5 Best Samsung HW-MS650 Speaker Deals On Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

Sound is invisible. Sound bars are t. People want soundbars to be invisible. Samsung HW-MS650 makes the subwoofer disappear by hiding it in a wall mount speaker cabinet .


All-in-one sound bars are a great option for saving space in your living room, and the Samsung is one of the best on the market. In Samsung’s, it was a little reticent in both bass and also the lack of sub-woofer when compared to other models.

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1 Introduction to MS650

New Best Deals for Samsung HW-MS650 Speake

Samsung MS650 vs other models

Samsung HW-MS650 on sale now on Amazon

The Samsung HW-MS650 is a great option for users who want something simple to hook up that does streaming music. However, at the cost of $4999, rivals such as Yamaha and Zvox can offer a better performance, in particular when watching movies.

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Samsung’s HW-MS650 Sound Bar is nearly identical to the higher end HW-K950 and HW-K850 models, yet priced lower.

Along the right-hand side of this speaker, you will find a capacitive control panel with an on/off switch, input selector and volume buttons. The corresponding LED display is at the front of the speaker itself. The grille can obscure the written text because it doesn’t show up so well when you’re off-axis, and that’s a problem we found. The bar lacks an onscreen display like other soundbars, so the LED and Samsung Multiroom software have to suffice for its settings management.

Although understandably compact, this Samsung speaker is nonetheless too large to accommodate a TV that utilizes infrared sensor. Surprisingly long for such a small speaker, at 41.7 inches it may conflict with a 46-inch screen.


The HW MS650 features the ability of playing 4K HDR-ready videos. This sounds bar also has the Multiroom Music app, which is more expensive than its main rival’s offering. The iphone app provides access to twelve different services, such as Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and Tidal.

The HW-MS650 sound bar contains a power input, HDMI and Wi-Fi connection, an electronic optical connection, USB port and analog input. Additionally to this the HW-MS650 can be powered from the TV�s power source. This Mount (sold separately) is made to go hand-in-hand with the main mount, which attaches your TV to your sound bar.

Samsung has announced its latest sound bar, the HW-MS650. It features wireless surrounds and is priced at $799 whereas for a comparison, previous models have been priced at $899 without any surround speakers or stands included in the package.

As well as syncing a soundbar to your TV wirelessly, you can also use it for discerning sound from other Samsung devices, or as part of a surround-sound system. For all its benefits, we found the Wi-Fi connectivity unreliable – and found no way to control which source signal is sent by remote.

Background story Connecting an HDMI cable will establish a link between your two parts.

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Listening tests

The Samsung HW-MS650 does not require speaker calibration, making it easier to get up and running after a set of cables was installed. While the HW-MS650 had good dialogue sound when watching movies, you can’t expect deep bass or high dynamics from this sound bar. It just goes about its business playing movies and music without drawing attention to itself, which is a good thing.

It is a three-channel sound bar so we did not expect (nor get) a big, room filling sound from the HW-MS650. However when playing the La La Land Blu-ray it had been clear sounds of jazz musician Sebastian struggling to make his living in clubs and in the studio that left the strongest impression. The HW-MS650 was great in some areas, but not so great with other features. It had lightweight bass which made it sound unsatisfying at first, even after turning up the volume. The CNET listening room can be a small 11 by 20 feet and doesn’t have much space for even $400-$500 soundbars to generate satisfactory bass

Hurwitz’s jazzy La La Land score has a lush tone but lacks depth, and the HW-650 did well with rendering voice tones naturally. In addition, sound bars don’t always offer this option.

With the World War II drama Hacksaw Ridge, the HW-MS650 couldn’t completely deliver on all of the intensity of battlefield scenes. When we swapped in a Zvox SB500 for that HW-MS650, many movies and games became even better. The Zvox sounded louder and more imposing with bomb blasts, but the HW-MS650 reduces the scale so that any residual impact is less satisfying. True, it doesn’t have a wireless subwoofer like the SB500 – but neither do 2 other models. Dialogue via the HW-MS650 remained clear even when the combat was in an uproar, and it sounded a bit more effective than what we got from the SB500. With straight dramatic films, the HW-MS650 had been at its best.

The headphones were at their best with music. The HW-MS650 s beautiful set of speakers had little trouble playing back the sound files, and vocals came through loud and clear. Bass definition was good, but it wasn’t as full or deep as when I was using SB500s. Although the Samsung HW-MS650 may not be a party speaker, it was wonderful at providing background music.

Final thoughts

Samsung HW-MS650 is a decent, well featured sound bar. It has its own selection of features that are worth considering if you’re looking for something more than just TV speaker improvement. Samsung faces tough competition from Zvox SB500 and Vizio SB4551-D5 which offers true surround sound While Vizio and Zvox TVs can produce decent sound for music, they can’t compare to the Samsung HW-MS650’s audio performance. If you cherish your tunes, this Samsung TV may be worth considering.