5 Best Plantronics Voyager 5200 Cyber Monday & Cyber Monday Sales 2021

The Voyager 5200 ($119.99) is the most recent in Plantronics’s popular Voyager series. It does not offer the same level of comfort as earlier models, such as the Voyager Legend, but remains a staple for many people who take their Bluetooth headsets seriously. And while it is worth your Editor’s Choice, the Voyager 5200 maintains its reputation as one of the best Bluetooth headsets available for intense efforts and mission-critical voice calling.

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Get Huge Discount on Plantronics Voyager 5200 in Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales + Deals)

Design and Fit

Don’t be swayed by size: Voyager headsets are huge, showy pieces of equipment that scream I’m on a headset! However, this might actually be good because as I was testing headsets the other day my daughter constantly expressed her concerns about whether or not I was going insane and talking to myself. In reality, the more discreet design of the 5200 sets it apart from other headset products.

I loved previous models of the Voyager because they fit comfortably over-the-ear. The 5200 doesn’t work for me because it is a bit shorter on my ear than older models and I don’t have as much success with them when wearing glasses. The earbud will hang in my ear until I adjust/fix it, but then the That’s disappointing, and reduces the perceived volume a little.

The Voyager 5200 headset includes a physical on/off button and two easily findable, pressable volume buttons. There is also an easy-to-find call button and voice command button located on the boom arm. The boom swings around to accommodate users for both right-handed or left-handed wear, and there are three different ear tip sizes

The Plantronics Voyager 5200 has all the features you could want in a Bluetooth headset, including pairing through NFC or Bluetooth. It announces caller names and lets you tell it whether to answer or ignore calls by voice. The Plantronics Voyager 5200 has a built-in voice command that enables you to dictate texts and directions, with an increase in accuracy than I got from Google Now on other headsets. It does not read your text out loud for you though. The Plantronics Hub app helps track the battery life of the headset as well as where it may be if

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Thanks partly to its large size, the 5200 has one of the best selection of any headset I’ve tested in a long time, able to hit about 60 feet when it is in sight of the phone. Even though calls became pretty poppy after around 40 feet. It is painful to listen to interference on other headsets, but the Voyager 5200 does not suffer from this problem. But on the 5200, interference appears like pops and clicks that you can still hear what people are saying.

The Voyager 5200 excels at shutting out background noise, and its price is well worth it for the quality of its voice calls. That said, there are a few challenges to staying sensibly outside in a windy environment. You can use the Voyager 5200 in any noisy environments, where it outperforms many other Bluetooth headsets.

The Voyager 5200 had a short battery life when compared to its size. We only got five hours and sixteen minutes of voice calling, which is significantly less than promised at seven hours. The Voyage 5200 headset features an optional $39.99 charging case that can hold two additional battery charges. The headset is able to sit in the battery case or be closed in for protection and later removed at will for use.

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Plantronics Voyager headsets have been publishing excellent voice quality for a long time. Previous models, like the legendary Legend, are generally not replaceable with brand new 5200s- but if you’re seeking a heavy usage headset and outdoor Bluetooth unit currently, the Voyager 5200 is still our benchmark where we measure how others do in comparison and Editor’s Choice