Top 5 Nikon Coolpix W100 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

The Nikon Coolpix W100 ($159.95) offers a rugged camera for families who want to avoid damage during use and usage outdoors or on the water. The best part is, simplified controls and large buttons allow kids of most ages to operate it with ease– no training required!. Wifi and NFC (Near Field Communication) file The W100 belongs to the lowest rank of we’re slightly more becoming, but it has a unique though not emphasized contact lens. The true benefits will be the low cost and sleek design.

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Best Features: The W100 measures 2.6 by 4.3 by 1.5 inches (HWD) and weighs 6.2 ounces, making it easy to carry in a pocket or bag on the go. It is rounded all around, which protects against bumps and hot spots, and has an LCD monitor with a wide viewing angle

The camera lens has a modest 3x zoom, matched to an 1/3.1-inch CMOS image sensor. The W100 features slightly more pixels than the average mobile phone, 12.9MP but with an f/3.3-5.8 variable aperture and almost certainly requiring flash photography in low lighting conditions due to subject matter

Operation is nearly fully automatic. You can change the flash on or off, and choose a Scene mode to fine-tune settings for specific shots—cityscapes during the night, fireworks, underwater photography—fast action, macro, and other common options are included.

To select a Scene option, just tap the icon of the desired one on screen and then press to snap your photo. To toggle other settings, such as HDR or Macro Mode, use the four buttons that run down the left side of the camera’s display panel. When you dive into these settings through an overlay menu that pops up next to The camera menu is simple to use, with room for everything from basic adjustments like adjusting the timer on self-portraits or turning off the flash, to more advanced features like editing a photo to add borders.

For the true photographer who wants to control all aspects of a shot, you won t get what your looking for in this camera. But for everyday users with an eye on pictures that are both pleasing and hassle free, it makes sense. As such, the shooting controls are limited to a four-way pad on the back that adjusts zoom with four positions; there are also buttons up top for taking images or starting and stopping videos.

The LCD display isn’t likely to impress anyone. It’s a bit small at 2.7-inches, rather than that sharp at 230k dots. Viewing angles are fine for displaying as being seen from the left or right, but in situation you have the camera above your head or close to your waistline you will encounter difficulty viewing the screen

The W100 is waterproof to 33 feet and resistant to dust and cold weather so it will survive where many other cameras can’t. I submerged the camera in a dish of water with no issues, but for my comfort level, I also performed several drop tests before going on my first underwater shoot.

Nikon’s SnapBridge Wi-Fi system is named Connectivity. If your phone supports NFC, you can tap it to the camera to pair with your device–but for iPhone users, pairing will be done through the app SnapBridge. The W100 connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth; this means that it will automatically add GPS data and set the time on your camera using information gathered from your phone.

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The W100 can wirelessly transfer photos to your phone from the background without any interference. This camera cuts down a photo size to 2MP before you can share it on Facebook or Instagram. Even though that is not as large of an image as most people would hope, you are still able to use the iPhone app filters and edit the images.

The W100 also features a smartphone app feature that allows you to be at the camera’s control even from where you are. The W100 offers the option to send full-resolution or downsized 2MP images to your phone via Wi-Fi while shooting. Full quality files are saved to the W100’s memory card.

The W100 has 1 door, on the bottom, with a single-locking design. You will have to pull the lock back towards the trunk while sliding it open for access. Inside you will see battery life: insert up to an SD card in size of 32GB or higher (sold separately), with full transfer from Pp0 mode, and Although the battery is recharged via micro USB, there’s no external charger included. CIPA rates it for 220 shots per charge, but SnapBridge reduces that number substantially.

The W100 has decent performance. It starts up, focuses in about 1.6 seconds and fires within that time frame too. Autofocus locks on in about 0.2-seconds which isn’t the most effective we’ve seen but it still isn’t slow either Turning the camera on and off also makes it more difficult to take shots in continuous fire mode.

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Image quality is on par with that of a smartphone. Imatest tests reveal the lens resolves 1,700 lines per picture height at its widest angle on a center-weighted sharpness test, which is somewhat significantly less than the 1,800 lines we look for. The center is crisp, but edges lag behind when zoomed in. As with most point-andshoots, quality suffers when zoomed all the way in to at least one 1,077 lines. That’s not as effective as you get with the wide-angle lens within an iPhone or premium Samsung Android handset, but it

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There is no manual ISO control, but I could test the W100 from its lowest sensitivty to light (ISO 125) through ISO 800 by adjusting the energy of our studio lights. Nikon says the W100 can shoot at ISO 1600 at maximum, but I couldn t get it to use that setting even though I set exposure manually and lowered my

Noise never exceeds one and a half percent, although the W100 uses some very aggressive noise reduction to keep grain out of images at higher ISOs. We start to see the most detail at ISO 125, which is expected, nonetheless it won’t blow you away. Despite a slightly blurred image, the W100 is able to capture enough detail in most regions.

At ISO 400, the lines that used to be individual, are now beginning to run together. There is some slight additional blur at ISO 800. The pictures look nearly the same as what we see on iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 when set the same way, but both of those have better prime lenses than this camera which means they take in more light

The camera has a 1080p30 video mode, which is cropped slightly. Detail is superb in the range of macro focus and keeps up with changing focal points promptly, albeit only marginally faster than average. The audio is comparable to that of a waterproof camera, so users should not expect crystal-clear recording.

Conclusion: Smartphone cameras, especially those on flagship models, destroyed the majority of lower-end camera markets. The Nikon Coolpix W100 does not offer any advantages over a smartphone in terms of image quality; it is sometimes behind and offers 4K video that isn’t as crisp as an iPhone or Galaxy. But this isn t the camera s main appeal. For a cheap, tough waterproof camera that is clearly aimed at families with kids, the W100 presents an excellent option that can be used at the beach or poolside without worry- and if lost or broken it won t cost much money to replace. If you are looking for a camera in the low price range that still takes good images but is not the most advanced, this camera would be of interest.