5 Best Nerf Doomlands Blaster Toys Deals On Black Friday 2021

The Desolator is a blaster included in the Doomlands subtheme Impact Zone—a series of mostly white color with colors from the regular Doomlands series. The palette for this subtheme includes regular Doomlands’ yellow/orange, but does not include green as it does in most previous blaster series. The Desolator is well worth a look for anyone who likes the Stryfe and/or wants a reliable semi-auto flywheeler. The Raider RotoFury doesn’t disappoint.

1. Introduction
3. The Final Word

The Desolator Blaster

The Desolator is a compact, aesthetically-pleasing blaster. As with other Doomlands blasters, the Desolator includes a translucent window on one side. This shows the magwell and flywheel cage–less there than is seen in springer blasters because much of the mechanism is housed inside where it can be protected by either front or rear as necessary.

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One problem I have with this blaster is that it’s a little too bulky. The majority of the Desolator is thick, but behind the trigger area it gets smaller, which really throws off how thin and out of place the stock looks. It’s a large lop sided toy.

The foregrip is among the Desolator s most distinctive features. It’s a smooth, curved piece that feels nice to hold and fit in my hand, but it has one drawback. As a right-hander, the protuding box made it uncomfortable to handle. Holding the blaster in your hand is far from uncomfortable.

I find the handle does not fit well in my hand, as it is made of either sharp edges or ribs that are uncomfortable. While I have no issues holding the handle and actuating the key trigger, rev trigger or magazine release, my biggest complaint is that ribbing is irritatingly sharp.

The stock is another identifying feature that makes the Desolator look so different. In actual use, however, it includes a number of flaws. The foremost is its length, which could be longer. Personally, I am ok with it but I would have preferred for it to be longer if possible. The Stryfe stocks come in a variety of lengths, and when viewed from the top, it’s quite strange. The rear of the stock is quite narrow and Sharp, making the Desolator less comfortable to shoulder. I felt that the stock could have been far better if it were just a little longer and thicker.

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The battery bay is on the other side of the stock from a more conveniently located tab. It takes 4 AA batteries as usual.

The Desolator is stylized, but functionally no different from the Stryfe. It supports any Nerf magazine or drum, like the 35-drum pictured. You insert the mags with normal ease and remove the same way. There’s a lock just to the top of the magwell which disables firing if there is not any magazine in the gun. Nerf’s latest Doomlands blaster features an extremely stiff, lockable magazine opening that makes replacing or inserting mags much more difficult.

The Desolator is more like the Stryfe than just being a semi-auto flywheeler. Both have no factor, but functionally, the Desolator is actually just a Stryve with set stock. The main difference between these two blasters is the grip. The Stryfe includes a tac rail for foregrip attachments, but the Desolator has a curve that many people feel is more comfortable as well as much better looking than Nerf’s stock grips.

The 10 Dart Mag

I could buy a stock blaster in Australia, but I heard this Desolator is more powerful. Be sure to test that with alkalines, not regular batteries. The Desolator ranges are approximately 11-13 metres when fired at full speed and parallel to the ground. This is markedly better than typical grey trigger ranges, which occurs in most orange blaster blasters. It fires at a muzzle velocity of approximately 60 fps with accuracy and consistency. Rapid fire reduces muzzle velocity and range, so the Desolator requires an estimated 3 seconds to get back up to full speed.

Accuracy was surprisingly good despite the Elite-style darts. I only experienced veering after 9 metres, and even then it wasn’t too bad.

The Desolator is unable to fire at such a high rate of speed as more specialized guns, but it still deliver adequate knockdown power.

Role in Gameplay

Since the Desolator is a Stryfe with an extended stocks, it can fulfill the same type of roles. Although usable as an all-round blaster, a stock desolator is most reliable at shorter range. As of this range normally it takes full advantage of its ROF without being too heavily influenced by its velocity loss during rapid fire The Desolator has an advantage at closer ranges, but loses some of that benefit at longer distances.

The Nerf Desolator isn’t quite as versatile a blaster as the Stryfe, but it still works for all ranges.

Value and Summary

The Desolator, found exclusively at Target in the US, retails for $30. Compared to a Stryfe that goes for about $20 and a Retaliator for $25, this blaster offers good value as it is complete with an attached stock and larger magazine. No, it does not quite stack up to the Retaliator when it comes to raw value; however, for those looking for a blaster that can be an always reliable stock gun and will provide good mod potential, then the Desolator is perfect. If you re buying a decent stock blaster, an incredible looking flywheeler and even simply a fun, cool blaster like all of the above, I recommend considering the Desolator.

The Desolator is basically just a fancy Stryfe with a stock and no jamming issues. Some of the best nerf doomslands blasters use new, reliable motors to hit 110+fps muzzle velocity in rapid fire without any change to a blaster’s power source. Changing the flywheels and other internal parts will significantly increase performance, capable of firing at up to 130 feet per second. If overhauled, the Desolator becomes an equivalent blaster as the Stryfe.

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One limitation of the Desolator is running wires through the magwell. There’s minimal space, so I recommend using a thinner wire for convenience.

The color scheme is an interesting departure, in that nearly all differently colored parts of the shell are actually unconnected pieces. For example, the black foregrip and leading tac rail will be removed easily. This makes it possible to paint different segments, {and also|along with|in addition to|and|together with},