5 Best Sennheiser RS 175 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Sennheiser is known for its emphasis on in-ear headphones, but it has made foray into over-ear niche with models like the RS 175. Expensive wireless headphones are now available for purchase. Whether you prefer a comfortable pair or sound quality, these headphones cover all bases without sacrificing any of the features. Sennheiser’s RS 175 operates on a range of frequencies to ensure clarity and comfortability while broadcasting at about 25 hours per charge before it needs to be recharged again. It is exclusively for domestic use and its signal hasn’t touched Bluetooth or any other industry standard. It has a bright high sound with rich lows and an increased capacity to add bass tones. Gleam Surround effect mode for movies and television is a great option if you want your bass to shake, but purists should avoid it. If you’re looking for quality wireless sound on the go, then Harman Kardon’s BT-100 is a great choice. And with Black Friday discounts, now’s the best time to purchase one.

# Introduction to RS 175

# What’s in the Box?

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The all-black design is handsome and modern. The earpads are well cushioned and comfortable, but the headband may put some discomfort on your head over long periods of time. The RS 175s have three primary controls: volume, bass level, and surround sound. Volume turns up or down the music being played on your phone; bass level adjusts how hard you want the subwoofer to hit; and surround sound changes what type of effects are playing on top of your music.

The microphones operate on two included rechargeable AAA batteries, with one hidden behind the twist-off earpads of each headband. The cradle for the RS 175 recharges the battery through contacts in the attachment band’s underside; when this band is twisted and wrapped back up to its docking station, it begins charging automatically. Sennheiser claims the battery can last up to 18 hours, but volume levels might affect this estimate.

The transmitter itself cannot be called ugly or a piece of design. It is an upright tower that carries the headphones with buttons for Surround sound and Bass and even one LED, which displays the status of your satellite/computer remote control.
The cradle/transmitter itself is neither hideous nor a design piece. It’s just an operating, upright tower The back panel includes an optical input for connecting sound out of your home theater system, in addition to a 3.5mm analog input. Both inputs come with cables, although the 3.5 mm connector may be bulky for your mobile phone or tablet case. The light weight of the cradle and how easy it is to knock over are the only things I don’t like about it.

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Wireless Audio and Digital Processing

The RS 175 has two settings you can play with: Bass mode (Off/On) and Surround mode (Off/Low, High). The RS 175 sounds very bright without the bass engaged – when activated, it becomes fuller, richer and more lively.

Surround mode is a take-it-or-leave it effect that tries to simulate surround sound with stereo audio. It isn’t my preferred option for music, but the digital effect can add some immersion when watching films or TV shows I don’t have a general interest in surround effects on stereo headphones, but I am an aspiring fan of types that can be switched off. Because you can disable it, this feature falls into the category of neither pro nor con; just a supplementary option to play with if desired.

OBSERVE HOW We Test Headphones

The RS 175 is a wireless headphone that offers digital transmissions using frequency modulation over 2.4-2.8GHz to transfer sound content, which results in perfect quality audio tracks. The actual sound signature of the drivers is bright and crisp, so when Bass mode is activated you’ll get quite powerful lows. Sennheiser estimates that the transmission strength can be solid; they estimate 330 feet (about 100 meters), which is both insanely good and difficult to verify in NEW YORK. I walked into every room of my apartment and had sound throughout the entirety, which was great because I didn’t have any interruptions. The sound traveled to me well even through different rooms (living room), so I didn’t experience any interference with it playing in a nearby room as if there were walls blocking between them.

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Performance and Conclusions

On tracks with powerful sub-bass content, such as the Knife’s Silent Shout, the RS 175 can distort at top volumes. When Bass mode is disabled, the distortion virtually disappears. Plus, with bass-heavy mixes, you may want to just disable harmonies and use them for more moderate music.

Bill Callahan’s Drover, which lacks bass on the low end can still work in any type of event that is booming. With it on, you get a good amount of added drums from the low-end that will excite those who love bass but not purists. With Bass mode off, the mix sounds a lot sharper and picks up more on mids and highs.

The voices on TV and movies played clearly through the RS 175, regardless of Bass mode being turned on or off. However, when Surround mode was engaged, sounds tended to feel more reverberant than natural-voices would be equally distant from where they are talking as if they’re in your backyard. I wouldn’t recommend turning on Surround mode in the first place, but you are free to test it out and see if you personally like the effect.

Listening on the RS 175 was an enjoyable experience, but I found that the type of music determined whether bass mode would work or not. The headphones can get very loud so if it’s moderately-high levels of sound playing back to you there might be distortion-bass mode is fine with all but the most high end heavy tracks at moderate-to These headphones sound clear and dynamic, with powerful bass and rumble which might appeal to fans of sculpted audio. These are not for purists-they offer sculpting that will feel modern to a lot of tastes, however they rarely present a flat response-level. The best option for you might be to purchase a new wireless headphone system, such as the Harman Kardon BT or AKG K845BT. These options are comparably priced and offer excellent sound quality. In this pricing range, the RS 175 is one of the stronger options for home wireless listening.