and now I can pop these into my ears just as swiftly as any old pair of in-ear headphones.

For me, the trickiest aspect of the routine wasn’t finding a comfortable fit as Shure designed modules to be interchangeable – they are like gloves and come in different sizes so no matter what your ear size is you’ll find something that fits. Additionally, it wasn t difficult to bend the ear hooks to an angle that cradles my ears nicely. The only issue I had was trying to get accustomed to Shure SE215 s insufficient in-line controls. While this isn t a major omission for me personally, for certain people it may be more of a problem.

We liked

The Shure SE215 are an excellent choice for those who are looking for a deep bass, clean midrange, and crisp highs. Construction is terrific, but comfort might be an issue.

We disliked

That being said, it may not be in the same league as some high-quality, more heavily featured headphones. However, for a product priced at under $130 that is designed to make your commute easier and less tedious with seamless integration of wireless transportability (such as Bluetooth), these sound very promising indeed.

That’s right, for another $50 Shure supplies the SE215 cable with full inline controls and microphone instead of the default which will afford listeners a more convenient solution. It would be even better if this was an in-box item rather than requiring buyers to tinker around with a solution.

Final verdict

The Shure SE215 offer excellent performance and comfort without breaking the bank.