5 Best Pioneer DJ Plx 500 Deals On Amazon This Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

Pioneer has rescued the budget end of the DJ turntable market with a sub 300 quid deck.

It has a similar appearance to a PLX-1000, but this model lacks the power (compared to) the price.

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Best Deals on Pioneer DJ Plx 500 on Amazon Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

The platter pickup has a slower pick-up speed. The Plx 500 can read 33 1/3 rpm in one second, which is faster than the PLX 1000s 0.3 second reading time.

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Up to scratch

Talking about your scratchy types, the Pioneer PLX-500 does not buckle when faced with strong platter wobbling. The DJ Deck comes with a slipmat, needle, and vinyl that can handle drills, tears, hydroplaning (look it up), and more.

“How could it compare to 1210?’ Well, for mixing purposes let’s compare it to the Technics. In a set-up with the PLX-500 in one deck and a Technics in the other, you may think it would pale in comparison. We found Pioneer decks vastly superior.

The 500 is low range, so it is as dependable as 1210 would be. For those of you who aren’t particularly experienced with the decks or turntables themselves such as myself, this might make things uncomfortable for you.

If you’re tempted by the Pioneer PLX-500, then for a similar price Audio-Technica’s LP120 is also worth considering.

Though it is aesthetically appealing, the cables connecting to this deck are cheap and poorly made.

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The tone-arm shoulder does not look especially premium, but you have to cut costs somewhere and in the event that you calibrate it to suit your stylus and needle set up, then you’re golden.

Overall, the PLX-500 is a great deck perfect for younger DJs or first-time buyers at 297 pounds. It may still suffer from some of the minor flaws found in its successor but it has a great feel and sound to it with many features that can be operated on while the vinyl spin around.

Pioneer turntables are the foundation of disc jockeying, and Pioneer’s PLX-500 decks are an easy way to help uphold that legacy for a new generation.