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If you’re buying a new CrossFit sneaker, look no further compared to the Nike Metcon 3 shoes. These are ideal all-round trainers–you may work, lift, and jump confidently in these footwear. We’ll have a nearer seem at CrossFit’s favorite trainer.

For CrossFit , a shoe is needed to can do each type of movement. One minute you are doing sprints, the next minute you are on the mat performing burpees, and then shortly after, you’re up on the platform doing max rep snatches. Nike Metcon 3 shoes are available at most sporting goods stores.

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The first thing you need for CrossFit is a stable shoe heel. When lifting in the gym, most people are accustomed to weightlifting shoes- so they should be your first priority too! The Nike Metcon 3 has a drop-in midsole so it feels like you’re slipping on a lifting shoe. The clincher, however, is the softer forefoot that still provides enough support for squats and other exercises. The Nike Metcon 3 has a solid heel which transitions to an area sole for running and sprinting. This makes it perfect for someone who wants both the stability of a lifting shoe when necessary, but also the versatility of inline skate shoes. The shoe is as flexible as an everyday sneaker, with the maneuverability you’d expect for athletics.

The only drawback in the shoe is made out of rubber and the grip on the flooring is great. I’ve gone through different sorts of sneakers to get a perfect deadlift sneaker. Converse (Chuck Taylors) gave me blisters and boxing shoes didn’t have much assistance. The Metcon 3 trainers have great stability, and I felt stable on the platform during lifts.

Nike really went the extra mile with this shoe because of how extensively they’ve thought out every feature. It’s especially evident in the rubber grip on the halfway point that provides excellent traction while climbing ropes. CrossFit is a complicated sport that is why we think it s great so it is tricky to get the excellent shoe for each different movement you will be doing. Thankfully, Nike has everything covered.

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The only downside to the shoe for me personally is the low heel. I was assuming this style was to that you have more freedom of movement when training, but I found it made my foot look and feel unsupported by the sole. Toes were excellent because they felt great in it with satisfying grip, however not so good was that my foot would slip a little out the backside of the shoe.

I found that after the first couple of training sessions, my toes were a little bruised on top of the shoe. The leading part is very hard and during burpee field-jumps it was causing pain to my big toe. International travel can be a daunting task for anyone, but it is especially challenging when you have small children in tow.


I’m usually a size 7 in trainers, but for some shoes (specifically New Balance trainers) I find that I must sized up to 7.5. The Metcon 3s are very true to size and the fit is good at a size 7 so my advice is always to stay true to your size as it will probably be an I wouldn’t need these any greater. They’re also extremely generous in width if you have large feet, and I am confident that they’ll fit you well

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Nike is a very successful brand, and the CrossFit stars from Mat Fraser to Sara Sigmundsdottir are all wearing Nike Metcon 3 shoes when they train. You really feel like a pro walking directly into class with these shoes. There are multiple colors to choose from and you can even customize your own with Nike iD.


With a range of bright colors and unique design elements, these shoes are both stylish and comfortable. Being supported by the big CrossFitters provides maximal support for these shoes, but at an additionally high cost. The price range is 114.95, though most pairs of these shoes are now on sale at around 79.95 – comparable to a set of Reebok shoes