5 Best Samsung NU8000 Deals On Amazon This Cyber Monday & Black Friday 2021

The Samsung NU8000 (UN55NU8000, UE55NU8000) might not be the most expensive TV on the market today, but what it lacks in price it makes up for with specs. It is one of Samsung’s midrange models that comes at a lower cost than even some of its other mid-range sets and features better Access black friday deals and sales for your favorite product.

1 Introduction
2 What makes the Samsung NU8000 stand out?
3 What are customers saying about the TV?
4 Conclusion

New Best Deals for Best Samsung NU8000

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This Samsung NU8000 Series TV isn’t a budget option. It’s bright, colors are vibrant, and it has the newest Smart TV OS from Samsung. The gaming is also handled well thanks to its low input lag and it can create stunning HDR images as well.

The Samsung NU8000 is an LED-LCD panel that isn’t full array. This means that the control over where light is dispersed isn’t always spot-on.

The next significant flaw was its motion settings. At full blast, you could end up with the soap opera effect (that is when the video looks artificial and plastic-y just like a bad soap opera set) but, turn them off, and you might experience motion artifacts. The advanced settings in the end effect screen quality.

If you are looking for a new TV, take a look at our 6-Series Roku TV (R617, R615). You can find out more about Samsung TVs in our article as well. Did you know that they have a wide range of different models?


We ve a few qualms with the NU8000 series, but they don t apply to the design itself: out of the box, this is an absolutely attractive TV.

Samsung has perfected minimalism with its newest line of TVs, the NU8000. The company removed the plastic frame around the TV that is found on most screens, making it stand out from other models in its class.

When receiving a new Samsung TV, the company includes cardboard screens to protect from scratches during unboxing.

The T-formed stand of the Samsung UN8000 allows you to keep cables hidden away and neatly tucked behind the set. The cover detaches effortlessly with just a few quick steps, allowing for a tidier install than most

AT the back of it you’ll notice a nice brushed aluminum finish, and a variety of HDMI ports, two USB ports, an ethernet port for communicating with your TV.

The design of the screen may not have been perfect, as it utilises a VA panel with edge-lit LED lighting. There is very little ambient light when viewing TV in a well-lit room and this can make for an unpleasant experience.

Design TL;DR: The NU8000 is a seriously pretty TV. It has a less-obtrusive frame around the panel, in addition to an elegant T-shaped stand, which creates the overall aesthetic look match with its picture performance.

Smart TV (Tizen with Samsung SmartThings)

One of Samsung s key 2018 features is how easy it has made creating their products. Download the app, and you ll be ready to go in no time.

While it saves a few seconds to bypass login, Samsung’s new-and-improved service will take longer than last year.

Though navigating through Tizen feels somewhat like a treasure hunt, everything you are presented with upon logging in is phenomenal. The interface is blazing fast and robust, and it features all sorts of goodies.

There are many Samsung TV+ features that can turn your tV into a cuter entertainment system. You could search for free streaming channels on the iphone app store, check out the universal guide or setup a fresh smart home device with Samsung SmartThings. There is a gallery mode and a slow but tolerable browser.

On the whole, it provides enough without feeling understandably overwhelming with features like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video on 4K Ultra HD.

Samsung can do a lot of things with Bixby, but it’s not the best at any of them. Samsung’s voice commands are frustrating, even though they’re supposed to make things easier.

Although some significant problems with Bixby could still be a concern, the overall efficiency of Tizen is improved by Samsung SmartThings.

TV TL;DR: Tizen is correctly filled with content, there’s not an excessive amount or inadequate. Now only if Samsung would’ve used Google Assistant rather than Bixby

Samsung has a lot of different TVs available, but what TV OS does it have? State which Samsung model you’re looking for and find more about the smart TV software.

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HD/SDR Performance

4K TVs are best as long as they have a good upscaling engine. For this, Samsung is no slouch and offers decent 1080p quality compared to cheaper brands.

For example, I watched the first Iron Man movie through FXNOW and Chromcast. Although dark scenes lacked detail at times, it wasn t too grainy- a testament to the TV’s ability to clear up older content.

Another scene in Iron Man 2 – where Tony Stark interrogates Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash – is symbolic of the issues that could arise for people watching via Apple TV: the NU8000 automatically changes color gradation to “Game Mode” and when it does, the picture quality can suffer.

The movement is less and the demand for color on the screen is increased. However, there are a lot of instances when you won’t be able to find anything at all.

Thankfully, the NU8000 does a magnificent job with regards to color and contrast. The main weapon in its arsenal is Samsung’s HDR+ upconversion algorithm that takes SDR content and expands its colors and opens up the contrast of the screen. With it, HD/SDR content won t look half its age and you ll get a better dramatic contrast when watching older films that weren t shot in HDR.

The one problem with HDR+ mode is that it will automatically change the color tone to “warm” adding filters. If you want your content to be taken out of this filter, you will have to go into the settings and change the color Tone back again to standard.

Samsung TVs allow a good amount of customization to the picture. You can change the color tone for each input, turn on or off motion smoothing and alter the number of local dimming by altering just how much it is using it.

Images are great when there is no motion smoothing, but if you don’t want this or accidentally use this while watching a movie, it can have negative effects.

The Samsung NU8000 is not the best upscaling on the market, but it does get the job done.

4K/HDR Performance

As with resolution and refresh rate, 4K/HDR varies between monitors- you should evaluate which one matches your needs.

Among the test bits of content we used was THE WORLD II on Netflix. With our Samsung TV’s HDR10 mode enabled, the colors of rainforest scenes were captivating and added a lively quality to any luminous scene in this stunning 4K remastering.

The World II features more like in rainforests and oceans than typical football stadiums. Currently, there are less fast speeds on the mountains of earth. Motion is usually captured in wide shots with slow pans.

Unless you’re on a tripod, the Samsung NU8000 will give your shaky cam footage a lot of ghosting and blurring.

The Samsung NU8000 is not suitable for filming fast scenes. On the one hand, if you set motion aside during these times, then you ll get artifacts. On the other hand, when you switch to sports mode, it seems as though there’s no winning.

The new features for 2018 are Automatic Game Mode and Game Motion Plus. These two technologies help the console look and play better by reducing input lag automatically. the bane of gamers everywhere

If you are looking for a TV that is good for both gaming and media viewing, this Samsung TV is an excellent choice as it offers overall great quality. As the price remains to be relatively low when we compare it to its competitors 2 years later, this would make a fantastic investment.



One might expect that the 40-watt speakers on this flatpanel TV would have superior sound, but it isn t.

Even at low volumes, there is an annoying distortion of the sound which sounds as if it were coming from a surround speaker placed behind you. These distortions are particularly noticeable with lower frequencies like bass, where you’ll be able to see the screen rattle before your ears even detect it.

Concerned that no one could hear a problem with their TV, we asked friends for help . When they were shown the TV at maximum volume, half of the people said they heard a buzzing sound.

Fortunately, Samsung is trying to use their TV manufacturing knowledge and California sound labs in Korea.

Samsung’s newest sound technology optimizes the audio experience based on what you are watching. Dialogue from a TV show could be emphasized while explosions from a movie might have their bass increased. This software alone isn’t enough to solve its problems with music but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

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The NU8000 ‘s price varies by size, but we found that the 55-inch TV can cost around $1,000. We think that the best deal may well be the 49-inch model, which at $850 has also dropped in price and today comes in at only 679.

The Samsung NPnu8000 series is among the best mid-range 75 inch TVs. Adding on to its excellent screen quality is Bixby and Game Mode, which offer a tailored experience for gamers. Unfortunately, even though all that said these are