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A professional-first product with exceptional staying power

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Best Sennheiser hd 25

The M50X, 7506, DT770, and HD600 have found their way to hit the pro audio world based on straddling the line well enough to work for a variety of use cases. The M50X even got a consumer-focused Bluetooth release.

Sennheiser’s HD25 is the furthest thing from a crossover headphone. It has an exceptional sound signature but that otherwise screams professional, working headphone.

While the HD 25 is weird and idiosyncratic in many ways, it shines when compared to the rest of Sennheiser’s product lineup. I sort of love it.

Sennheiser HD25 (with prices starting at $149) is an on-ear, closed-back wired headphone. Merely to add confusion, there are multiple models of the Sennheiser HD25 including one model that looks different from any other.

The Hd 25 and the Hd 25 Plus ($199) are both ditto, with the same design, build, and drivers. The Plus version adds a supplementary couple of ear pads, a cable, and bag.

The Sennheiser HD25 headphones are on the other end of the purchase price spectrum, and they start at just $99. Twelve months after its release, British Airways asked for a version that could be directed at Concorde passengers for in-flight noise cancellation. The Special Concorde version eventually lead to the consumer-focused HD25SP, now called the HD25 Light.

The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 HD 25 was a watershed model for the company, and while it may share some of its styling with this product, when you compare headphones side by side, there’s no mistaking that these are different in most respects. The internet connection and ear pads are interchangeable with other HD25 models, but the headphone generally isn t as well-regarded as the more-expensive ones.

The most common model is the HD25 Sp, which has aluminum ear cups and various cosmetic designs. It also used to be available in a few different impedance variances, but this was dropped when the 70ohm model became more popular.

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DJ and professional monitoring headphones must meet a few requirements in order to work well for those jobs.

Headphones for DJs use a bass response with high power handling capacity, as these devices need to be turned up louder in order to detect bass beats in the track which might otherwise blow out their equipment or ears. There is a high level of isolation from ambient noise and it is designed to last.

The HD 25 provides many of these features, and feels more purpose-built for that usage than basically any other headphone.

Knowledge of the Sennheiser sound with reference to the HD 25 is not readily apparent. It’s a different sound, and both ears are involved in hearing it. I found that quite impressive.

Sennheiser is well known for their open back headphones, and a sound that’s sometimes labeled as veiled. They typically deliver accurate bass and midrange, and Dolby Headphone will customize the treble region to give you a good balance between detail and comfort listening.

The HD25 is Sennheiser’s most aggressive sounding headphone. You’ll experience powerful, exciting and intense sound without distortion or dreck coating it.

Its signature includes a strong and impactful overall bass response with particular energy in the mid and upper bass which is unexpected, but it still maintains an articulate tone. With its classic flat Sennheiser perfection, the HD25 has wonderful tonal clarity and accurate tones. The treble is louder than I expected, with a major push in the treble range which makes things just a little gritty.

The effect is a headphone that not only suits DJ and production monitoring purposes, but also works well for those that just want something to listen to other than the stock headphones. The sound signature of this headphone model is neither flat or even throughout the frequency range.

I enjoy the sound quality of these headphones.

Left-right imaging is precise and the soundstage is pristine, if you need to do any channel balancing work, that’s an option.

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Within the last week of listening, I ve been really impressed at how well these headphones split the difference between a fun and balanced sound. I ve never really considered Sennheiser to be a fun headphone company before, but their DJ roots also make sure they are still something worth listening to for pop music, movies, and games.

Finding a good fit for your own head can be a challenge.

I usually don t like wearing on-ear headphones because my head is huge and I wear glasses. Most on-ear headphones barely fit on my head because of their small size, and even the ones that do have a tendency to pinch my ears after about 20 minutes.

The Sennheiser HD 25 is a well-crafted on-ear headphone. While it may be relatively comfortable, users will need to get accustomed to the headband before they wear them for extended periods of time.

These headphones are arguably the most adjustable of any I’ve ever tried. The cups offer a number of size adjustments, and on my big head there’s even more adjustment options left. The cups as well tilt at an angle and have rotating mounts that will place the straps in countless different positions across your head.

