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Today’s society carries an excess of data in a variety of forms on every day life. Yet, here we are reviewing the Seagate IronWolf 10TB internal hard disk drive featuring next-generation storage technology.

With growing file sizes and the proliferation of multimedia files, hard drive capacities will likely continue to increase. Firstly, Seagate IronWolf HDDs are great for use in NAS systems as these hard drives can store important files and backups of computers that share a network. Black Friday Pricing Ends Soon!

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Advantages and Disadvantages of USB Connected External Hard Drive
Chapter 3 The Seagate IronWolf: a First Look
Chapter 4 In-Depth Analysis: Practical Specs, Usability, and Durability Features

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Better NAS devices, and large numbers of computers that require storage space leads to the disappearance of this sort of hard drive space. The Seagate IronWolf is not meant for just throwing into a computer without planning ahead.

IronWolf hard drives come in 4TB, 6TB, and 8TB.

Features and specifications: As the IronWolf drive has been exclusively designed for NAS devices, it includes features that you wouldn’t typically find in a typical internal hard disk drive. The IronWolf’s features allow it to perform reliably 24/7 while managing a huge amount of data entering and leaving. It also consumes low amounts of power.

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This NAS drive was put in a 2-bay QNAP TS-251A and we used IronWolf 10TB hard disks. This is an optimal RAID setup with built-in vibration sensors for better functionality. IronWolf drives are designed with a powerful error recovery control in addition to advanced power management and (more)

Seagate boasts the IronWolf has a workload capacity of 180TB per year. It is not surprising that most people who are using this device for personal use will not be moving that much data to and from their NAS.

The drive’s other features include SATA interface, a max sustained data transfer rate of 210MB/s for the 10TB and 8TB drives (195MB/s for 6TB, 180MB/s for the 4TB, 3TB, 2TB and 1TB drives) and spindle speed at 7200 RPM.

Seagate’s IronWolf has 10TB of storage, and this is in part because it uses seven Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR) discs. It also uses helium to allow for thinner platters. Discs spin longer, making helium an optimal solution for the storage of discs in industries with high-performance needs.


So, the specs paint this to be a robust and reliable hard disk drive, but how does it perform? While we can not put its 180TB per year promise to the test, we ran numerous industry-recognized benchmarks to observe how the drive copes under great pressure.

We ran these benchmarks with the IronWolf 10TB hard disk drive linked right to our test computer via SATA. In the CrystalDiskMark benchmark, we saw sequential read speeds of 250.2 MB/s and write speeds of 229.2 MB/s, which are incredibly impressive in a 7200RPM hard disk drive and outperform Seagate

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Inside our Atto hard disk benchmark tests, which measure the read and write speeds of the hard disk drive when transferring files of varied sizes, the IronWolf 10TB was fast and consistent.

The PCMark benchmark gave a score of 2969, placing it after many competitors but ahead of the Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD V.4 6TB Hard Disk’s 3727.

While we weren’t able to check the sound level in a controlled environment, the IronWolf remained fairly quiet. Actually, the only time we were able to hear much from it was when installing two of these inside QNAP TS-251A NAS box, formatting them and setting up the NAS software.

Noise is to be expected when doing intensive tasks like this, but as soon as I installed the Seagate IronWolf drives they became all-but silent. Assuming you have your NAS at home office or livingroom (I have a QNAP TS-251A which specializes in providing media services and video transcoding), then it is unlikely that

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