5 Best Nike Tanjun Running Shoe Deals On Black Friday 2021

Nike Tanjun is an excellent running shoe for casual athletic purposes. Even though the style is usually from 2015, quite cheaply, you can even now have them online on e bay. As you might consider, are they still worthwhile nowadays? Well, it depends. To end up being honest, it really is determined by what your common is and everything you are organizing to utilize them for.

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Traditional gym shoe

I put Nike Tanjun in for 8 runs, around 50-60 kilometers each. After the third run I could say that it is much like any other running shoe from Nike If you have a flat, but cushioning in the shoe is firm or inflexible.

Tips for Writing Good Articles Improve Article Clarity I ve always had problems with my hypersensitive knees for shocks, and I need to have good cushioning. So I wouldn t really recommend it for long distance running unless your body is used to shock absorption, but you could use it as an exercise shoe inside the fitness center or while doing calisthenics.

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Lower quality outsole

As a bonus to the discomfort, the shoe wore out quickly. You can see on the Nike Tanjun white version’s sole that tread pattern was already very toned and shallow. One major shortcoming for me is that the shoe’s rubber outsole seems to wear away quickly, and typically doesn’t survive more than a hundred or so kilometers. For me as an everyday jogger, it falls just past the line of what I would consider acceptable. The upper portion of Nike Tanjun (or any other brand) is known to wear quicker than the bottom. For best results, these shoes should be worn on surfaces that are less abrasive, like clay courts or a treadmill.

Upper well surprised

Although the overall performance of the Nike Tanjun falls behind, there are some good points to point out. And although many people think you should not buy this type of shoe for various reasons, it is still one of the best shoes out there. Placing Tanjun on my feet I could see that the textile felt amazingly soft and thin. It definitely ranks as one of the lightest shoes I’ve ever put in. The Nike Tanjun weighs about 240 grams. Furthermore, I was pleased that the shoe didn’t have a narrow sole. So, if you have or maybe even wider feet, you will love how this shoe feels inside. It is long and also the softness of the upper makes it very comfortable to wear.

Design brings nothing new

I bought the standard black Nike Tanjun, but I was also considering buying a white pair. However, I needed to make sure that they didn’t get stained and yellow after shopping for them Thus I acquired the black variant, which solves the problem. What I also found is that the colourful variations are generally basic for Nike. As you can see from the photos, their colors tend to be mainly neutral and a little boring as well. But alternatively, it goes very well with with sporty outfits. But in the event you venture out or likely to work? It is an extremely accommodating alternative for every-day situation.

For a few 40 euros, you cannot expect such quality of comfort and materials. However, if in need of an affordable shoe for casual wear or lightweight sports activities, this Nike Tanjun is a suitable choice. Even with its shortcomings, you can still find some good use for it.

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