5 Best Samsung KS8500 4K TV | Black Friday or Cyber Monday 2021|

All TVs cannot be boiled down to a spec sheet. To illustrate, Samsung’s KS8000 SUHD 4K TV has the same features as the business’ $2,000 55-inch TV KS9000 but movie lovers will see that both sets deliver quite different pictures. Samsung KS8500 4K TV BlogBlackFriday.com is here to offer the best Samsung KS8500 4K TV while shopping with Amazon.

1) Introduction
2) What to Consider When Buying 4k TV
3) Types of Technology for a Quality Picture
4) Comparisons Between Projectors, TVs and Screens Guidelines for Smart Buyers
5) Selecting the Size of TV
6) Definition of Resolution or Lines per inch

Best Deals for All Type Samsung 4K TV (Black Friday & Cyber Monday)

However, while the KS9000 4K TV delivers bright and deep blacks similar to OLED sets from competitor LG, the KS8000 1080p TV appears dull in comparison. Though it has one of the more accurate color renderings we’ve seen on a set, it lacks that “wow” factor you get with pricier TVs.

Design: shapely stature

With the lights turned off, Samsung s KS8000 TV is obviously a looker. Its thin, chrome bezel is perched securely on a set of shiny, splayed, chrome legs. However, the real attraction to this TV is its dark sounds with an attribute that Samsung calls 360 designs mean that only the obsidian-like curved back of it In order to maximize visual impact by placing the TV in the center of the living room, rather than having ugly cables and labels locating at the edge.

Additional ports on the external connector box allow for a more convenient installation process.

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Performance: good, not great

The Samsung KS8000 TV set runs on the quantum dot panel to increase the range and accuracy of colors it can display, though there are compromises in its display quality. In addition, the set is bright enough to be watchable in a sunlit room.

However, the KS8000 s brightness almost appears to wash out the picture in its best-preset mode. We didn’t see this same mistake on Samsung’s KS9000 or LG’s E6 OLED display for an identical price. Vizio’s P-Series TV offers a better image with more contrast and support for Dolby Vision.

The Samsung KS8000 produces a good image with increased colors and greater detail, but it has insufficient inky blacks that can be spotted at times. Some colors and brilliance are lacking in the Samsung KS8500 4K TV. In particular, viewers may see that some objects such as stars in space are not properly shown with its four-core processor because it’s too busy scaling up to other items like heavy-duty lights on a dark background.

Samsung KS8000 did equally well on both native 4K programming and upscaled content from Blu-ray discs. Scenes in Spider-Man 2, filmed on 4K cameras, were finely detailed. Though the night scene could have been a little darker, I was able to identify faces in the front rows of the audience.

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Interface: snazzy, with overly slick remote

The included Smart Hub platform simplifies the layout and provides a central program home for all your compatible smart devices. It will depend on how invested you are in Smart Things gadgets.

In streaming entertainment, the interface is clean, fast, and easy to navigate. It supports several popular services, including Netflix and Vudu for a few 4K contents. The selection of channels isn’t as diverse as on Sony’s Android TV-based iPhone app store; however, it has the most-watched services.

I found the TV remote s small size it difficult to use design hard to understand. The curved controller (the same that is included with the KS9000) is a paragon of simplicity that you ll either love or hate. On the back of the remote, you will find four arrow keys, which each have a specific matching color and purpose outlined on their respective key.

The voice recognition features are helpful and accurate, making it convenient for changing channels and searching over supported services. It also required me to accept a voice guide, which consumed my high-speed and deep voice. Somehow, I didn’t really know how to turn it off, so I just turned it off.

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Audio: modest musicality

Crossfade from the Samsung KS8500 to the KS9000, and you’ll see a big difference in sound. In spite of this, the brass section is more perceptible and the lower bass notes can be felt in your chair.

Other settings include Clear Voice, which practically cuts out ambient noise during dialogue scenes, and Movie mode, which allows for wide soundtracks but retains the same frequency of Music mode.

Bottom line

When it comes to 4k ultra-HD TVs that support HDR content, the 55″ Samsung KS8500 is one of the best options. Although it doesn’t deliver on all promises–such as richer colors and an enhanced picture–it generally does a good job with what it can provide for those searching for a TV at this price point.

When it comes to 4K TVs, the Samsung KS8500 is out of everyone’s price range. As the Samsung KS8000 is an excellent TV, it is finally a middle-of-the-road purchase.