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In this article, we’ll take a look at the Crossfit Expertise Rating with customer reviews of Reebok Crossfit Shoes.

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Reebok Nano 9 Intro

Reebok’s Nano 9 is primarily for crossfitters.

Reebok is the state provider of Crossfit apparel and footwear, which encompasses their Nano range.

Nike has signed a ten-year sponsorship contract with Crossfit to sponsor the Crossfit games, which ends in 2020.

The Nano has a wide toe box for stability and low-drop heels so you can stand comfortably.

The 9th generation of the shoe is really as popular as ever and has seen minor touches to improve on its predecessor, the Nano 8.

The price is competitive with Nike’s Metcon 5 model.

The Nano S and a traditional training shoe differ primarily in the technology used to give them strength (like Kevlar) for high-impact workouts.

Reebok Nano 9 First Impressions

When taking the Nano 9 out of the box for the first time, I noticed many similarities to previous Nano models. These include a flex weave upper with rope pro sole wrap, flat and wide toebox, and more.

The only element of the Nano 8 that differs materially from its predecessor is the Delta logo being replaced by Reebok’s original branding, take note.

Now somewhat retro logo. This Delta logo is now able to be found smaller and on the tongue. However, could this represent that the Nano 9 is usually to be viewed as more of a lifestyle shoe too?

In my hand, the shoe felt quite rigid on account of the upper weave and sole wrap. But that resilience in combination with nice grip could be important for when you’re really weight-lifting hard at your fitness center.

I noticed the size comparison among different types of shoes.

I regularly wear women’s sizes 6.5-8, usually opting for 8 and occasionally 9. When I ordered the Nano 9s in a size 40.5, they were way too big; my toes barely touched the end of the shoe.

The first pair was returned and exchanged for a sense size, EU 39, which fit better but were still too large.

The Nike Metcon 5 fit very similarly to the Reebok Nano 9 in an EU size 40.5, and the 39 that I ordered for my feet.

The nano line is popular for its roomy toe box and ability to splay toes while performing squats and deadlifts.

If you are less used to running shoes with a wider base, this might feel weird initially but stick with it and they become comfortable after a bit.

It took me a while before I got the fit of these right. They felt very loose at the front end, so when lacing them up it felt tight over my toes.

After adjusting the laces, I found a comfortable fit that has remained set in place after several workouts.

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Reebok Nano 9 Sole Unit

Another major difference with the Nano 9 includes the Ropepro midsole wrap. Compared to the past model, this wrap includes been extended by a significant margin.

This wraps completely around the heel to the midsole which provides protection for your shoe, and assists with grip when you are crossing a rope to ensure comfort and safety.

The new Reebok CrossFit shoe also includes a new foam, with firmer support in the heel and softer cushioning in the ball of the foot.

The outsole is comprised of two separate sections in different colors. This increased overall flexibility and provides less traction, making it an indoor-only shoe.

The Nano 8, like previous models, is a good option for Crossfit because of the added midsole cushioning.

The outsole includes three splits to help balance the toes.

The shoe’s heel to forefoot drop is 4mm, which is perfect for people who are working out without worrying too much about wearing a pair of performance shoes.

I wouldn recommend that the Nano 9 is being worn, or recommended for outdoor use outside on wet surfaces. It slips quite easily if it first starts to rain outside.

As a trade-off, the sole unit of the Reebok CrossFit lacks padding for stability. Of course, you could also wear insoles or thicker socks to get more support.

Reebok Nano 9 Upper Unit

The upper is made with an elastic material from Reebok, which feels like a plastic overlay on the shoe that overlays an inner breathable mesh.

This synthetic Flexweave has plenty of gaps in the pattern to keep breathability, and I had no issues with my feet overheating on workouts.

The Flexweave makes the shoe durable for activities such as rope climbs, box jumps another material. The Nano 9 upper is made from a more delicate fabric that resembles Nike’s Flyknit weave but feels very different and has a vastly different function.

The shoe’s heel feels stiff and roomy yet padded. The heel counter remains solid after several wears.

Following the first few workouts, small pain was felt between my ankle and heel on the right side.

After wearing it for one month, I couldn’t find any problems. However, you need to warn that after a few times of wearing it, the strap could become loose and come off.

The laces on the new CrossFit shoe are a much improved design. They stay better in place and cause no issues like my old ones did.

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Reebok Nano 9 Conclusion

I tested the Nano 9’s performance against various parameters over a month when I reviewed it and these were the results.

Of the group of runners, nike air max review

Running on a treadmill for short durations was easiest when wearing the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35. It felt safe, responsive and sufficient for most runners.

Nike and Reebok both provide good performance in running, however the higher heel counter and better heel box of the Nano 9 favored these over Nike Metcon 5.

I would not recommend these shoes for running on a patio or any other outdoor surface due to how they grip and support the foot when you’re running. They are better suited for indoor use, but I wouldn’t recommend them for more than 1-2 kilometers of jogging no matter which area you’re in.

Weight training

The Nano 9 impressed me with its features and sock depth.

I could confidently push the bottoms away and they felt rigid if I needed them to be.

If you are struggling with ankle mobility, a shoe with an increased heel drop will be more appropriate and even better, some exercises to work on your ankle mobility.

For anyone currently deadlifting and squatting with a barbell in jogging shoes, it’s time to stop. Purchase some Nano s or Metcon s instead.

Powerful High Intensity Workout (Legs, Hitting, Jumping)

For those who need a shoe that can handle the rigors of cross-training, the Nano 9 is an excellent option.

The reduced heel drop on the shoes means that as you walk or run, your foot stays in contact with the ground—so it doesn’t sink too far–and when you take a step.

The extended rubber on the sole of the shoe meant that my feet were protected during burpees and there was no chance I would slip backwards when completing them quickly.