5 Best Samsung Gear 360 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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What’s the Samsung Gear 360 (2017)?

Samsung’s new Gear 360 has improved a few features of the camera and now works with iPhones.

Overall, the Samsung Gear 360 is an even more refined experience than its predecessor, costing substantially less money. It offers the very best experience from a consumer-oriented 360-degree camera without breaking the lender.

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Samsung Gear 360 Design and Controls The first Samsung Gear 360 had a sizable spherical build, with a set of tripod legs that screwed in to the bottom. In this sense it resembled the DokiCam I reviewed recently. The hand grip on the Samsung Gear 360 is accommodatingly natural.

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The lineup of new Samsung Gear 360 cameras made the design much thinner than the previous model, which is easier to carry around and fits in pockets more easily.

Samsung has improved the Gear 360, with a slimmer and lighter design and a more rugged feel to it. However, it can have at least IP53 dust and water resistance.

The LCD screen displays the mode you are in and how much battery is remaining. I have tested a variety of other 360 cameras, but this one is uniquely sensible. It has more LED indicator features than most models.

However, one downside is that the display doesn t inform you if you re set to single or dual lenses, and it can be difficult to check at a glance. For one occasion I thought I was capturing the world in glorious 360-degrees; however, it turned out I had only been using one of the two cameras which was a disappointment.

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The most notable of the lens is a couple of LEDs, which turns green when it s in standby and red when it is shooting video. They are easy to see, so you know the camera is on. The camera has one green LED that flashes when recording starts. It also turns off automatically when saved footage is deleted from the SD card, or if an NFC-enabled smartphone is within two feet of the camera.

Along the edge of the handgrip is a microSD slot and USB-C charging point. On one edge are buttons for toggling modes and power

The camera is balanced in a way that allows it to stand freely, leaving you the ability to use your hands while adjusting the camera if necessary. A neoprene strap accessory (included) also offers stability by holding snugly around the device and gripping any surface.

One big drawback to the Gear 360 camera is that it must be positioned on flat, even surfaces in order to work properly. This makes it a lot less useful when you’re trying to capture pictures as you move around, since your images will always have string along for the ride. It is a hassle that I found the camera strap pseudo-tripod accessory to be less than elegant.

It also includes a standard tripod thread on the bottom, so you can add your own tripod attachment or mount. I often used my GorillaPod for extra stability.

Samsung Gear 360 (2017) App
The companion app is designed intelligently and unique in navigating. This camera can pair with this phone through a Wi-Fi connection, which is stable and reliable.

You can then use the iPhone app as a live view of the camera’s sensors and flip between different view modes on the fly, including standard or round. This function is comparable to the Tiny Planet setting found on other cameras. The Samsung Gear 360 camera is also available in both a dual lens or single lens mode. In the latter setup, the camera operates like any other but captures slightly more of your surroundings.

The application enables you to easily switch between video, photo, timelapse, video looping and landscape HDR modes. You can also then control more granular settings like exposure compensation and white balance afterward.

The Gear 360 app comes with handy editing software that enables you to aggregate your content in various formats, including round and split views, for enhanced viewing options. This gives you the option of automatically sharing links to your articles on social media websites like Facebook, YouTube or Google Photos. Doing so assures that they are recognised as 360-compatible.

Samsung Gear 360 (2017) Video and image quality: The updated Gear 360 has better image quality than most due to a decrease in specifications from 15MP to 8.4MP for each sensor – though it’s still a more budget-friendly option.

The Gear 360 features a high resolution of 4096 x 2048 at 24fps in dual lens mode , while reducing resolutions if desired. In single lens mode you can perform up to 1920 x 1080p at 60fps.

Samsung Gear 360

Everything is much sharper and crisper when viewing your images on the phone screen when using your fingers to swipe around to see the world out of every angle. The 360-degree footage captured by the Samsung Gear is not as well rendered on YouTube or a VR headset.

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You can watch 360-degree views in Google Photos without input from the user and you can download versions in several formats such as Round (below).

Overall, the Samsung Gear 360 is one of the best 360 cameras for that price. It provides better image quality than something like a Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K but it s more expensive and a lot harder to use. Given the size and convenience, it makes sense that image quality is reduced.

The 360 camera also acts as livestreaming device. The bundled software allows you to edit your video and live stream it in 360 degrees for anyone who couldn’t attend the event.

Battery life on the Samsung Gear 360 falls shy of one hour when recording in HD at both lenses. Fortunately, you can just hook up a lightweight battery power to your Samsung Gear 360 if you want extra stamina.

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If you eventually have a compatible phone, the Samsung Gear 360 is an excellent investment for creating videos and pictures. The Gear 360 is incredibly straightforward to operate and produces impressive images.

The new design is more desirable because of the slimmed down tripod, as well as a smaller battery than you would have on the old model. THE APPARATUS 360, s enticing package is then all tied together by a lower price.

The verdict The Samsung Gear is the first one to be in 3D