5 Best Panasonic G7 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

The Panasonic G7 is the successor to one of the first mirrorless cameras. Yet, it doesn’t try to make a point of being just a mirrorless camera—instead it tries to be every bit as much like traditional non-specific interchangeable lens cameras, with or without mirrors. Save on items with huge discounts and gift sets during black friday sales.

-Rebecca Ventura

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Panasonic’s GH4 has been touted by many as a “DSLR-killer.” It looks like one, feels like one in the hand, and packs most of the controls you would find on a mid-range DSLR, including two control dials and a lot of buttons and switches. Panasonic G7

The specifications are strong, too. 16MP isn t cutting-edge but 4K (UHD) video is a rarity, especially if you factor in that the G7 offers focus peaking and zebra highlight warnings. These two features help with shooting good video when compared to peers.

The G7 video capability is primarily targeted at photographers, but it also has a neat benefit for those who don’t plan to shoot any videos: Panasonic’s 4K Photo mode constantly records 1 second chunks of video as soon as you push the button. This ensures that you can still shoot to capture the moment, but you’re more likely to be successful.

Camera specification highlights a 16MP Four Thirds CMOS sensor up to 4K video quality and 30p/25p + 24p movie mode. The camera also features a fully-articulated touch screen, Wi-Fi settings for remote shooting, and image transfer options. It is a close-to-mid range camera but has the features and controls that are usually found on higher end cameras.

The Panasonic may not be the most aesthetically pleasing camera available, but is among the best specified if video and photography are of interest. It can also be one of the smallest models when you consider how big some of their attachable lenses are.

That said, although there are minor distinctions between the cameras again their specs when you compare them head-to-head are largely equivalent. They all offer WiFi and built-in viewfinders in addition to movable screens on the rear. Lenses for cameras without image stabilization can be information at the same time.

Nearly all these cameras have APS-C sensors and while the Panasonic has a larger APS-H sensor, it also has a 2/3EV noise advantage.

Interestingly, the only DSLR camera we have listed here offers a similar battery life, which is odd given that it does not offer an optical viewfinder.

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There are two cameras not mentioned here, primarily for reasons of space. The Nikon D5500 provides similar specifications yet has significantly better battery life (820 shots) and a 0.52x optical viewfinder, while the Samsung NX500 has no explicit viewfinder but can shoot 4K video from only a tiny crop of its sensor.


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Panasonic issued a statement on DPReview.com in response to concerns about Lumix G7 serial numbers coming off, saying that the problem will not affect whether or not your camera is genuine and your warranty remains intact if you have proof of purchase and the label from Panasonic’s box with the original serial number. To read more on this topic, visit panasonic.com/blog .

Panasonic’s hottest DSLR-styled mirrorless camera may be the Panasonic Lumix G7. This model has a 16MP Four Thirds sensor with the capacity of 4K video recording, and boasts better autofocus system, 2.36 million-dot EVF and a 3 1.04 million-dot touch-sensitive LCD. Panasonic Lumix G7 Mirrorless Digital Camera

Utilizing a video feed in order to capture stills is not new, Nikon s first digital camera, the QV-1000C, was able to do this back in the late 1980s though 4K provides it with an even better edge. Panasonic also recognizes this way of working and has introduced 4K Photo mode into its cameras to help we tried out the feature, click here for more

Our first leant over the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Take another look at the capabilities of the G7 and see for yourself what makes it such a superior model.

we spent our vacation weekend shooting with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7. We ll be adding many more images to this gallery in the coming days. See gallery

For still photographers, we feel the Nikon Z5 is unparalleled in terms of value for money.

The Sony ZV-1 was designed for vloggers, but the camera’s design makes it a fantastic option for still photographers.

The newest Instax SQ1 is a handy, portable, square-format instant camera. It takes some getting used to and isn’t perfect but we think it will be fun for professional photographers and everyday people alike.

Sony s a7C is one of the smallest full-frame mirrorless cameras on the market. It’s been scaled down without sacrificing core features like burst rate and AF system. But should you make it your go-to travel camera? According to our initial review, this camera rates high.

The Panasonic Lumix DC-S5 is a full frame mirrorless camera with great features smaller than the GH5. It offers updates to Panasonic’s autofocus system, imaginative photography modes, and video features that come close to matching the more expensive S1H.

If you want a camera that is easy to start using (without first reading the manual), then this guide is for you. We’ve selected seven cameras – each with its own pros and cons, but all fairly simple to use.

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The long zoom is the latest form of point-and-shoot camera with additional attributes. These cameras often tout zooms that reach up to 60x and user reviews on their ease of use. Read more for a breakdown of notable models.

Modern cameras shoot video to varying degrees of accuracy, so we examined those which are best for a photographer who will be shooting both photos and video. Our choices include those that take great photographs and have an easy interface for shooting good-looking video in addition to the more serious videographer cameras.

What is the very best travel camera? Good cameras for traveling should be small, flexible, and produce good quality images. This buying guide has rounded-ups several good devices for vacationing and recommended the very best one among them.

Although you might not be able to use your DSLR’s stock lens anymore (for example, once you start photographing different subjects), a new one is often what you need. We’ve selected lenses for Sony mirrorless cameras in various categories so that choosing the right one is easier.