5 Best Philips Fidelio X2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Headphones offer a world of comfort and quality that we don’t usually get outside of earbuds, but the Philips Fidelio X2 doesn’t just barely meet these standards.

– Introduction
– Audio Engine
– Connectivity and Setup
– Performance Tests
Good quality headphones make all the difference when you listen to music or podcasts. Back in 2016, Philips introduced their first Fidelio headphone lineup with the goal of providing a top quality listening experience on earphones that don’t cost an

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I have not come across a more perfect time to go in a pair of Fidelio X2 headphones. The day I was doing an audiophile group hear test for T3 magazine before Christmas, possessing the capacity to contrast them with legendary headsets such as Sennheiser HD800 and also Oppo PM-1s in order to newly

Despite being the cheapest set of headphones in our test, the X2’s are as good sounding and comfortable as many of the more expensive models on the market.

Best of all, you could buy a set of Fidelio X2s for yourself and one each for the other three in the family and still come out paying less than the cost of a HD800 or PM-1.

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Superb performers

The Philips Fidelio X2 is perfect for those of you who want more out of your headphones without paying a premium. The build materials and the 50 mm neodynium drivers ensure that it’s weighty without being too heavy, and they’re definitely worth the money.

The airy hammock within the headband ensures a brilliant and comfortable fit and the removable and replaceable foam ear pads, which fit around your ears, provide firm grip while also providing a soft touch.

These headphones shine in-between genres, making it easy to fall for their charm.

Say I’m from a company that sells products and someone has published an article about me on TechCrunch. Here’s the recent feedback we’ve received backing up our quality:

“I purchased my first product two weeks ago and I am already so impressed Even before burn-in, they’re easy to pay attention to.

The balance of bass and treble is impeccable on these headphones. There are a few people who may find that some treble frequencies are too pronounced for them, but the detail in sound led by these headphones is superb.

The bass is incredibly detailed and precise, but also powerful. It sounds amazing no matter what type of source you’re using.

I began by testing the headphones using a Musical Fidelity headphone amp and streamed through Tidal, but they sound great even with my inferior Sony Xperia Z3’s lower quality DAC.

Philips fidelio x2 Headphones

Minor drawbacks

Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect plan. These headphones do leak sound and are not as isolating as it could be. The 3m cable just isn’t positioned for listening on the go.

And the lack of a travel case certainly backs that up, though I suspect the omission is more about keeping the price down than anything else. And they’re so big that any travel case would need to be quite large anyway.
Extra: (plus these are big headphones – pretty much all headphones like this are.)

I found the left channel cutting out and had to waggle the jack in the earcup on several occasions which appeared to stop after some time.

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I have a few other, much more expensive headphones lying around my office, but these are the ones I have used all of them lately.

Even though they may not be as well-known other audio brands like Oppo or Sennheiser, Philips offers an exceptional listening experience at a reasonable price.

The PM-1 headphones are nothing short of astounding – but the Fidelio X2 is more than just a close second. They’re more comfortable to wear for long periods, better looking and cheaper.