5 Best Philips HF3520 Black Friday Deals 2021

Light alarms clocks can be quite expensive, but if you search for a high-quality product that is fairly priced. The Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light clock is an inexpensive yet high-quality appliance. With its subtle design and straight forward alarm options, the Philips hf3520 is a wonderful choice for those who not only want a good noisy alarms but also a bedside reading light.

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The Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light is one of the largest models you can buy, at 9.9 inches by 4.6 inches by 9.2 inches (HWD). It weighs 3 pounds We were initially surprised by the weight of this device, which is thicker and heftier than a comparable product. Nonetheless, it has a sleek design with rubber feet that ensure it stays put on your bedside table. Keep in mind that if your bedside table is tiny, it may not be able to accommodate everything.

Setup Process: Quick and easy to install One drawback to the alarm clock is that there is no backup power option or built-in battery, so if the electricity goes out, the alarms won’t function.

Setting the Philips clock was confusing at first. It wanted us to create an easy-to-read display with 24-hour time. After we set the time, we had to double check to make sure were in fact awake and not just dreaming. Thankfully though, you can set up from 24-hour perspective into 12 hour cycles, so the next morning when I popped up it was 3:00am.

Lifewire / Jordan Provost Lifewire / Jordan Provost Once the clock is established, the house Interface and side buttons are incredibly simple to locate and use. The Home Interface contains four buttons: Minus, Menu, Select, and Advantage. Pressing the Menu button offers you to select from the following: home interface brightness, two alarms (alarm schedule), alarm sounds and time. The buttons on the left side control brightness and volume, while the inner buttons control alarm features.

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The HF3520 has two separate alarm clocks to wake on weekdays and weekends. The time flashes for ten seconds before changing in order to quickly change the clock instead of pressing a button.

Alarm Sounds

The Philips HF3520 has five different alarm sounds: two birdsongs, calming music, waves, and the Radio. For volume and brightness both go up to level 20 – giving you lots of options customize your alarm. The only drawback is the fact that you can t set the alarm until after executing an alarm test. The user-testing requirement mandates that a 90 second cycle through all of the alarms be executed and, in turn, alerts consumers to pressing and containing the Alarm button for three seconds on each to verify it should wake them up tomorrow morning.

The HF3520 has two alarms and is equipped for weekday mornings or weekends, whichever you prefer.

One of the great things about this alarm clock is that there is no sudden flash of light upon start up. Instead, a gradual change in hue and brightness takes place as your pre-selected sounds echo through the room. The music quality on this model is much better and clearer, although the sound is still comparable to some of the other clock radios.

Our favorite part of this alarm clock was how it had a snooze feature. After nine minutes, the music gradually starts up again and eventually gets louder until it’s at your desired volume.

extras: Radios, reading lights, and bedtime features Apart from its primary purpose as an alarm, the Philips 3520 offers the basics like radios without access to auxiliary or USB ports. When it came to reading, our favorite feature of the Philips Hf3520 was its built-in LED light. We tested it out by trying to read a difficult copy book and found that on level 20, we could just as easily focus on the words. Turning down any lower than this, or up more past 50 would strain your eyesight

The HF3520 also features a convenient bedtime setting. Simply press the zzz s button, set your desired time for from 5-60 minutes, set the sound, and end your day as the bulb gradually simulates sunsets.

The Philips has a hefty price tag, but its features are worth the cost when measured against competitors.

The Philips HF3520 is an excellent bargain for a mid-range product and comes in around $140. When the cheapest options become too cheap, you sacrifice features such as quality of soundtracks and brightness allotted to reading sessions with the light.

The Philips HF3520 provides crisp sounds from audio tracks without sacrificing brightness levels or track length at The Philips price tag is hefty considering its amenities and when compared against its competitors, but still worth the cost.

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The Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light comes with a more pricey, fancier sister: the Somneo Clock. At $199.99, it is considerably more expensive than the HF3520, but includes extras that outweigh its hefty price tag. The Somneo offers a greater variety of alarm sounds, as the HF3520 offers a lesser number. Likewise, it has USB ports for phone charging and hearing your selected Spotify playlists via the 3.5mm audio tracks jack. If these features are not crucial to you then the HF3520 is still a good choice because it provides great If you would like a minimal package of every amenity, then the Somneo may be right for you.

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Your Verdict

Large and clunky, this clock would be a good addition to any bedside table.

PhilipsĂ‚ HM5060 are a wonderful mid-range option for those who want some of the better alarm clock features without having to take their wallet out. Its loud, clap-to-snooze function can certainly wake someone up in the morning and won’t require any other additional effort from you, unless you feel like reading at night or