5 Best Sennheiser HD 700 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Offer 2021

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The Sennheiser HD700 headphones has a long manufacturer and the company still saw this no need to replace them. Sennheiser’s headphone line is unchanging, which means that their top models are the best. The Sennheiser HD 700 is the last step before deciding to buy the HD800. It’s an open back dynamic driver design with a similar appearance to its elder sibling and can be found starting at about 500 in UK currency. With two hugely talked-about headphones on either side of it in sound and specs, where does the HD700 fit into today’s headphone scene?

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I personally feel that the Sennheiser HD700 shines in both appearance and design. It’s not just the all-metal design that makes this model so striking. The cloth headband flows back around the ear cups to form a comfortably concave seal without pinching your ears and will actually conform to many different head shapes and sizes. The Sennheiser HD700 instead of featuring a simple circular design, the earphones sport an almost curved triangular form. This is supposedly meant to create an angled driver that will improve sound quality. I find that the most noticeable aspect of these high-res headphones is just how comfortable they are. At less than 215g, the earphones weight in at a perfect volume – heavy enough to feel like quality, but light enough to not need additional care or consideration. These Sennheiser headphones feature microfiber earpads which are both sweat and heat resistant. They’re also extremely light, despite being made with durable materials. Additionally, the Sennhesiser HD700 have a few other great features. The company offers a two year warranty on their headphones and they also seem well constructed with good flex tolerance and solid hinges.


Sennheiser HD700 headphones are one of the best in the audio industry. They have an excellent balance and provide a transparent sound which makes mastering and recording tracks justice. The soundstage is large and the open back design means that the headphones are good at presenting a full range of sounds. However, such open-back headphones do not block out external noise and bass impacts are less powerful than with closed designs. Regardless of this product’s shortcomings, such as its lack of noise isolation when you get to a quiet spot, the sound that it offers is wonderful. A less complicated music were able to a brilliant fast pace and generate an uncluttered performance through the Sennheiser HD700 review. I was surprised by how engaging I came across the mids to be. The treble is crisp and clear with high hats to triangles waking up in clarity but never spilling over into unpleasant sibilance. As stated, the mids are simply wonderful on the Sennheiser HD700, and I would go so far as say they have among the best sounding mids on any headphone bar none other than incredible Grado Head This has deep bass, but it lacks the overwhelming sub-bass rumble. It is incredibly clear throughout rather than spilling into the higher frequencies one might expect.

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The Sennheiser HD700 headphones have been on the market for a while now and are sought after because they fall within many people’s price point or desire. Other models including the HD800 and HD650 are up there with it in terms of quality, but at an increased price. They stay with you for a long time because they are so good that there is no need to change them. Nothing frustrates me more in the wonderful world of incredible audiophile headphones and lightweight sound on all than certain companies’s insistence on refreshing their line not as a result of any actual improvement but instead due to staying current when faced with dwindling sales on I think a lot of the larger, more well-known headset manufacturers have this idea in mind: “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” Personally, I love the Sennheiser HD700’s soundstage and general sound signature. But I would still prefer my Final Audio Pandora Hope VI (Sonorous) for its natural Sennheiser HD700 have been recognized as being really comfortable and having a great sound.