5 Best NBA 2K18 Xbox 360 Game Review After Playing it | Black FriDay Deals 2021

NBA 2K18 does an impressive job in getting each player to handle the ball differently, making it difficult for you to recreate actual game moments.

Clarity: Rewrite Men like Jimmy Butler get to the line more often, because they should. Guys like Tyler Johnson will not have as many opportunities to shoot fouls. You must be aware of these differences in game and adapt your strategy accordingly. You can’t just drive straight at a pile and expect it to go the right way. Just share this page and get huge discounts today.

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Playing to the strengths and weaknesses of your players comes through.

Progress: 80 Most players would not believe any of these two superstars could ever be less useful than the other on defense, but Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas are more dangerous on offense. Kelly Olynyk can spread the ground from the mid post position like no other, but I don’t see him being able to guard Karl-Anthony Towns at all.

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new nba 2k18 xbox 360 The downside of the gameplay is that AI players sometimes have trouble with things such as losing their man for no reason on defense. Furthermore, they often have difficulty determining body placement on post-entry passes, playing on the incorrect hip, as well as fronting their man when it doesn’t really seem sensible.

However, 2K AI is more knowledgeable of how to execute based on the player and team. For example, Devin Booker sets a screen and catches the ball at once to pressure your defense. The best big man in the game is Nikola Jokic, but despite his talent, I don’t see a lot of other centers. The difference between 2k17 and 2k18 is that teams are way less predictable now than before.

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Seeing each one of these improvements over the board has breathed new lease of life into the series for me personally.

One improvement to long-term mechanical issues in NBA 2K is the rebounding. The fast break has improved this season so you are no longer being chased and blocked from behind which should result in dunks. Defenders cannot simply occupy your space and move towards you when they have no right to do so. That said, players still do not run lanes or hold their spacing on the break enough. The graphics and game play have been improved in NBA 2K18. If you still find some cases where I can’t tell how a player got directly into make yourself a rebound around three other players, but like the signature style mentioned previously, players like Andre Drummond are true threats on the glass. Playing the series in head-to-head games has been a delight, and I find myself playing more than against AI opponents on the average.

MyTeam is one of the best modes in NBA 2K18 for Xbox 360. This year’s newest addition, Pack and Playoffs, makes for quick team building with strategy as you take on other users. And that means you end up facing players who have a team constructed to play a single style or those who randomly pick the best possible player for their squad without caring about how they fit.

Online play has seen many structural changes, some for the better and others not so much. The most recent and clear change is that NBA 2K18 has largely stripped away the linear path of MyCareer mode, combining it with MyPark and Pro-Am to create MY NEIGHBORHOOD mode. Rather than choosing modes from menu systems, the gamer has the freedom to explore an open environment with their player character. Along with just playing in MyPark FORK OUT games, they can also compete in trivia against a few other random players.

It’s a good way to keep you in a populated world constantly.

It’s a good way to avoid seeing loading screens and gives you the opportunity to socialize with other players in-game. Sometimes I take little detours on my way to the ProAm gym, like trying to beat someone’s score in a Downtown casino game or challenging other players in skee-ball.

NBA 2K18 has both taken a step forward and back with microtransactions.Microtransactions were present last year, but now you need to use virtual currency to purchase tattoos, clothes, and character customizations–and they have also changed the way leveling rewards are given out. When we bought NBA 2K18 a lot of complaints went into the cash system. Largely, this is an issue some players have when they first play the game and don t realize that time spent playing does not always equate to amount of money made per hour.

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It’s a dangerous slide into pay-to-win territory.

This haves and have-nots problem is magnified because of how closely individual players on the court play to their strengths. For instance, your 60-rated player will be terrible at everything out of the box at first. Spending money to always be a good player and risking someone else’s time is unfair. Everyone should have the same skill levels when playing competitively online, so doing well with low stats means grinding all night or spending money to strengthen your skills. To make up the difference, games like Overwatch and Battlefront 2 hide cosmetics or maps behind paid content instead of powerful weapons that could throw off total amount.