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THE need for Speed franchise has been around for more than two decades now. With twenty-five titles in the repertoire, it has ranged from street racer to pure arcade experience. Need for Speed returns with a reboot that’s not the improvement we were hoping for.

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Starting out with a Subaru BR-Z, Fox Body Ford Mustang, or Honda Civic Type R, you need to rise through the ranks of the racing underground. There are five major types of races: sprint races, time trials, drift and drag competitions. These aspects make up the core of Speed’s knowledge. You will have goals that force you to expand your normal racing style and include types such as Speed, Style, Build, Crew, and Outlaw. Play as this real-world icons from Porsche collector Magnus Walker to Japan s Morohoshi-san in each mission set. To become the most recognized racer in Venture Bay, these must be completed in a specific order.
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The set of missions starts out your story in a competitive environment where everyone and his neighbours are participating Generally, these missions provide you with a way to switch on your car and also your ability to understand the overall game. None of the races are particularly difficult, nonetheless they do a good job of showing off the various play styles and force you to comprehend the customization system at work in this year’s installment.

The world is at your fingertips and gone will be the day of owning 300 cars, all with different stats. This time around, you will have to give attention to a select few cars, enhancing over them over time. The main vehicle progression is the level of your vehicle; you’ll start with one and need to make that work for you. You will have chances to get more benzes as time goes on, but there’s a garage limit of five altogether. Cars matter in NFS, as you will grow accustomed to tweaking and changing your cars during the course of the game.

Unfortunately, the gameplay in a Dependence on Speed game isn’t always as fun or engaging as it could be. Thankfully, thanks to this latest installment from Ghost Games, some improvements have been made that make the racing an enjoyable experience once again. Not only does the game look gorgeous and is easy to play, it captures the immense novelty of racing a custom-built car with high-capacity engines.

Might want to add a few details about what you specifically liked about the experience if that’s what you’re trying to convey here. Ghost games all over have the ability to make every section of your game fun and exhilarating. Whenever you are able to fully customize your vehicle for each and every playstyle, you’ll end up tweaking the ride itself in order to attain optimal results in each race. I spent considerable time adjusting the sliders in order to generate a car that matched my needs. With four sliders that affect gameplay, there is some room for error; they ll cause your vehicle to behave differently and feel different. But ultimately, it s still an arcade styled racer at its core. If you really know what you’re doing and love using a grip style car, you’ll be able to take on even hard drift challenges irrespective of whether or not you’ve increased the difficulty for yourself.

Even if you’re not competing in any races, this game still has plenty of challenges which will test your driving prowess. Even though none of the races take place on interestingly-designed circuits (there is one), there are many other events which explore off-road exploration and a lot more traditional track racing too. Some of the highlights include chasing down cops It’s a great way to avoid repetition when working your way up the missions, and it also helps you develop new styles that will one day help you with victory.

In addition to the cheesy visuals with story moments, Ghost Games has built a world that is realistically beautiful, but also stunning all on its own. Even the vehicles themselves are highly detailed-even if they’re less detailed or show up in fewer numbers than you would see in Forza 6. Dependence on Speed manages to create a spectacular roster of the most notable cars in the underground racing scene. The permanent rain of the game’s setting, Venture Bay, makes a for an appropriately gritty backdrop to the tuning lifestyle. This photorealistic quality help make the world feel natural with its realism and organic qualities. The wet streets glisten as you lower the empty roads-a degree of realism that I hadn’t expected from the need for Speed series. It’s a spectacular world that needs to be seen in motion to understand how it impacts you.

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While the graphics are nothing short of stunning, there is sometimes a penalty paid in terms of performance. Even with all my visual splendor on screen, I noticed that framerate dips and lag happen occasionally; they happen more often when racing at crowded events with lots of action happening simultaneously on-screen. Apart from a rare inconvenience with cars abruptly appearing in the world, none of these small glitches ruined the driving experience.