5 Best Nikon B500, B700 Camera Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

The Nikon COOLPIX B500 is a good option for novice photographers upgrading from phones and other small cameras who then purchase an SLR-style camera offering a long zoom range with little hassle. But for those who can afford to invest more, the top-of-the-line Nikon B700 comes with an extended zoom range, higher resolution sensor, RAW mode, a much more versatile Display screen, and electronic viewfinder. On Black Friday get amazing discounts that help you reduce the price.

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Best Deals For Nikon B500, B700 Camera On Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales)

If you are looking to buy a Nikon camera, the COOLPIX B500 is available on Amazon, B&H, Adorama, or Wex. Alternatively, get hold of my book “In Camera” which talks about how to take amazing photos on your digital camera and what kit is best for beginners.

In depthIt s tough to fix a point-and-shoot camera into a single pigeonhole. The COOLPIX B500 is no exception, as it has more scene and show modes than you’ll find on most of its budget-setting competitors. It lacks PASM exposure modes, but what it doesn t have in those areas, the

The Nikon B500 is unusual in that it uses standard AA batteries as its power source, which can be more convenient than a proprietary rechargeable battery, but requires additional outlay. It includes a 3-inch LCD panel with 921k dots giving you an in-depth view; the screen also tilts up and down for shooting at awkward angles.

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Nikon’s new B500 camera is an update of the L840, with a longer zoom range and Bluetooth connectivity. The other addition is SnapBridge, which automatically downloads images to your smartphone as you shoot them.

Alongside the B500 Nikon launched the COOLPIX B700. It is a more capable super-zoom with a generous 60x range and includes a 20 Megapixel sensor which among other activities provides 4k movie capability. The other major difference is the B700 s built-in electronic viewfinder, which is absent in the B500. This model also typically comes at a higher cost than its counterpart when shopping online, and can reach pricing that is up to twice as high as the B500. I will review them in my own opinion, so use the information to find which one you feel is best for you.

The Nikon COOLPIX B500 camera offers great design and ease of control.

Not much has changed in the look of this year’s COOLPIX B500 compared to last year’s COOLPIX L840. The new model is easier to handle, with a mode dial replacing on-screen menus for scene modes and features. I’ll go into greater detail about the brand new mode dial in my Shooting Experience section towards the end of my review.

The Nikon B500 is a good camera to use, for me at the very least. It’s not too large to make it feel like a DSLR or any other bulkier super-zoom model, yet still small enough that accessing controls are fiddly. The grip extends quite far from the camera, which is good because you have more room to support your hand.

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There are two zoom rockers on the barrel of this lens with one on top right near the shutter release and another is located on the left side.
The Snap-back Zoom button, which was first introduced on our COOLPIX L840, permits you to momentarily zoom away from your subject in order to re-engage with it once The COOLPIX B700 also offers this button, which can come in handy but isn’t t as complex as Canon s PowerShot features like the SX540 HS and SX60 HS.

The controller includes the four-way lever for navigating through menus and one-touch buttons to allow the use of flash, exposure compensation, macro mode, and self-timer. Flanking the display are four buttons, two located at the top for image overlays and video playback with menu and delete below.

The screen flips both ways and goes almost to a full 90 degrees before stopping.

If you want to achieve the ability to capture selfies, then investing in a COOLPIX B700 camera would be worth it. But if you don’t think this feature will be helpful for your needs, then invest in a Canon PowerShot SX540 HS.

Despite being three generations old, the camera’s screen is one of its strongest points. The fold-out screen of the Nikon B500 is advantageous because you can angle it so that sunlight does not affect your shooting.

on the proper side of the COOLPIX B500, there is a flap that covers the USB / A/V and HDMI ports. There is also a DC in the socket here which can be used to power the B500 from an optional AC adapter. The combined battery and card compartment is accessed via a huge hinged door containing the right side of the camera, below the handgrip.

The COOLPIX B500 uses AA batteries but can take advantage of NiMH batteries for up to 750 shots and Lithium AA batteries for more than a thousand.

There are a few disadvantages to AAs. You’ll have to purchase spare batteries, and they may make your camera heavier than alternatives. The main advantage of AAs is their long battery life.

The COOLPIX B500’s built-in pop-up flash is activated by pressing a button just beneath the flash housing. It offers four modes, auto, auto with red-eye reduction, fill-flash, and slow sync. The flash on the COOLPIX is mediocre, with a quoted range of 6.9 meters. It’s not very powerful, so it doesn’t supply enough light for night-time photography without an external light source (bulb or LED flashlight).

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Nikon COOLPIX B500 camera with image stabilization

Nikon’s COOLPIX B500 came with a 40x zoom range that went from 22.5mm (in 35mm terms) to 900mm at the telephoto end, only a little longer than its predecessor PREDECESSOR’S 38x zoom. The 40x zoom in this camera is good but some super-zooms have a 50x or longer range.

Nikon’s COOLPIX B700 is a budget-friendly camera with 60x zoom from 24mm. The Canon PowerShot SX540 HS is available in both short- and telephoto zoom ranges.

Nikon COOLPIX B500 offers wide-angle and telephoto coverage

Above: at 4mm, 22.5mm equivalent; above left is a 160mm shot with the 900mm lens

The COOLPIX B500’s lens has a maximum aperture of f3 when zoomed in, as does the COOLPIX B700. The B500 and the PowerShot SX540 HS both have zoom lenses but vary in aperture size.

If you’re using a zoom lens, image stabilization won’t be enough to avoid camera shake. One of the most important features that sets this camera apart from its predecessor is that it has an ISO range of up to 6400, which exceeds the 3200 on the COOLPIX B700.