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If you’re looking for a VR headset with the latest features, the Samsung HMD Odyssey might just be for you. Starting Black Friday, VR headset stores are releasing their discounts on gear and accessories.

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Samsung Odyssey G9 49 inch 1ms Gaming Curved Computer Monitor – 5120 x 1440

Samsung’s new headset joins the Windows MR family. At $499 it is by far the most expensive and offers additional features like built-in headphones with spatial audio, but it also arrives bundled with two motion controllers upon release which should appease some enthusiasts.

Expansive, immersive VR experiences are only possible with headsets like Samsung’s HMD Odyssey. Now, the Samsung HMD Odyssey and two controller bundle are available at a 20% discount.]

The Samsung HMD Odyssey may be the most appealing headset in the Windows MR family. We tried 3 different headsets at Microsoft’s press event: Acer Mixed Reality Head-Mounted Display, Dell Visor and Asus, Lenovo and HP are also releasing Windows MR headsets. Though it was edged out by Asus’ still-impressive offering, the Odyssey stood

If you are a Windows user looking for a VR headset, consider the Samsung HMD Odyssey.

In vacuum pressure, Samsung s Odyssey device didn’t blow me away, but it might be a perfect headset for Windows MR.

Although it is black without color accents, the HMD Odyssey bears a close resemblance to the LG headset we saw back at GDC.

The surface is slick, black and bereft of the subtle contour of features that give devices like LG s their personality.

The headset also offers a budget-friendly design, which we actually attributed to its lightweight feel. We didn’t want anything that felt heavy or inexpensive, and the Samsung Odyssey VR headset was neither of those things. In fact, it was incredibly comfortable to wear. But if you’re spending $500 on a device, you might want one that’s not so light.

The visor lifts up and forward enough that you can easily slide it over your head. Here, the straps tighten by turning a dial on the back of the device. The AKG headphones built into the headset are designed to slide down comfortably and, before long, you’re immersed in a Windows Mixed Reality environment.

One of the things that sets the Samsung HMD Odyssey apart from other VR headsets is how comfortable it is. We did not experience any neck strain or head cinching while using this product for an extended period of time.

The standout features of the Samsung HMD Odyssey are its dual AMOLED displays with a pixel density of just one 1,440×1600 and a refresh rate between 90 to 60Hz. In contrast, the Acer Mixed Reality HMD features a resolution of just one 1,440 x 1,440 pixels (per lens) with a 90Hz refresh rate.

Make sure to check out Samsung s Odyssey. The visuals are buttery smooth with an extra vividness that is noticeable, but Acer’s visuals were slightly more muted and just a little rough. Samsung is well known for its AMOLED displays, which are apparently preferable to visuals from Dell visor.

The VR experience ran seamlessly, with zero lag or stutter through the experience. We were taken inside an interactive home base- a Cliff House- which acted as one of many access points to other experiences, for example Halo Recruit and Move. It is possible to paint in the air using the controllers from here!

The game’s control scheme is a nice touch, as you teleport between different sections of Cliff House by shifting the analog stick and pressing the trigger attachment on the controller. You can use the trackpad on the controllers to scroll through web pages (that is all this was used for). You exit an event by hitting the Windows button and you’ll be brought back home.

In general, the controllers work fine, but I found them to be less intuitive and more plasticky.

With six-degree-of-freedom cameras, or 6DOF, built inside and “inside out” tracking which allows the headset to know its position in relation to colors pictured on screen, traveling through worlds felt natural…

The Vive’s unparalleled Chaperone system that keeps you from running into objects is available on other headsets, but the convenience of Odyssey’s inside-out tracking may outweigh it. Windows MR doesn’t have the same ability, and we were often pulled back from a stand-still, and even bonked it (easily) with the controller using one or two occasions.

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Windows MR is a less than perfect VR experience, but the biggest issue of all it that it doesn’t include wireless room-scale tracking. The idea can be more dangerous when you have not found the necessary item or are unclear on what you need.

6DOF and inside-out tracking can provide a sense of space in virtual realms, but there’s always that unmistakable separation from the virtual realm and what’s going on beyond your visor that leaves you feeling a bit vulnerable.

The Samsung HMD Odyssey offers crisp sound for the headphones; our Cortana ringtone rang through and helpful navigation directions could be heard. Music and character voices were clear during demos, which was a huge difference when compared to the other devices we reviewed: Acer and Dell, both of which needed separate headsets in true accessory fashion. Spatial audio tracks made it

The Samsung Odyssey has surpassed the Acer as the Windows Mixed Reality leader.

One of the places where Samsung’s headset both stands out and trails Acer is in displays; while not outright bad, the latter has less visceral visuals when measured up against the Odyssey.

A great VR experience is reason enough to buy Samsung HMD Odyssey; however, the audio is an additional selling point that sets this headset apart.

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Oculus Rift may not have as big a problem with the Odyssey, but it would be smart to watch out. HTC Vive doesn’t seem too vulnerable because of its industry-leading room-scale feature, but Oculus is going to want to pay attention. We found that we are more comfortable wearing the Odyssey; after only a short while in an Oculus game

More than any other Windows Mixed Reality headset, the Samsung HMD Odyssey is friendly to accessibility. There are no external sensors necessary and an Ultrabook can generate MR worlds that the competition require top-end PCs. Although the Oculus Rift costs exactly as much as Samsung Odyssey VR headset, it’s mandatory to have a gaming rig for the headset.

Still, despite the fact that Samsung has put forth a worthy competitor to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, those devices have a solid hold on the marketplace. Microsoft has not commented on rumors that it’s developing a touchscreen hybrid device in response to the Samsung Odyssey

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