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The protagonist of the game finds out his wife is missing. After 3 years, she sends him a mysterious message teling him to come to a residence in Louisiana. He arrives to discover a large, disgusting and seemingly long-deserted house. Rooms are filled up with piles of rotting garbage, and the remains of putrid meals are scattered around your home. What starts off as a horror game filled with realistic icky-ness and jump scares quickly becomes a cliche Resident Evil game where we must escape from the Baker family.

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The Baker house is quite similar to the mansion of Resident Evil. It’s both large and unsettling, filled with locked doors and plentiful cryptic puzzles, in addition to a dark history and violence. Resident Evil 7’s nex-gen graphics make its inhabitants a lot more terrifying than your typical shambling zombies. There are monsters in RE7 that have the same role as undead, they’re just fodder for your arsenal of weapons.

These creatures are likely the nemesis monster in Resident Evil 3, or the cunning xenomorph from Alien: Isolation. They are a constant threat that can be found anywhere at anytime. The game’s environments are so expertly crafted that even the slightest details can come as a shocking surprise. One moment, for example, I turned to walk through the kitchen door and noticed an innocuous desk fan casting a huge shadow over my head. The strain was so great that I often used each level’s safe room to catch my breath and plan my next course of action.

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Resident Evil 7

What’s perhaps most impressive is the way the game manages to constantly ratchet up intensity and throw you into more disturbing and grotesque scenarios. For the first few hours of gameplay, I lived in constant fear that Jack was near, so when he did appear I would shoot a few bullets to slow him down while running for my life. After hours of playing Resident Evil 7, I wish it were less scary. After 40% of the game had elapsed, I began to understand what RE7 was all about and lost most interest as a result. The scares got worse, but there was deliberately one-upping that involved flashbacks and not much else. things get worse and worse.

Resident Evil 7 moves away from the series’ more recent focus on combat. Unlike with titles like Resident Evil 6, enemies cannot be killed easily and there are not many weapons around to dispatch them with.

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– Removed a redundant idea (Survival only increases) – Replaced “Me There are a number of moments where you’ll likely be glad to have more ammo and healing supplies. This relative scarcity also produces very satisfying moments. Unlike most games, Resident Evil 7 simple acts like finding a fresh weapon or crafting medical supplies feel important. It s hard to place into words the excitement I felt stumbling on a backpack that i want to hold some more items.

Resident Evil 7 on the Xbox One is a terrifying game, but this may be due to new features that allow for first-person perspective and luxuriously lifelike visuals. The Baker household in particular is an amazingly grotesque location, where simply exploring it often leaves you guessing what could possibly happen next or how you’re supposed to feel about bloodstained RE7 also uses animation to instill terror. Slow, deliberate movements like Ethan’s opening of a door always made me feel that something was waiting on the other side, however no matter how many times I saw it.

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Despite its immersive qualities, Resident Evil 7 can feel like a video game at times. For the most part, you ll face huge enemies with bright red spots and caches of supplies conveniently located before major fights. Resident Evil 7 biohazard features a chainsaw wound that turns into an antiseptic, and coins can be earned that are used to buy new skills or weapons. But the realism of those other games makes their video game-ness stand out.

Resident Evil 7 is a bold and successful reinvention of the franchise. It combines old and new, bringing in elements from previous games with more modern first-person exploration.

After you work on your summary paragraph, go to the next section of this assignment and find two examples that you think better summarize their content than what they had originally written! Resident Evil VII manages to balance terror, action, and exploration with relative ease. And despite having things unrelated in the end tying themselves into the already complicated Resident Evil mythos in a satisfying way Following the success of Resident Evil 4, the series has sputtered out with recent releases.