Further, the headband itself is highly adjustable. The HD25 includes a split headband design with an intentional range of adjustment and pressure between your ears and the headphones.

While I enjoy how these headphones sound, I had to devote the entire first day I owned them just fiddling with the fit. Ive tried pushing it back farther onto my head or pulling it away from my ears and putting it on completely different parts of my head. I initially set the Headphone Cups to three clicks from their max size and left the Headband open, but after realizing how I think my headband is defeating its purpose, I decided to instead leave the cups at their max size with a closed headband.

Hitting all the right notes for comfort and sound, this on-ear headphone is pleasantly surprising.

The ear pads and headband padding offer a great amount of comfort, despite the fact that they don’t feel like they will when you initially touch them as they are so soft.

I have not had any movement whatsoever with the HD25. They have a tight grip and stay in place on top of my head without ever working their way loose.

These headphones are renowned for their passive isolation because of the snug fitting and closed back.

The Headphones I bought are great at noise cancellation, but they won t block out all the sounds. With music playing in the background, my favorite restaurant where I like to write is completely silenced.

If you opt to let your HD 25’s hang around your neck, you’ll be glad to know that they’re very comfortable even though the cups don’t fold flat. The folding design also makes it easy for them not to impede turning in any direction. These inserts are simple to remove and install, so you will have no trouble using them.

For DJs, the left earcup can rotate up off of your ear so that you may hear the area system. A good touch, but it also ensures that cup is susceptible to rotating out to be prearranged with the other cup, making it challenging when adjusting for comfort in the typical wearing position.

Work is required in order to achieve a good level of comfort with these headphones. You will need to be patient while you work on them. Move your hands over the cord and make adjustments until you are satisfied with the sound.

The HD25 is less expensive than the newer model, and it offers a long-lasting quality.

From its design, the HD25 screams work gear.

Sennheiser has minimal branding and the headphone can be separated into its individual pieces. The detachable cable runs through a groove in the headband, using a proprietary plug system shared with Sennheiser’s HD 600 series.

With a little effort, you can pop the ear pads off and replace them. You can pull the drivers from their housings and swap around the orientation of the cable so that it comes out on your preferred hand. You may both replace and focus on all here. It’s a genuine modification paradise.

I ve been leaving my cable attached and it s easier to use than it is challenging

The build is incredible, as the headphones are made of mostly plastic. The quality of the material seems high and these feel better than other studio-style headphones when in hand. The pads used in its ear-cups are thick and the parts are robust. The headband will not make a creak or squeak when it is flexed, so your brain might think there is metal inside of it. However, that isn’t true.

My pair of Sennheisers are built in their new Romanian factory opened partly to meet the increased demand created by their recent success on Massdrop.

After all that Drop. Ugh.

Don’t be alarmed if you think these are fakes, theyre actually made in Romania.

If you are the type that needs a jack-of-all trades headphone, then this is for you. It can work on the go or in studios packed with angry singers. 14 years back I worked within an equipment check-out room for a college or university video production program and I wish we had these headphones to provide out to students and professionals.

The cable itself is also built to last, coming complete with a steel wire and an angled 3.5mm plug that offers more durability and can combat the effects of tangling. There’s one thing you should note about this: the cable is liable to kink no matter how careful you are. I don’t know why it happens, but it will. So when that has happened, just bend the cable back around and keep going.

The Sennheiser HD25 is a lightweight, robust, fiddly headphone that delivers excellent sound. If you re buying a pair that delivers the creature comforts one may want for a good gentle home-listening experience, look elsewhere. Sennheiser HD-25 headphones

I don’t know what they’re like for home use, but I know that when they work for recording and playing live it’s just on another level.

These headphones are not power hungry, but the sound is still good at any volume level. I found myself listening to them louder than normal because of their “DJ-style” sound signature.

But $150 Sennheiser headphones with higher impedance that people outside the industry might not have as favorite can be difficult to make by headlong into. You might want to go back towards some other more cost-friendly options, preferably something with a lower impedance rating such as the DT770 or similar product instead.