5 Best Rowing Machines Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales 2021

Rowing machines are powerful home workout equipment that can give you an upper body and low-impact cardio workout. Rowing machines offer a safe, effective way to build muscle without putting excessive strain on the joints.

When choosing a rowing machine for your home, there are many factors that you ll want to consider. Always be sure to look at the different styles and features each company offers, prioritizing ones with higher quality and reliability in mind. To break it down for you, we have included recommendations of the best rowers in the following list.

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Comfort and Adjustability

The best rowers have comfortable seats, good foot rests, and some adjustability.

Noise Level

When shopping for an indoor rowing machine, consider the noise-level. Some people prefer a loud rower to know that they re getting their workout done.

All rowing machines have wide footprints, so you’ll need a great deal of room at home to store it. They are also usually long and narrow, which can make them difficult to fit in smaller apartments when they’re not folded up for travel or transport.

Rower Price

With the purchase price for most fitness equipment, higher-quality products are going to cost more than cheaper ones, which break down sooner if they’re used as much.

Max User Weight

Rowing machines are one of the few exercisers which can handle higher weights without resistance than most other equipment.

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Storage Features

It’s important to consider how easily a rowing machine stores. The best machines will fold up or come apart and can fit in the closet, or other storage areas. For example, the Concept 2 Model D rowing machine folds up quickly with a pull pin in the center of the rower enabling easy mobility.

Row Computer / Monitor

Almost every good rowing machine has a useful computer that lets you know information, such as for example distance, time and calories burned. Additionally, determines if the rower you’re looking at gets the option to hook up to applications in order to upload data and also track your progress.

Ease of Assembly

Your row machine should fit together easily, and if it doesn’t you should investigate the quality of the product before considering whether or not to keep it.


When deciding on a rowing machine, check for the warranty and if there are any replacement-parts coverage.

Benefits of Rowing

In addition to being an excellent cardiovascular workout, rowing is a cardio-alternative for people who are looking for low-impact. It strengthens most major muscles and can be as challenging as any higher impact exercise. Rowing has many health benefits, and the physical activity will help you lose weight with a healthy diet.

Before starting any fitness program, it is important to know the proper technique. Exercise with your back straight and use your thigh muscles rather than bending too much forward when rowing. – Ensure the rowing machine is adjusted to be in a 90 degree angle.
– Keep your trunk knees vertical with hands on the handlebars. Speak with a doctor before starting any new fitness program.

Other Rowing Machine Considerations

Workout Shoes

Rowing while not wearing shoes may be hazardous to your feet. Be sure you wear footwear that offer protection like running shoes or cross-trainers. Sandals and flip-flops are not recommended for the lake. Wear water shoes with a closed toe, rubber or plastic soles, and treaded bottoms.

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Workout Clothes

Wearing baggy clothes is problematic on a rowing machine as they get caught in the seat and beam. Shorter, clingy shorts are easier to work out in.

Keep It Clean

Even though some rowing machines are constructed of space-age, super-sweat resistant metals, it is best to wipe off the gear after a sweaty workout. These machines usually contain a diverse set of materials that can be corroded by salty sweat. A rowing machine may become dirty and without proper care the dirt can build up to such an extent that your rower prospers over time.

Final Word on Rowing Machines

Fitness experts and healthcare professionals agree that rowing machines provide among the best workouts possible. Working out on a rower will allow you to target almost all of your muscles, and present them as hard or challenging a workout as you want. Rowing machines provide data, in the form of split times and other progress metrics, for users to track their workouts.

Rowing machines offer advantages that other running and cardio equipment cannot provide. For some, the rowing machine can help build muscle, while for others it is a way of losing weight. Rowing typically works your whole body – both strength and endurance- which means it will be more beneficial than if you simply ran or worked on a treadmill. The machine will really target your shoulders, core, quads, hamstrings, glutes and back while being low impact to reduce the strain on your joints. Larger muscles need more energy and burn fat to obtain it bringing about healthy weight loss.

If you are starting out with a rowing machine, you may be confused as to which one is right for you and what type of rower to buy. Hopefully this article helped clarify the options available.

Deciding on the best rowing machine is mainly about finding one that aligns with your budget and fits.