5 Best Plantronics RIG 800LX Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021 Deals On Amazon

Dolby Atmos is slowly making its way onto the Xbox One, and Plantronics Rig 800LX wants to be the best headset on Windows 10 in order to experience Dolbys spatial sound technology. This $149 headset enables you to enjoy Dolbys immersive sound technology both on the Xbox One as well as with your Windows 10 OS from right out of The headset will work with the Xbox One so long as it is somewhat bulky and has a less than stellar mic.

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The 800LX has a suitably aggressive shape – with sharp angles and jagged ports. While its silver mesh exterior is both unique and attractive, the design screams out ‘gaming peripheral’. However, these headsets are not significantly more expensive than the Rig 800LX.

The left ear holds offset buttons for volume and game chat, the right control is EQ mode. But in minutes, I was adjusting the volume on my headset without missing a beat.

The Rig 800LX has both a PC transmitter and an Xbox One transmitter. Setup was painless on both platforms, but it’s even easier than you think: just plug the square-shaped USB into your chosen device and press synch.


A major downside to the Rig 800LX is that it lacks certain features. However, it more than makes up for this in comfort. With soft ear cups, a suspension headband that will automatically adjust with your head shape, and a lightweight mesh material covering both earbuds, Plantronics headset is well equipped for marathon gaming sessions. I used the Rig 800LX all night and barely needed to take it off.

the 800LX has a neckband made of three notches. The headset defaults to a tight fit, but can also be loosened by moving the ear cups into the next notch on the band. It’s a good touch that ensures your ideal fit stays set up and prevents the cups from sliding along in your bag.

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Gaming Performance

The noise-isolating ear cups and booming 40mm drivers on the Rig 800LX got me lost in both competitive and cinematic games.

The Plantronics headset helped my immersion in Fortnite: Battle Royale. The 800LX played a role in telling me what was happening around me, but it didn’t seem to fix my tendency to die quickly during the match. In Overwatch, I was able to decipher the location of enemy footsteps and gunfire as well as their special attacks.

I had similarly excellent results when beating up Superman as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the cinematic brawling action of Injustice 2. Sword slices sounded extra-piercing, punch-kick combos landed with satisfying impact and explosions had a good boom to them The 800LX s sound quality is similar to that of the Stealth 700, though Turtle Beach headsets are typically heavier on bass.

I found the 800LX to be a little treble heavy out of the box, but nothing I couldn’t fix with its four built-in sound modes. There’s a default mode, an EQ that doubles through to bass, an EQ that sharpens the treble and an EQ that highlights dialogue. I found the customizations to be excellent because I was able to easily switch between them and, in turn, didn’t have to install any software.

My only complaint about the 800LX s sound is that I noticed some fuzziness when navigating my Xbox One dashboard. However, there were no such issues while playing.

Dolby Atmos Experience

The Rig 800LX has a voucher for Dolby Atmos, which can give you three-dimensional sound without the need to purchase an expensive surround-sound setup.

When I tested Atmos for Headphones on both Xbox One and a Windows 10 PC, I was impressed with the added directionality.

“However, what I didn’t enjoy was the lack of user controls over Atmos for movies. Something so often taken for granted today, the lack of these pretty basic settings is an annoyance.” When I saw the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in theaters, I could that The Guardians’ spaceship’s engines were hovering right over me during a major battle, and when the final scene played out with fireworks behind it, I could hear those sounds too

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The 800LX microphone is rubberized and simple to bend. It automatically mutes when flipped up, but it has one neat little touch-you hear a bleep sound every time you mute yourself.

Whilst I don’t have much experience with this thing, as long as you’re not trying to record any videos really high quality at least there is a microphone.

Battery Life

The Rig 800LX promises up to 8 hours of battery life, and this was largely accurate within my testing. I used the headset on and off throughout a week without getting any low-battery notifications until about 5 days in.

Plantronics claims the 800LX has quick-charge functionality, which means that you’ll get up to 90 minutes of use out of a 30-minute charge.

Bottom Line

If you re looking for an Xbox One wireless headset that offers crisp sound and excellent comfort, the Rig 800LX is perfect. The headsets lightweight frame makes it easy to wear for hours on end, while its Dolby Atmos voucher provides you with a more immersive way of enjoying games and movies.

However, the Rig 800LX is not the only headset that supports Atmos for Headphones. ($15) There is also the Rig 800LX, which has a somewhat clunky design and not-so-great microphone.

The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 is a far more versatile Xbox option in this price range, offering seamless Xbox Wireless connectivity and Bluetooth functionality for your phone or PC. But if comfort is your priority, or you just want to access Dolby Atmos immediately, the Plantronics RIG 800LX is a good choice for Xbox gamers.