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When my friends and I went to high school, one friend’s house always seemed big enough for all of the obnoxious teenagers that had too many parties. Anyone turned to a Papasan chair.

Papasan chairs are typically round, stuffed seats that were popular in the 1970s. They’ve made a comeback since 2000.

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Throughout reporting this story, I learned that many of us have a papasan story. I heard lots of people say they specifically liked them and some admitted they were unpleasant but had to settle for one after attending a party. My informal poll showed that most admire the quirky design, while others have been surprised at how precarious it really is and those who Despite your relationship to the furniture staple, it may be worth understanding a bit about it and its history.

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The papasan is also commonly known as the bucket chair, saucer chair, moon chair and more. Where did this name come from? The earliest references to the word papasan date back to the 1970s and a 1974 advertisement from the Philippines used it in reference to an internationally recognized chair. The word, however, didn’t originate in the Philippines. “Papa” comes from the English father with a Japanese honorific or suffix “san”.

According to interior decorator Sarah Barnard, the papasan chair was first brought by US military servicemen back from their travels. It became part of the eclectic ethnic style some refer to as “military chic” due to its popularity with those who serve in our armed forces.

A stretch? Maybe. But there is very little information out there to otherwise make clear the name.

Parts of the story of today s papasan chair are unclear, but it is thought to be a modern Asian design.

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Nowadays, because of the widespread adoption of new technology, most people don’t have a need for a traditional papasan chair. However, savvy shoppers are finding that with just one simple modification this type of furniture can provide old-fashioned comfort at an affordable price: all you need is a small cushion! Recent furniture brands like Bend Goods and Baxter have taken a new approach, experimenting with metal finishes, cords, small pillows and smaller pieces.

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Papasan chairs are a light and versatile addition to any indoor space – they’re perfect for small spaces, or when you want an opportunity to re-style your chair with a new cover. Cushions on a chair can be replaced at any time to match the room’s decor. Colorful toss blankets can also give an old chair a fresh presentation, especially boho chic aficionados. Today’s reinvented papasan chair is modern and earthy with a call to comfort and an informal, youthful spirit.